Foo Fighters - Bad Reputation Lyrics

You got a bad reputation
That's the word out on the town
It gives a certain fascination
But it can only bring you down

You better turn yourself around
Turn yourself around
Turn it upside down
Turn yourself around

You had bad breaks well that's tough luck
You play too hard too much rough stuff
You're too sly so cold
That bad reputation has made you old

Turn yourself around
Turn yourself around
Turn it upside down
Turn yourself around

You better turn yourself around
Turn yourself around
Turn it upside down
Turn yourself around

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Foo Fighters Bad Reputation Comments
  1. jdd247

    Why does he say 'fucking' all the time?

  2. John Duffy

    Joan jett is the best of the best! born to ROCK!

  3. Romain Dupuy

    Ass licker

  4. Kevin Cleveland

    Be better without the poo flingers

  5. jason Lawson

    Anyone think Grohl hit that? 🙋‍♂️

  6. Dreem Walker

    I can say "I don't give a damn about .. Foo Fighters" .. BUT Joan Jet really got them to shape up into being bearable to listen to.

  7. mark jasinski

    pretty soon it will be 70 instead of 17 lol on i love rock n roll

  8. Inc Inc

    Wow Joan looks amazing!! Whoever was doing the sound levels on the mics needs a kick up the ass.

  9. Bite My Krank

    Two badly out of tune and time songs and back to the nursing home Joan....easiest $50 you'll make this week.

  10. Totally not a famous person with a fake name

    shit mix to boot

  11. Totally not a famous person with a fake name

    what he should say is " if it wasn't for my parents buying me a stereo and a guitar and not really giving a fuck after that ...

  12. Tim Keeley

    Yeah, she’s great. Rock icon and all that. But she’s 61 and singing about taking home 17 year old children. A bit creepy

  13. reev64

    Fucking great to Dave play along side of Joan Jett. She's one solid fuckin Rocker! Cheers from Phelpston, Ontario Canada!!

  14. Thierry .GUERIN

    Ah ah ah !! Bad reputation...; tout est pompé sur les Ramones !!!

  15. Vagenstein

    Where are her tits? Poor lesbian Joan has boobs like two eggs sunny side up lol

  16. MaryBeth Dueno

    Love that metallic blue guitar. Seen both Joan Jett and Foo Fighters at different times but both were great.

    Totally not a famous person with a fake name

    dave grohl isn't fit to wash out her used tampons

    C-Money SupaFreak

    Its Gibson 's "Pelham Blue".. came mostly on the low budget Melody Makers which is why a 1960's era "Standard" SG, ES, etc in PB costs about 3xs what the other colors will cost ya...when the Nitro-Cellulose lacquer ages, it turns a creamy yellow.... that "clear" yellow over the blue makes an awesome! greenish-blue that is highly coveted among vintage guitar dealers and collectors. You can actually buy it that way now from the custom shop or buy some "Vintage Amber" and "Aged Clear " from Stew Mac and create the look yourself.. Custom shop does a great job at getting it close, but nothing really does it like it actually aging out that way- of coarse it'll take 30 years for it to do it naturally.. But you can now buy any Gibson in Pelham Blue. Hope the info helps!

  17. #ColeSonMusic #SingerSongwriter

    coolest chick

  18. Vetter Burns

    ...put another *dollar* in the jukebox baby... LOL

  19. Da Sch

    what a combo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Katrina Pennington

    That was badazz!!

  21. jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    Fuckinrockin fuckin fuckin rolling fucki n

  22. jewels Therockstar

    Foos n Joan don’t get better then this 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻


    They should... they certainly didn't set the bar very high in this video

  23. Jason Heavner

    4:44 Joan Jett + The Foo Fighters = The Arrows(?)

  24. Gerald Minichiello

    Audio on her sucks

  25. mandy blades

    no one;
    dave: fucking

  26. Manuel Camargo

    Con esas canciones de Joan jett en los 80s que chingon la pasabamos rockeando bonitos recuerdos viva Joan jett saludos desde guanajuato Mexico

  27. gabrielle dormuth

    I saw this as I was scrolling through u tube and had to watch it, totally glad I did cause I love both bands so much. I've met both singers and they are the nicest people ever

  28. Evan Hodge

    f'ing f, f'ing..oh...f'ing. Does that make what we say more emphatic or sincere? Well? Over to you, General Public.

  29. M Ray

    You all, shit TFU and let Joan Jett rock it.

  30. Michael Gutman

    F*ck every other word is not cool man.

  31. john brooks

    Joan jet rocks

  32. Bigfoot Hunt

    If i had a nickel that guy said "fucking" I'd have a lot of money

  33. Harri Kemppainen

    Joan Jett is so great!!!

  34. Stephon Garcia gonzalez

    She sounds AMAZING!!!!!!!

  35. J Anderson

    This is so fucking cool.

  36. Rebekah kissel

    The coolest and sexiest woman on earth.

  37. Brendan McGinley

    Dave Grohl going full Animal just before the 7-minute mark.

  38. Jason Faque

    Heard this song 41 years ago in a skating rink. Woooooooo did we speed skate that night

  39. Daniel


  40. jb b

    Absolute perfection

  41. Henry Hawk

    Joan traded off on a cover song. Yeah, she's okay but she ain't that good!

    Supported by the most overated band on the planet.....OMG

  42. K. Burns

    Why are there 1K dislikes? Absurd!!! I love rock n roll was one of my first 45s...for you young people, it was a mini vinyl record with one song on each side!

  43. Scott john

    no nead to curse

  44. cynik75

    Such a shitty public.

  45. semaj epits

    IV had a crush o n her since 1975

  46. JinaSolo

    Nice latex pants!

  47. Sayan K.

    ชอบจริง love

  48. tiffany bast

    ONE of My favorite Bad ASS .JJ

  49. TheDefeatest

    AT 7:22 what's taylor all pissed off about? Lip read..

  50. troy harmston

    Joker vs Garth

  51. zBijs

    Hail to the Fuckin

  52. Lozibiza resident

    I love Taylor Hawkins!

  53. Marcos Limarg

    So fucking angry about the fact they practically muted chris's solo

  54. Jimmy Johansson

    Make you're own Classic !!

  55. erpho

    This Song "i love Rock'n'Roll" is singing so cool from Joan...she is really Rock'n'Roll!!!

  56. TM 69

    LEGEND! 👊🏼

  57. Jun Soberano

    rock n roll is for rockers like joan jett and the blackhearts

  58. micromarkshow

    the f bomber grohl

  59. Doug M

    Dave signed a pledge that he must say "fucking" every other sentence!!! Geez

  60. leann lewis

    I saw her back in the day & she has aged very well & still sounds good!
    Rock on Joan❤

  61. Dikiştutmaz Sabri

    American idiot🎸

  62. youutubestinks

    foo madafuckers posers -_- ... and yes Joan is a real rock'n roll 'man' xD

  63. Angel Hermida


  64. Richard Leonardon

    She was great during my college years. Very butch.

  65. A W

    WOMEN ROCK!!!!, girl been rockin since the 70's, LOOK AT HER,!!! She's a freakin teenager!!!!OMG, GO JOAN!!

  66. Jay Snawder

    WOW, won't pay to see you live, (puking) I see why he did it now.

  67. Jay Snawder

    I would MUCH rather her sing at least her song DAVE, you FUCKED it up. love your music, but DUDE.... can someone else have a moment?

  68. Jay Snawder

    What's up with the fucking mouth? could you not get ur point across without the fucking language? Don' forget to thank Kurt.... how soon you for forget!

  69. Eric Peacock

    Joan is Awesome. Dave could chill with all the F curses. Nice to see FF paying tribute to a Rock & Roll Queen.

    Roley Marx

    I agree with you about leaving the F bombs out.

    Eric Peacock

    @Roley Marx - Grohl seems like a decent guy mind you, and he was twice very successful. And he respects his Rock n Roll elders. But as a rule, when people cuss so much, they don't have much to say. The Departed. Fantastic Movie. But I only gave it 3.5 Stars, instead of 4, because of 347 f curses.

  70. Love em both.. wish they picked a different tune. This doesn't showcase the talent

  71. Al O. Veera

    Such an epic performance and people wasting it by holding fucking phones.

  72. J Johnston

    Tag Me Tag Me

  73. brutusbn76

    also doing the old thing where they sing behind the beat and jazzy improvise the timing of the lyrics. NO THANKS. also foo fighters is by definition the gayest thing of all time

  74. brutusbn76

    really awful sound

  75. Steve Flam

    So Joan Jett is in the Hall of Fame but Peter Frampton is not? Wow , no comment to add tom this disgrace. Frampton is definitely a much better guitarist and musician than she is. Are people dumb or just ignorant?

  76. Brendan McGlinchey

    Is there any musician who's ass Grohl won't kiss ?

  77. Shirley-lee Bell

    Joan Jett ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  78. kai rocxsy hallseth

    Bullshit..the best forever😘😘💀💀💋💋💋🙉🙉🙉

  79. pino iaconis

    Dave is an icon of rock ,succeeded with nirvana went on to be a Foo Fighter.respect.

  80. Glenn Garofano


  81. Pedro Gallardo

    porque Joan fala em portugues ?

    Astria Ferrão

    Pedro Gallardo o show foi o Lollapalooza 2012 em São Paulo!🥰

  82. Ricardo Cespedes

    tremendos chamacones con la sra joan jett

  83. element 115


  84. dave griego

    I'm guessing the bass player is an Indica man.. Takes one to know one... Any Indica fans out there?? Joan sez "Can you sing it"? I love In-Da-Kaa..

  85. Rex M

    I remember "taping" this song off the TV by holding the tape deck in fornt of the TV speaker and pressing RECORD. We had to make do and be creative cause we had nothing else.

  86. Anthony Giacomozzi

    I still love you Miss Jett

  87. Reginal carrar

    Joan jet was my first star crush, and still is today! So freak'n bad ass!!!

  88. Serbie Dog

    The dude running the audio board should be fired immediately.

  89. Guitar Man

    Dave Grohl is a foul mouthed ignoramus.

  90. NoobAlike

    Her voice aged really well

  91. John o'neill

    I think lizzy hale is trying to look like joan these days

    Kyle Runkle

    John o'neill maybe but lizzy Hale is the modern day Joan Jett! So good

  92. Marleystrummer


  93. greg

    Fucken stupid intro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Q

  94. One_spicy _boi

    Pat and Joan have history