Foo Fighters - Band On The Run Lyrics

Stuck inside these four walls
Sent inside for ever
Never seeing no one, nice again,
Like you, mama
You, mama... you...

If I ever get out of here
Thought of giving it all away.
To a registered charity
All I need is a pint a day
If I ever get out of here
(If I ever get out of here)

Well the rain exploded with a mighty crash
As we fell into the sun
And the first one said to the second one there
I hope you're having fun.

Band on the run; band on the run
And the jailer man, and sailor Sam,
Were searching everyone
For the Band on the run...
Band on the run [x3]

Well, the undertaker drew a heavy sigh
Seeing no one else had come
And the bell was ringing in the village square
For the rabbits on the run,

Band on the run; band on the run
And the jailer man, and sailor Sam,
Were searching everyone
For the Band on the run...
Band on the run [x3]

Band on the run [x4]
Well the night was failing
As the desert world began to settle down
In the town they're searching for us everywhere
But the never will be found

Band on the run; band on the run
And the country judge, who held a grudge
Will search for ever more.
For the Band on the run
Band on the run [x7]

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Foo Fighters Band On The Run Comments
  1. March 22nd 2013

    Band on the run is one of my favorite songs ever! (And nine teen hundred eighty five) I also really freaking love the Foo Fighters. This cover was amazing!!

  2. Adam Aroeste


  3. Rene Siles

    Es.un cover bien.raro amigo.

  4. Cesar Torres Perez

    por que estan limitada búsqueda

  5. Exequiel Urena

    Por dios cuánta perfección junta

  6. A Sabetti

    Yes I am into it

  7. Hugh Appleton

    And at the end of the song dave the janitor played by Dave G,,goes back to mopping the floors,,and the teens in this Disney tv show about highschool bands ,,go wow that old guy knows how to rock,, you hear a laugh track and cut to commercial......

  8. Emily Curewitz

    one of the greatest rocks stars of all time doing a cover of a song by one of the greatest rock stars of all time

  9. Dragon Guitars

    I love Dave

  10. Paul Boskovich

    This is Wings, Paul was just the singer and badass bass player. And writer.

    Travis LoneBear

    Paul Boskovich facts

  11. MTV's Sanctuary

    This sounds like a cheesy early 2000s opening song for a Disney XD show

    Hugh Appleton

    Well said.........and even.... well sad

  12. jesus pulido

    La versión original le patea el trasero, pero respeto mucho que le hayan puesto su estilo en lugar de tratar de imitar a Paul

  13. Jean

    FF + Paul = Heavenly

  14. william oikawa

    Much better than the original!

    Lennon Hall

    william oikawa are you okay?

    •paige •

    @Lennon Hall I don't think they are

    Lennon Hall

    @•paige • must have a hearing deformity, im not sure

    •paige •

    @Lennon Hall yeah, that's probably the problem, sucks to be them

  15. David McGuire

    Solo Dave G .... not Foo Fighters

  16. Cheese Cheese

    Love this. The sound really captivates the way their sound has evolved, going from self titled to their more recent stuff around halfway through

  17. Dark Knight

    Best of William Campbell original version.

  18. jeff plashka

    Perfect blend of anger and melody!!!

  19. podcast para lavar los trastes

    An awesome cover for an awesome song
    God bless sir Paul Mccartney for gave us many great songs

  20. Terror Billy

    This version sucks

  21. Gabriel Rott

    Queria entender como alguém da deslike nisso!!!

    Buscando a verdade

    Verdade Mano ficou massa

    Wanderson Nascimento

    Vai ver é gente que gosta mais da versão do Macca e não conseguem expressar isso de outra forma que não dando deslike. A versão ficou muito boa, mas, pessoalmente, acho a do Paul melhor.

  22. wolfy

    Even more reasons to love them even more

  23. Luke Monroe

    Super cool. Well done

  24. Andrew Murray

    Love the foos

  25. Fernando soto


  26. Jon Smith

    Fuck yeah 🤘

  27. Down CoalX

    This is a lovely cover of shit song. Hats off to the Foo

  28. John Boland

    Wow, this song is great Foo Fighterized!

  29. איתמר אברהם

    One of the Best bands ever!

  30. matt adore

    Actually not Foo Fighters... Dave performing solo at the White House with a house band. Still an AWESOME cover!

    chris marsh

    Not the same. This is Foo's in studio


    Indeed, this is from the BBC Live Lounge series.

    Ave True To Caesar

    The first Foo Fighters album was just Dave too

  31. DaveSwayer

    Ive heard this like 20 times and I really cried the first one, what a great cover!

  32. Tiara Dillon

    Holeehoolie woo wowwy

  33. Stilto Monkey

    Love this version

  34. Sophie Herbert

    Amazing cover

  35. Rex Weathers


  36. yesica soledad Romero


  37. Slashley gibbins

    Love Paul, love the foo, happy dayz...

  38. Joe Ritchie

    Better then Wings

    Fi Schatteman

    Joe Ritchie


    Haha No

  39. Phil Gallant

    Excellent tribute. Well executed!

  40. Brian Reck

    Want this on iTunes...c'mon Apple!

  41. Blank Space

    I had no idea they covered this. Not bad at all!


    +Joe Ritchie Thats debatable.

    Joe Ritchie

    McFartney was shite


    The intro, no. The guitar, maybe.

    Mark Capanas

    Not bad???? It's fuckin awesome dude! ☺

    podcast para lavar los trastes

    @Joe Ritchie ammmm, Mccartney wrote this song, you idiot!

  42. Dee McKinzie

    Fooking awesome

  43. RememberFrogs

    Quanta commozione nel vedere una delle canzoni più belle di Paul rifatta da Dave. Vi adoro ragazzi <3

  44. Sheila Pictures

    I prefer Paul but Dave did an amazing cover ♥.♥

  45. José Antonio Alcázar Lobo

    9 downs?, how can anyone dislike this?

  46. Ruta B

    I also like McCartney's more, but this one cool too.

    The Nerd Doomsday

    Wings more* paul was only one member

    J Roth

    The Nerd Doomsday Paul wrote the song boi

    That man in your basement

    The Nerd Doomsday Cept Paul wrote the song and, let’s be honest, he fucking carried that band do hard. It practically was just him.

  47. brian mcdaid

    pure class.....

  48. Jcømet11299

    gr8 cover

  49. Lynn Singleton

    Wow, good job Foo Fighters!

  50. Trev Mac

    better than Bakers Street at least

  51. OmegaMapDesign

    The latter half of the song really sounds like a Foo Fighters song. They made it their own.

    morgan c

    +OmegaMapDesign Agreed! It's always good when a band makes a cover their own a bit


    But who wrote the song ? I'll give you a clue, he goes by many names, in fact hundreds perhaps thousands of names throughout history....Jack, Nick & Louis just to name a few

    Emilio Loera

    Wow wow wow stop ✋ burn this and never talk about it again !!!

  52. Justin York

    great job Foos long live Paul McCartney

    wheel barrow

    Literally WHO ?

    •paige •

    @wheel barrow ???

  53. Geoff Heywood

    its just fucking awesome!

  54. Christine Ambrose

    this is awesome ran across it on accident im glad i did.

  55. Tobasco l

    the beatles just ran into jesus...

  56. Andrey Kusanagi

    I like Paul's original, but I like this one too.
    it's not a matter of liking one more or less, just because this one is the patented Foo style on a classic of rock. but I actually like it better when Paul plays it live, 'cause like, it seems better executed than what it was on the original record.
    in fact, this is one of the songs I want to play when I form a band, and I don't care how electric it will be as long as I keep true enough to it.

  57. Colby Meyer

    Truth: I actually like this song less then the original

  58. echoradar

    Kick Ass Tune!! The Foo's never put out crap!!

    Lennon Hall

    echoradar this was written by Paul McCartney retard

  59. Grant Drummond


  60. Patrick Mac Gille Eoin

    Fantastic version lads ♪

  61. luis felipe Brito Cortes

    bad cover jajaja
    i like it more with paul & the winds
    but, thank you great song

  62. Matias Ayala

    I like...tanti puuttiio