Foo Fighters - Baker Street Lyrics

Winding your way down on Baker Street
Light in your head and dead on your feet
Another crazy day
You drink the night away
And forget about everything
This city's dance makes you feel so cold
It's got so many people but it's got no soul
And it's taken you so long
To find out you were wrong
When you thought it held everything

Used to think that it was so easy
Used to say that it was so easy
But you're trying, you're trying now

Another year and then you'll be happy
Just one more year and then you'll be happy
But you're crying, you're crying now

Way down the street there's a light in his place
He opens the door, he's got that look on his face
And he asks where you've been
You tell him who you've seen
And you talk about everything
He's got this dream about buying some land
He's gonna give up the crack and the one night stands
And then he'll settle down
In this quiet little town
And forget about everything

But you know he'll always keep moving
You know, he's never gonna stop moving
'Cause he's rolling, he's a rolling stone

When you wake up, it's a new morning
The sun is shining, it's a new morning
You're going, you're going home

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Foo Fighters Baker Street Comments
  1. joe 01225

    These guys are in love with the tunes of the seventies and eighties. I completely agree. The original was stunning. In this version you really have to love overpowering guitar riffs and his voice sounds flat, not commanding the stage and driving the music along. It sounds like a garage band practicing but still not there. Never saw the fascination with music that remains unpolished, it's weak points front and center. A lot of people like this style. Everyone is different.

  2. J K

    Love the Foos, but I think they completely missed the vibe and atmosphere of the original. Really bad cover.

  3. Jane Johnson

    Nope, been listening to this song since I was 6 yrs old. I ended up here because foo fighters are my favorite rockers. But Foo Fighters And Gerry Just dont' mix. Gerry is Gerry....

  4. peddle

    Phew.for a minute there i thought Dave was gonna break out the sax.

  5. Jody Young

    What a suck ass cover! Some songs are meant to be left alone, you should have left this song alone!

  6. Connor Reid

    The very first note sounds a lot like Got the Life by Korn.

    jim koskey

    Good call. Went back and listened. Saw Korn and Alice in Chains a couple months ago. Korn Rocked!

  7. Brad Query


  8. Matthew

    Spotify please

  9. Stroker Ace Ventura

    Wish I could buy it on iTunes

  10. Dizy Tizy

    Its a pity the recording is shit. You would think with all their money they would bother to do things right.

  11. chris lingre

    Hallo Friedi: Genau! The greats always give tribute to fellow greats. This song and cover is no exception. The Beatles had a HUGE catalog of covers. This is how one becomes better and relevant. . .thanks, Foos. . .

  12. Shitbird McAssfuck

    After realizing that Dave Grohl is a massive douchebag I just can't really get into the Foo Fighters anymore

  13. 20 Years

    I respect this but it's not for me. Hard rock musicians are always tempted to take older classics and punch them up with heavier more modern bass and guitars, and sometimes it's cool, but in this example, when the shift goes from the lyrics - which are done softly and much closer to the original - back to the massive rockification of the song, the difference is so huge that it comes off to me as almost a Saturday Night Live parody of rockers pumping up a classic. I love the guitar covering the original sax in the opening melody, but the scale of the alternation from soft to heavy is for me overkill.

  14. tony a

    Hairs on the back of my neck stood up when the first verse started , great cover

  15. Alex Dubler

    The most BUTCHERED song ever!!

  16. PoliticalTalkAbout

    A classic cover by any band pays tribute to the original while making the song their own. -The Foo Fighters do just that.

  17. Are These My Pants

    I’m sorry but you can’t replace that Saxophone 🎷

  18. J D Diaz

    Foos first recording w Taylor Hawkins across the pond BBC Radio 6. Witness (hear) the beginnings of an incredible band...!

  19. Angela Hackett

    This excellent cover just made my life today....thx foos I needed that guitar solo!🙌😊🤘

  20. john williams

    the foo fighters are awesome band but this cover blows just saying

  21. Eric Yoder

    I like this version but there is no substitution for the saxophone in the original.

  22. Mark Gross

    If this doesn't wanna make you play air guitar 🎸, then I don't know what will!😁

  23. Daniel Ramirez Cabal

    It is November 1, 2019...and this one still ROCKS. Loved the original, loved this too! BOTH ARE GREAT!

  24. Libby Marie

    Love Gerry. Love the FF. Mad respect for both versions of an epic song!

  25. Adam Smailes

    It is nice to hear a cover of this without relying on the saxophone. A cover should add something to the track, not just replicate what we as an audience already know.

  26. royalspin

    Wow they butchered that one. Some songs are best left alone .

  27. Scott Greer

    Dave Grohl is a little poser

  28. Marc Giancola

    Dave grohl is a horse's ass

  29. Todo Es Posible.

    Dios que mierda habéis hecho, se habéis cargado la canción.

  30. Fred Geno

    Who knew the drummer for nirvana has talent?


    I don't know and never will

  31. Garret Miller

    We saw The FF @ NIB stadium n Perth BIG BIG fan....🎸🎤🎼🎶

  32. Bilge Pump

    Well, no. stop it.

  33. tomfooleryx517x

    September 2019 anyone else?

    Jd Blaine

    Sept 26th, 2019 here...lolol...

    Bob Ishere

    tomfooleryx517x Nov 2019:)

  34. Foo Moo

    This is the best cover of any song I’ve ever heard. Easily

  35. Kevin Stevenson

    Intestinal blockage and smell

  36. kingdpsht1

    Nope... Love Foo Fighters, but this is a turd💩💩💩

  37. stefan1132

    @tyler are you okay bro 🤡

  38. John Ramrod

    This sucks

  39. Denise Simpson

    Fucking incredible! Grew up listening to this song. They fucking nailed it. Gonna play this for my momma, she'll love it too.

  40. Mr. Moon

    Actually wouldn't have minded if they'd stretched it a bit more, put more FF spin on it. I love the original, but this is just a tad too faithful, if you know what I mean.

  41. Being There

    I want this song at my funeral, has to be played loud though.

  42. FZappaFan1

    So I've had some fireball. I know "-7.5" is safe on my receiver to not get the cops called. This is good to know as this song plays...

  43. Being There

    FUCK YEAH ! 🤘

  44. Paul Masters


  45. Jack Rebbeck

    Why isn’t this on iTunes?????!!!!!


    It's hard to find. To get it, I had to order a CD online from somewhere. Maybe the European import.

  46. Lyndia Lytle

    Dave G is possibly one of the coolest musicians of modern times.
    Man I fuckin' love this song!

  47. John Rigali

    The use of guitar to handle the saxophone riffs doesn't work for me, but otherwise they turned in a good rendition. The fact that they chose to cover this song is a testament to Grohl's knack for identifying good rock-era music.

  48. hinge berr

    Foo fighters are the best live act I've ever seen, amazing!!!! But hey guys leave this song to Gerry, he lived 20 minutes down the track from me, a very talented man along with Billy Connolly in the humble bums

  49. WhitePony1990

    Just when I thought Dave and the Foo Fighters couldn’t be anymore awesome, I discover this.

  50. Jason B

    Why?????? Foo fighters are on their own level Gerry Rafferty is on another why would Dave do this it sounds cool but seriously I can say anything bad Dave holds a special place and so dose Gerry . Music is life

  51. Stephen Kavanagh

    They ruin the whole song.
    This piece us only made for a sax....

    Nuff said!!

  52. Mark Gross

    Great cover i love it!

  53. The Fonz

    Is this a comedy version?

  54. Jordan Biancotti

    Idk why but I like reading y’all comments of youth coming back, I always worry I won’t feel youthful when I get older I’m just glad I’m a fan of music and it has that effect on nearly everyone!

  55. Keith Preston

    I've listened to this hundreds of times and this is the first time I noticed they changed booze to crack.

  56. steve c

    I almost didn't want to click this bitch open. I'm a big FF fan and drank my way through the 70's listening to Gerry Rafferty's gut-wrenching version, sittin' in a dank shithole bar on a Tuesday fuckin' afternoon hating my life and trying to figure out a way out out of the darkness. WOW! Sorry man, way too much information. Anyway FF, or should I say Dave really does the song justice and with respect for Rafferty while making it a damn straight Foo song. BTW, unlike Gerry I crawled out of hell and am a grateful sober asshole now. Glad I clicked this bitch after all.

  57. Jean


  58. Kristin Apuzzo

    Foo Fighters are insanely good at doing any cover song! 🤘

  59. Omar Gonzalez

    Love the Foo Fighters but I miss the sax. Keep fighting Foo though. God bless..

  60. fhbcf cvcb

    this is why I watch youtube
    Dave G is possibly one of the coolest musicians of modern times.

  61. Jesse J

    I think it's fucking great!
    the original was awesome. my moms youth. the song is awesome. my youth!

  62. 沐风耿兴仁

    This blew me completely away. They took an already great song and made it their own.
    Awesome covers these guys do, such good taste
    Fantastic version in it's own right. I love this and I love the original. RIP Gerry

  63. fla playa

    This settles it for me... Dave Grohl is leading my list of most talented musicians of all time. Guy is so versatile and timeless. Rest of the band as well.

  64. Acidrooster

    It’s funny lately I have been going back to the 70s music. People laughed at me for liking Andrew golds lonely boy. But I saw a podcast where Grohl said how much of a great song it is.

    So then I come search on this Gerry rafferty and see this. Apparently Grohl and I are on the same algorithm. lol

  65. Matt Erickson

    CoD might be good again ngl

  66. mega mob

    Dave G is possibly one of the coolest musicians of modern times.
    My youth brought back. Beautifully done. Thank you gentleman.

  67. nuclearskull

    NAILED IT!! Way to go guys!! \m/

  68. Delaney Boling

    A lot of people here talking about which version is better, but my opinion is that both are high in their own merits. Nothing will ever be sexier than the sax solo on the original, but I've got to say that the guitar works well also... it's two different songs, and both rock!

  69. Robert Isbell

    Have not and never will give a song a 'thumbs down' but this is just okay, nothing special. Original is great song.

  70. John Smyth

    My particular fav that I can't choose between is the Phil Lynott version of Old Town and the Corrs version, again, both have their meritts and are superb.



    Love them both equally!!!! and for diff reasons

    God bless you Mr L, you and Horslips , Def Leppard, Iron Maiden (yes I know they aren't Irish or even NORTHERN IRELAND) and Mama's Boys were my inspiration, not forgetting the best blues player ever, Mr M, not me saying it, it came from BB King...Not bad for a little country attached to the uk (Horslips, Mr L, Mama's Boys, & Gary) but part of the ISLAND of Ireland... as I'm always reminded by, by my dublin and isle of wight friends, love the music and god rest ALL their souls.. past and present, ps love the Corrs tooo :)

    I'm not getting in to religion or where who came from, just a feeling/style, can't help think tho that IM listened to TL, at some time, stands to reason, harmonics and harmonies....

  71. John Smyth

    Got to agree with Dan D, was about to decry those who said the FF was better, they both have merits, , there have been many covers thet I like better than the original, this is good, would love to see it live... but still love the orig better, doesn't mean this is inferior, just diff, so Kudos to the FF for bringing an oldie and goodie to the modern masses :) Just cos it's old doesn't make it bad, thanks again FF

  72. John Forand

    No sax come on ,why bother

  73. Martin G

    Have they conquered that Foo yet, or are they still fighting it?

  74. Kesotone

    My gf loved this version. I vividly recall when she called the radio station to request it.. she died of heroin overdose in 2016... love you Bianca R.I.P.

    Honk Honk

    Same thing happened to me about a month ago. I love her dearly and think of her daily

  75. Ken Klein

    Dynamite cover!

  76. Lonnie Cavenee

    Not bad. I like the Foo Fighters.

  77. Joseph Giuca

    I love foo!!!!!! Simple as that!!!!

  78. David Jackson

    The over produced, layered into mush sound of the Foo Fighters is not the sound for this song. Thumbs down man.

  79. Jim Lamson

    Well done!!!👍👍👍

  80. Eddie George

    Sorry I grew up when this song was out. Not up to par!


    I wonder why they didn’t put this song on Apple Music? I mean Gerry Rafferty’s is better but I’d like to have this one as well.

  82. Jewelettla Bell-Smith

    Love that Pat Smear

  83. billy cake

    maybe somebody in the food but it should learn how to play the saxophone

  84. Danny Hill

    Nope, thisl doesn't work for me.....

  85. f.scott fitzbeagle

    Great attempt without the sax. Too bad we can never have a Foo/Gerry version.

  86. Bob Gardinger

    I fell asleep, then I woke up and there was still 4 minutes left of the song.

  87. Jesper Gotthelf


  88. Bruce Horden

    Kick ASS!!!!

  89. J B


  90. popcornelius 317

    Fucking amazing, the original is amazing and this cover pays its respects and is equally amazing.

  91. Bobman9420

    This reminded me how Metallica did "Turn The Page", how they used the guitar rather than the sax. Which is a good thing, and by the way FF is my favorite band of all time. And I grew up on old school rock, so I never listened to 90s rock, until High School.

  92. 138boris

    Shite street

  93. MsBuddhapest

    It's fine, it's respectful of the original. But it's not. The time, the context, is lost and can't be regained. Just listen to the original; if you weren't there, this will have to do.

  94. Saul Rosales

    Well done!

  95. roger morgan

    The most beautiful person to ever touch my soul was the one who played this version of this song for me and it is a wonderfully sad reminder of what was. Best cover of any song and so happy to have heard it when I did!

  96. The White Wolf

    I wish this was on spotify.

  97. BigWill2k

    pathetic lead