Fogerty, John - Travelin' Band Lyrics

Seven-Thirty-Seven comin' out of the sky.
Oh, won't you take me down to Memphis
On a midnight ride?
I wanna move.

Playin' in a travelin' band, yeah!
Well, I'm flyin' 'cross the land,
Tryin' to get a hand,
Playin' in a travelin' band.

Take me to the hotel,
Baggage gone, oh, well.
Come on, come on,
Won't you get me to my room?
I wanna move.

Playin' in a travelin' band, yeah!
Well, I'm flyin' 'cross the land,
Tryin' to get a hand,
Playin' in a travelin' band.

Listen to the radio,
Talkin' 'bout the last show.
Someone got excited,
Had to call the state militia.
I wanna move.

Playin' in a travelin' band, yeah!
Well, I'm flyin' 'cross the land,
Tryin' to get a hand,
Playin' in a travelin' band.
Oh, wow!

Here we come again on a Saturday night.
Oh, with your fussin' and your fightin',
Won't you get me to the right?
I wanna move.

Playin' in a travelin' band, yeah!
Well, I'm flyin' 'cross the land,
Tryin' to get a hand,
Playin' in a travelin' band.
Oh, wow!

Oh, I'm playin' in a travelin' band,
Playin' in a travelin' band.
Won't you get me; take my hand?
Well, I'm playin' in a travelin' band.
Well, I'm flying 'cross the land,
Tryin' to get a hand,
Playin' in a travelin' band.
Oh, wow!


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Fogerty, John Travelin' Band Comments
  1. mikerca

    Drummer is a demon !

  2. Woody Norris

    Felt rrrrreally fast, lol

  3. joe nock

    Forgot all about him, he was absolutely mesmerizing, so much better than this rap shit, my opinion

  4. Kai Hiltunen

    That is rock´n roll! ❤️🎵💪🏻

  5. BadLeaders

    People are complaining this song was played too fast, but the only part that could have been better was John could have turned his guitar amp up more. Not loud enough.

  6. Elva Gimenez

    Amo a este hombre 😍

  7. carrie wilder

    Yeah, you loose so much when a band plays a song that was a hit, that is already fast, and you do it like this. WAY too fast, slow it down!

  8. Oscar Gonsales


    Oscar Gonsales

    La verdad que

  9. Charles Huyck

    Intro sucks big time

  10. Scotty ColoradoKid

    the man who single-handedly made plaid shirts cool!

  11. Alexandre Fueta De Oliveira


  12. Alexandre Fueta De Oliveira

    Monstro OF rock

  13. José Milton Bisavô

    Um cantor remanescente do Creedence não vem para o Rock In Rio. Lamentável esta ausência, para nós setentões que ainda curtimos o bom e velho Rock n' Roll.

  14. José Milton Bisavô

    Um músico deste porte não vem para o Rock In Rio. Uma grande ausência. Lamentável.

  15. Rosi Marchetto

    camillo camilato camillo camilato gianfranco

    camillo camilato camillo camilato

  16. WhiteSwan

    That kind of intros are just annoying.

  17. laviocarnosos

    saludos john desde culiacan sinaloa.

  18. Miles Terwillegar

    Where the "F" are you? In your bus doing things that we can only imagine?

  19. Miles Terwillegar

    I feel for John since he spent so many years not producing, BUT now that you realize you still have an audience let's not lose our sense of reality and get too arrogant and get lazy. You went the way of the Old Timers, and got cut, but you probably still had the stuff , but freaked out, and got cut without a studio check to see you STILL HAVE THE TALENT to please the crowds! And now we see the MONEY machine that fuels your life. Thanks John! Hey! call me anytime, and you and I can discuss the way we have aged with , or without your fears of never having an audience! You've got my email

  20. Miles Terwillegar

    The FIRST thing you do as a professional is limit AIR TIME to a minimum! That means you play songs back to back without any fillers such as tuning, and drum solo's. WHAT THE F***K!

  21. Miles Terwillegar

    How sad is this? With all the years of travelin' John can't even come on stage on time!

  22. Clinical Educator1

    40 years later and JF is still rockin the house!! Amazing talent.

  23. William West

    Love CCr

  24. Aleatha Vogel

    Skip to 1:59 for the're welcome :)

  25. _conlanger_

    Like that 3:07 part...
    "Here we come again on saturday night with you fanjanjajnajgfharsfdgtuwrt get me to the rhyme..."

  26. brandon snow

    such a great song and insperation

  27. debbie green

    2 minutes of crap! and then thanks zanz!!

  28. BSC BSC

    Where did they get that audience, the local cemetery?

    Tania DG

    my thought too lol...

    Juan Jimenez

    Im laughing my ass off with this comment. Lol

    Desiree Scotchman

    Probably no idea who Fogerty is so they can't appreciate this amazing opportunity. Going to see him July 15. So stoked.

  29. MrAero164

    if this don't get ya moving, you 're dead inside!

  30. Tony McM

    thought myself John sang it too fast brillent tho.

  31. Hotwheel66

    Little Richard always said CCR ripped this song off of Him.

  32. Matheus Gollmann

    looks like Motorhead's Going to Brazil


    Matheus Gollmann

  33. Harriet Bouvin

    Oui, c´est vrai! Il est la! :D

  34. Mar Tin

    This is John

  35. Aaro Kukkohovi

    All in.

  36. Husen Sastra Negara

    All Time John Fogerty.............I know You ( CCR BAND) when I 9 Old.......Bravo John F....

  37. alandunaway3000

    Used to play this song on Step'n Music 16: Party(PC)

  38. Myra Aldridge

    The drummer is dam great, best one I've ever heard.

    Austin Buley

    Kenny Aronoff, one of the best

  39. Rodney Boyle

    Amazing the amount of talent this guy has, and has had for decades, what a genius

  40. Anupam Loiwal

    Had been looking for this particular video for its amazing intro / soundcheck for days! Kenny Aronoff rocks! Deliciously fat snare sound!

  41. Ralph Curtis

    To the dude that said the intro sucked, this was a sound check without the audience really knowing it.  This is usually John's opening song and it's a great choice to do exactly what he did.  It allows the sound tech to get a good sound check on all of the individual instruments prior to them playing together in a song.  Although a sound check was done earlier in the day, things change and usually sound different than the original sound check because of the crowd, weather etc....

    liam davidson

    thanks ...I couldn't understand why such a precise and brilliant musician  would do that he was actually being extremely precise

  42. Mark Johnson

    Kenny Aronoff is the drummer and he kicks ass,he is awesome he can play anything.

    Myra Aldridge

    The drummer is dam good, the best

  43. Alex Rybachonak

    SORRY, барабанщик-живой Зачем он с ними связался ?

  44. Dubrey Galigly

    come on everybody lets rock, I hear tinges of Elvis's rythem.

  45. thomas b brann

    check out the wild drummer!!!!!

    curtis b

    He was John Mellencamp's drummer for years.  Is now just a hired hand.

    Mark Johnson

    Seen him as the house drummer for the Kennedy center honors, awesome drummer he can play anything. 

    Nyéki Jani

    Kenny AAronof...

    Mark Johnson

    Yes! Kenny is an excellent drummer,saw him the first time  on the Kennedy Center honors when they were honoring the Who,or The OOOO as they say in england. I heard him first and realized he payed attention to the way Keith had played the song hitting key fills that identified as what the who sounded like. Kenny can play with anyone,how about the kids up in the staging sitting there on their phones like nothing s happening! Its John Fogherty doing one of his best rocking tunes,wake up zombies!  John with an Enie Ball musician guitar,he's always chasing tones!

  46. liam davidson

    you could have cut the first useless minute!!


    You* cut it, punk.

  47. Chris .Appel

    INTRO was CRAP...GOOD GOD..where;s the song?

    Steven Cryar

    Chris .Appel this was essentially just a short soundcjeck for the techs and sound guys to get everything dialed in. In an outdoor shows humidity and temperature change can drastically change things within a couple hours. This is pretty common in outdoor concerts

  48. Chris McGinnis

    Does anybody know where I can get a copy of this full concert?

  49. pillroller88

    Aronoff is missing a cymbal....only count 14

  50. TheDefeatest

    Love kenny but he's a bit much.

  51. Juan El conde

    kenny is the best

  52. cere tomer

    Love to watch performers who love to perform. Drummer is having fun, too.

  53. thomas b brann

    that drummer is wild!!!!! ha ha!!

  54. boc234

    That intro was a bit much. It proves once again that you can't do a free-form jazz
    exploration in front of a festival crowd.

    Richard Kvetko

    Jeez it was a sound check

  55. Koen Pieters

    Wow! Awesome drum solo

  56. Riley Boadway

    Turn those vocals up!!

  57. Conner Mc Donner

    Schönes Ding :D

  58. Richard Dutemple

    Great Music ,

  59. tundracam

    fucken gteat music...

  60. Floreal Otegui

    Si existe un tema de Creedence sin duda es este. Y todo lo demás es mentira.

  61. g money

    seen him in edmonton last year he was fantastic!

  62. woody2385

    love it but the drummer is a little too busy and fogerty is forced to sing fast!?

  63. blonde7000

    I heard this for the first time ever last night and i loved it - It cheered me up. I jotted down the name of it and looked it up. This comes from someone who liokes dance and house music :) I think it is great. I don't know how old it is?

  64. hillfold

    Why can`t everyone just be thankful that when they were together it was great while it lasted and we all have great memories of their music. Even if they all got together now (including Tom, God rest his soul) it just wouldn`t be the same. Nothing ever stays the same.

  65. BreathDoctor

    WOW? WTF??? TWO minutes of junk, the Fogarty comes out, and cant even sing his own song....sad. Then theres the Bass Player, playing with his fucking thumb....what a joke !!!

  66. Mickey Staver

    Your thinking of chris slade, but thats not him.

  67. 1967Rev

    is taht the same drummer that played with ac/dc at donnington cos that guy was a beast?

  68. Ralph Curtis

    Rock n roll at it's best. They don't make it like this anymore. Saw John in Dayton Ohio three years ago, was the best concert I've ever attended, sound, performance, everything......

  69. s4001

    Nice fake Texas accent Berkley boy.

  70. König Ludwig

    J.F. is great - but the man on the drums - oh, what an artist !!

  71. jorge schneider

    aronnoff sucks

    John Boyle

    jorge schneider yep even allowing for this sound check, he noodled around in between numbers for most of this gig, very unprofessional.

  72. jorge schneider

    no no no no no no, the drums are louder than johns voice ridiculous

  73. jorge schneider

    yeah but why is he showing off when the guys are trying to tune their guitars ??? he's got too much coke hahahahahahahahahah

  74. Dennis Sturgeon

    1:24 Beach ball on the left.. 1:28 Beach ball on the right..1:33 Bra in the center.. LoL

  75. willy fast

    @Ryomou1988 They don't get any better than ARONOFF!!

  76. huntinggirl

    are those people sitting up there dead? how the hell can they listen to this without even moving a leg or a foot? do they know where they are? ^_^

  77. Ken Lynch

    how can all the people sit there like muppets ? great music JF keep om rocking m8

  78. König Ludwig

    Great show - long live Texas !

  79. hirdy6

    How can those sitting people behind him stay so still? I jump all over the place when I listen to JF, and I'm usually driving.

  80. technocrash09

    @scottrjmatmsncom Looks like one, don't it?!! *LOL*

  81. weldonzerom

    TRUE LEGENDS RIGHT HERE...thumbs up if ya agree...from Perth west Australia

  82. TeamMastaPr2

    @Ryomou1988 But, nobody plays CCR songs better than Doug Clifford even you were the best drummer in the world!

  83. Matt Miller

    all that incessant noodling at the start! Ridiculous!!! ARGh BRING BACK CCR! THIS IS GODDAM AWFUL until 1:45 when John Fogerty finally emerges.

  84. bonjovirocks09

    what a boring audience!!!

  85. Scott Marsh

    is that a bra at 1:33?

  86. MrJokerit91

    @brainnumber2 shit he does on stage??
    Fogerty is still great singer and songwriter!

  87. gilsonvictor

    kenny is a truly joe satriani cover in drums version!

  88. Mega tron

    When my parents brought me to John Fogerty concert back at '09, i told them i hated them but in true one of the best damn sounds i ever heard

  89. Suzycat1000

    @ins7777 Yes Kenny and John are truly AWESOME.

  90. supermac473

    seen this drummer playing with fogerty live absolutly brilliant

  91. aflores1078

    I can hear Bonham playing this song.

  92. tjalve93

    one of the best drummers in the world!

  93. MyJizz UrEye

    @Ryomou1988 He is also a fruity fruity fudge packing shirt lifter

  94. minhoebeta

    Muito bommmmmm...

  95. labora4best

    The leader, composer ,writer,singer leadguitarist can go on with new stand-ins, but the contrary is only the poor result you'll find in CCRevisited.
    We need none of that!
    We have right here: the real thing!
    John Fogerty!