Foo Fighters - Doll Lyrics

you know in all of the time that we've shared
I've never been so scared
doll me up in my bad luck
I'll meet you there

I wish I never had taken this dare
I wasn't quite prepared
doll me up in my bad luck
I'll meet you there

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Foo Fighters Doll Comments
  1. Franga Vita


  2. FireFirePow

    "Doll me up in my bad luck."

  3. jay frat

    One of 2 songs with Goldsmith drums.

  4. Murilo Ferreira

    The only track where William GoldSmith recorded the drums

  5. Danny Lopez

    Short and sweet, for a noble and just purpose.

  6. Danny Lopez

    I can sing this and play it on guitar at the same time! Yay!

  7. Hailstorm K9

    This needs to be a full length song

  8. Matheus Piter

    0:32 that drum sucks

    John Agudelo

    What are you talking about? No it doesn't

    John Agudelo

    Plus dave grohl wouldn't have approved of it if it sucked dumbass

  9. Olly Via Salles

    Doll ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  10. クルクル


  11. Lucas Lopes

    This song is perfect

  12. Jan Castore

    Que perfeição de música cara !!!!!!!

  13. ori ori

    this song should be longer


    ori ori Totally AGREED. Just said the same thing to my wife. However maybe that's what makes it so damn good. It leaves you wanting more.

  14. Bryton Cherrier

    Moving out of my dads place and feeling unsure about a friend. This song is exactly how I feel right now.

    Ryan Clark

    If your friend asks if you’ll let them “doll you up”, don’t walk...RUN! As. Fast. As. You. Can!

  15. Jacob James

    Why is it that all of your videos cut off 5-10 seconds before the song actually ends?

  16. 空白鍵Space

    listen this song 8 years

  17. UltraRareSpecimenGalactic

    This song describes me very well , I was not prepared to see her , and now I suffer.

  18. ChiHabooAlchemist

    Least favorite song ever

    Josh Thomas

    +John Doe Yes, no one. No one.

    Edith Bloody Sabbath

    Good for you? :D


    Why'd you search it up, just wanted to say you dislike it? That's something I'd do XD

    Matthew Whiteley

    Nobody cares what you like or dislike

  19. o Formiga

    ... i'll meet you there.

  20. axolotl 666

    I wish I had never taken this dare

    Orange Whip

    axolotl 666 what dare

  21. Tellef Solberg

    Someone please extend this!

  22. Cesat Garciabueno


  23. Edog54

    This song is like my penis. It needs to be longer.

    Sara Lazzari

    Hahahah, you're great dude!

    Alex Bartlett



    Bear down brother, good taste in music too!


    Self-burn for comedy. You are the mvp of this comment section.



  24. Daniel Costa

     Grohl stated that it is "basically a song about being afraid to enter into something you're not prepared for." 

    The Survivor

    @Daniel Costa Like when he became a rockstar? xd

    Zeppelin ♫

    @The Survivor That's the larger interpretation, but for Dave personally he is referring to his first marriage, which ended in divorce. The entire album was heavily inspired by his divorce.

    Vol deMort

    +Daniel Costa its basically a song about being dumped

  25. anthologyofinterest1

    1:26 .......... BANG

    Edith Bloody Sabbath

    Ahahahhaha every time xD

  26. friscolopter

    i think it was during the making of this record, Dave was going through a divorce with his first wife

  27. Margo Ts

    if this song was longer i think i'll explode with happiness..... i love this song and foo fighters!!!! replay replay replay.....


    Margox P Agreed

    Orange Whip

    Margo Ts six years bro

  28. Jezze Hurminn

    Same. That's how I usually listen to Monkey Wrench: "Doll" into "Monkey Wrench"

  29. Corporal Levi

    same with big me :/

  30. Zack Hammond

    no in my opinion echoes patience silence and grace was the best album ever XD

  31. ScorpionWing16

    Evidence that Nate Mendel is a beast.

  32. ScorpionWing16

    But the beauty is in the shortness. So much content is so little time.


    ScorpionWing16 Agreed. It leaves you wanting more.

  33. Gracia Lino

    I wouldn't complain if this song were a little longer...

  34. msparkma7772

    Sure Goldsmith isn't as good of a drummer as Grohl or Hawkins, but he gets too much crap, he is a good drummer.

  35. JessieKayBee

    Colour and the Shape :) (colour/color, however the country you live in spells it haha)

    thinga majacky

    it's coloUr. Dave did that intentionally in honoUr of the album's English producer Gil Norton.

  36. YOitzODELLE

    If you guys like this song, you should check out "Lonely as You" on their fourth studio album (One by One).

  37. emyhil

    I absolutely love this, can't get enough. I used to think I only liked the up tempo songs by the Foos, boy was I wrong. This is PERFECT.

  38. everythingmusicman

    Its a very sad, but amazing song. Dave said its about going into something you're not ready for quite yet.

  39. Naufal M.Haiqal

    cool,my fav sad song of foo fighters

  40. Exquisite_Poupon

    wrong, Will also played the intro to Up In Arms and the chorus of My Poor Brain

  41. asdfsam

    only song featuring William Goldsmith on drums xD

  42. bastianfrusciante

    This song is for you, Paulina :(

  43. joetjuhh

    @muerepiumpiumpium Because it's a sort of interlude to its album! ;) Funny thing is, in this first song he sings "I've never been so scared", and in the last song of the album, New Way Home, he sings: "I'm not scared, I felt like this on my way home". I think the album is a sort of therapy, where he starts off scared, and ends with his fear kinda resolved.

  44. roxy gano

    in this crazy dream i had this song was playing the whole time. I was under siege at a house, and these 8 people were trying to "doll me" which meant kill and turn into a doll.

  45. Goldenthug9

    "I wish I had never taken this dare
    I wasn't quite prepared"
    Hindsight and despair

  46. Goldenthug9

    This track is so emotional need to be longer and finished its a classic like a Lennon masterpiece!

  47. vickzz

    awwh his voice is sooo sexy

  48. Louise T

    Incredible song :) xxx

  49. Walmas

    Dave's voice really looks like noel gallagher's in this song

  50. Nordkat

    I think One by One is better... but is my solo opinion... The Colour and the Shape is awesome too... this song is beautiful

  51. sierkkanis

    This album is just one of the best albums ever made. Thumps up!

  52. Chewcamcblefleh

    What makes this song great, is how short it is. But, this short song carries more meaning than most songs that are 3 minutes to 5 minutes long. It's truly a masterpiece, and one of my favorite tracks by the Foo Fighters.

  53. Johnny Charisma


  54. Firebreather01

    best album intro ever

  55. ChimpaWompa

    jeese thats a short song :(

  56. Jerry

    does anyone know any good songs that have this rhythm or something like this??
    plz someone reply back =)

  57. Elia Marin

    not mine, I took it for a joke :P

  58. Elia Marin

    and why not :)

  59. CarnivalNights

    Blue cover, red CD.

  60. Lucas Venusiano

    Doll is "muñeca" in spanish, right?.......ok, is a great song.

  61. Andrew Millar

    yea its just the one of the best 1:20 iv ver heard
    i wish they'd made this one lnger and more epic but maybe all it needs is aminute to be genius

  62. Tycho Lebowski

    Why cut off the last couple of seconds of the song?

  63. zmznzbzvzmznzb

    Head Phones Only

  64. alyrababy

    whats is doll me up?
    sorry i dont kno that verb

  65. JulesGM

    no your more into there new stuff, when their old stuff is way more awesome.
    -True Foo Fighters Fan

  66. mugsygirl288

    I absolutely love Dave's vocals on this song.

  67. Nathaniel Bandy

    yawn...sry im more into their exciting and pumped up songs

  68. jayou521

    Next week it is~

  69. JayZoop

    This song is a great set-up for the next song. This song alone is good too.

  70. Andrew Gold

    True, but Soldier's Poem is twice as long as this song IIRC.

  71. stxbomber191

    its a very soldier's poem-esque song

  72. lucebuona

    best of the best..