Foo Fighters - Congregation Lyrics

Well, I met the seventh son
He came for everyone
The day he heard the lighting in the field
I heard him clear his throat
A fork within the road
That night the Tallahatchie took the wheel

I’ve been throwing knives
To see just where they land
Now my world is in your hands

Send in the congregation
Open your eyes, step in the light
A jukebox generation
Just as you were

The voice upon the stage
Is the heart inside a cage
And they’re singing like a bluebird in the round
There’s mystery in this wood
And ghosts within these roots
That are tangled deep beneath this southern ground

I’ve been going through life
Making foolish plans
Now my world is in your hands

Send in the congregation
Open your eyes, step in the light
A jukebox generation
Just as you were

And you need blind faith
No false hope
No false hope
Do you have blind faith?
No false hope
No false hope
Where is your blind faith?
No false hope
No false hope
Open your eyes, open your eyes
Step into the light
Open your eyes, step into the light
The sound becomes

A congregation
A congregation, yeah
And they're singing like a bluebird in the round

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Foo Fighters Congregation Comments
  1. Henrik Bengtsson

    2:40 - 3:13. I absolutely love it!

  2. Johan 10

    U N D E R R A T E D 💖

  3. Matthew Quetti

    This song just inspired a revolution

  4. Aashish Eapen

    That one electric guitar riff in this si just makes me feel so good

  5. A Fat Dalmatian

    Why is no one talking about the guitar solo? It's by far my favourite solo by them.

  6. Takafumi Uchida

    great song!

  7. Alessandro Di fazio

    Grandissimo DAVE ❤🤘

  8. daynnethedrummer

    The fill at the end broke my mind a little bit.

  9. Chilly Lily

    This was one of the first rock songs I learned the lyrics to. I was nine and I'm a huge foo fighters fan now!

  10. Iuri Gomes

    Top5 do FF, musica muito pouco valorizada

    Mateus Jorge

    Também acho, FF é incrivel.

  11. Jack Moeser

    soo underrated

  12. Isabela Castro

    Thank you thank you very much. By having the idea of ​​the Sonic Highways Documentary, through it I could miss a time that I was not even born. Meet amazing people from the music world of different musical styles, besides being quite emotional I got emotional in Nashiville (I saw 12 times). And one of the best things to rediscover Foo Fighters and see how far you go beyond music. Foo Fighters is culture.❤❤❤

  13. Ariadna Helena Rompapas

    Perfect song!

  14. Lyric Riott

    Sonic Highways is a damn good album, it just suffers from every song sounding the same.

    George Drums

    I think they all sound so much different on a dynamic level

  15. Lil Fish

    🔥 so good

  16. Isabela Castro

    I really love this album 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. dave horner


  18. Aegon One

    So fucking good ugh ❤❤❤

  19. Lane Langolf

    Every Friday is #FOOdayFriday

  20. Drummachine Alex

    Ahhh! Yes, I love this song!

  21. Toevlier Panosh

    punk is dead

  22. vincenzo castello

    "...Do you have blind faith?
    No false hope
    Where is your blind faith?!?
    No false hope
    Open your eyes, open your eyes!
    Step into the light!!!
    Open your eyes, step into the light
    The sound becomes

  23. Cole Fisher

    Why does no one talk about this album, it’s fucking amazing

  24. Wes

    Awesome 🔥❤

  25. Cristian Bettanin

    I love too much Foo Fighters

  26. Erik Jasick

    ok im 43 years and ff is fucking cmon now theyre in pittsburgh july 19 i am there think nirvana? where? not even close

  27. douglas houska


  28. K. Mason

    This song is awesome.

  29. b a d s o y

    3:14 breakdown, ur welcome

  30. Tami Seals

    the Nashville song :)

  31. Furious Sherman

    Dave and Zac strike me as very similar. They absolutely love what they do, they can pull off almost anything they try even though they come from a specific niche of music, and they enjoy all kinds of music.

  32. Suraj Sachdev

    Long live Mr.Grohl!

  33. john wehrly

    bernie kosar19 came up short on the drive 3 times

  34. CountryMusic52

    93.3 WMMR best radio station ever

  35. Jonatan Correa

    very dancing

  36. modelgurl69

    Foo Fighters rock!!!

  37. Kenny P

    Dave is our modern day Jesus.

  38. Franck Faucher Grepinet

    Foo Fighters ROCKS!!

  39. Franck Faucher Grepinet

    Foo Fighters ROCKS!!

  40. Richard Gosnell

    Press play on my phone in class listening on my EarPods, end of song, Instructor: Your EarPods are not connected.

  41. Laurie Holey

    does anyone else hear the softer going to let's call it feisty over the years...? take learn to fly to the pretender.... I love it all.... just commenting....

  42. Erik Jasick

    send in the congregation

  43. StopPotatoWifi

    Giving my opinion here this song seems good for long distance driving it’s just one of those songs

  44. cybersasho


  45. Ellée Favre

    elian trop bien le chanter il chante très bien

  46. Xander Salazar

    Been two years and I still love this song as much as the first listen. ❤️

  47. Bernstein Rap

    love it!

  48. Malban VO

    This guy sounds like the drummer for Nirvana

    Tammy Clark

    shotguntornado lol..

  49. Yellow Snow

    Exactly 20.000 likes. I like the song but i don't wanna ruin this number😫

  50. heliana mariel hubert


  51. Justin White

    Now my world is in your hands!!!

  52. Earth L

    I listen this album youre the best

  53. Erin Dault

    foo fighters new cd, love love love.

  54. Martin

    Fucking amazing song

  55. Algoprism

    This sort of adventure road-trip vibe.

    My summer highlight song.

  56. theenforcer22

    Love the harmonies at the end with Zac Brown, they sound awesome.

  57. Eli Novak

    iam sorry to place it to you but their 90's albums are 5 times better

  58. Burak Burakk

    3:14 ouvvvvvvvvvvvv

  59. Jennie Mills

    I made a homemade, phone, video in the middle of nowhere in kansas and oklahoma on our 2 month cross country, i had this song playing in the backround. It was awesome.

  60. Daniel Carney

    4:30 No clue what he says but it gives me chills on top of the chills this song produces. Unexpected kick ass track.

    Daniel Carney

    Nevermind... "This sound becomes"


    Daniel Carney LOL! That's the name of Nirvana's album *Nevermind* Dave Grohl's recent band in the 80's

  61. SantiPandah YT

    soy el unico que habla español :v , foo fighters lo mejor :)

  62. Trent Snowbarger

    Love this song!!

  63. The Ban Man

    Just heard this for the first time. VERY McGuinn-esque. Almost like an Arena Rock rendition of the Byrds. Me Likey!

  64. Gary Stephens

    Foo fighters just shits hits. There Is no bad they can do.

  65. Rabi c

    It is not original, the estructure is like Interstate love song

  66. Brennan McAlary


  67. Adam Bosch

    When I'm running and this song comes on my headphones, I can't help but go faster and faster. Love it.

  68. Ian Pereyra

    cómo siempre !la rompe está banda !!

  69. Liselore Brosens

    Defently my favourite from Sonic Highways!

    erick avila

    Liselore Brosens Also mine!

  70. Luis Cabrera

    For me, the best song so far!

  71. Giulio Gallipoli

    3:12 best part ps rob sei scema


    the solo before it is counted aswell

  72. Attarah Ardyn

    N.ashville orgreenville Gona happen place called Scott's.ville

  73. Marcel Mészáros

    so rich in sound :)

  74. Martina Monti

    Great song!!!! Really really cool. Cannot stop listening to it

  75. Black Phoenix

    Which city is this song about?


    Black Phoenix ... Nashville, TN

  76. Ryan Dunn

    i find with foo fighters a lot of the time i have to listen to the songs a few times to fully appreciate them, however those generally turn out to be the best songs that get old a lot slower

  77. Aldo Puentes

    Cada vez que me voy.

  78. geisha12272

    I agree Dave Grohl is a Rock God! Definitely the greatest rock band ever! I am a Foo Fighter fan all the way!


    Takes me back the days of "Color and the Shape"

  80. Vaiterius

    Hey, I need some help here! I need a sentence with the word congregation in it. Thanks.

  81. iChromium


  82. Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me

    OPEN YOUR AAAAYEZ, STEP IN THE LAAAAYYYT! ^^ Love the chorus on this particular Foos song. Classic.

  83. Caike Higor


  84. Johan Rodríguez

    I was the only one who felt similar the main riff with Interestate love song by stone temple pilots? o.O

  85. Boneskullzy

    This album was shit and everyone knows it


    Your fucking insane m8


    nah not really shit, it's just different, you said it yourself that you only like 90s-00s stuff so that's why you don't like this album. Like you, I still prefer their earlier albums too though, this one isn't my jam.


    @CLA82529 Yeah, I guess you're right.
    I should be wiser about my disagreements.


    honestly i agree on the fact that it wasn't the best but it was definitly not shit it was realy cool how the wrote a song about 8 cities in the U.S.A.


    It was their "Rattle And Hum" I guess. I like the record though.

  86. Andrew Kendall

    Forever my favourite band. Dave Grohl is a Rock God.


    Yes He is!


    Not a rock god,THE rock god

    Fayez Raff

    yes you're very right

    Vagos Tsichlis

    Andrew Kendall We beat Everton today !

  87. Jack DePrato

    Kickass. Enough said.

  88. McJohnson

    MLB's official YouTube account liked this. It's the only non baseball-related video they've liked. A little odd, but alright then.

  89. Silvia Pedraza


  90. Silvia Pedraza


  91. Jesse Eek

    Foo Fighters you have an Awasome number of abonnees;-D 666.610

  92. Zanzaroni GR

    Had a history exam today, didn't know shit and I wrote the first 2 minutes of lyrics of this, absolutely no regrets and I pointed out to my teacher that this song is about to make history

    ChrisSteve Kelm

    Guessing that did not have a profound impact on your grade?

    Zanzaroni GR

    It didn't got a c but don't care :D


    C's get degrees!

  93. andybrown2310

    fuck me... that building up riff at the end! scream, step into the light! You're ready to fucking shatter a planet with your raw power!

  94. Robert Merriman

    God damn, Dave Grohl can scream better than most death metal/metalcore vocalists out there! Just hearing that shriek made my heart race!

    Furious Sherman

    He's not the only guy singing here. Zac Brown is an incredible singer in his own right, and the Zac Brown Band have made some of the best music of the past 50 years.

  95. Christine Pillman

    I love the too fighters

  96. apoorav sharma

    I cant get over this song....