Foo Fighters - Iron And Stone Lyrics

He made the sinners cry
He opened up his sky
The rivers ran with blood
The deserts name was love

Said who can not be saved
Soul of a man is much depraved
Don't act as if you are his clone
Made of iron and of stone

Justice swept the land
To raise the mortal man
And when he overcome
The war has just begun

As the darkness spreads across his land
Soul of the man who stays his hand
Forms the basis of his home
Made of iron and of stone

When it came the time
To confess his crime
The people stood and stared
And didn't even care

And the morning had died
The millions knew that there was no lie
Temple was built and the worshiping showed
Made of iron and of stone

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Foo Fighters Iron And Stone Comments
  1. Hawk Lord

    The Obsessed!

  2. matias


  3. Liger

    I have never heard this song until now!

  4. Catta Mundi

    Outrageous! Absolutely love this.

  5. Matt Cosgrove

    Wino rules!

  6. Raussceo Jesús

    Very nice