Fogerty, John - The Holy Grail Lyrics

It starts with the mumbo-jumbo
Resonating in your brain
Down in he Amazon jungle
Out on a mystical plane (Oh yeah)

It's the holy, holy, holy
The holy, holy, holy
The holy, holy, holy
The holy grail

Common, ordinary won't get it
When you have the nectar of the gods
Searching for truth at the fountain of youth
Shopping for shame without

It's the holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy
It's the holy, holy, holy
The holy grail
The holy grail, oh yeah

I want to get hooked on the good stuff
The best will get the best of you
Dine in Tibet, congregate with a Yeti
Sunrise on Machu Pichu

It's the holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy
It's the holy, holy, holy
The holy grail

It's the holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy
It's the holy, holy, holy
The holy grail

Sing it now
The holy grail

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Fogerty, John The Holy Grail Comments
  1. gustavo ruben Gago

    John Fogerty with a new song!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rock


  3. Marco Occhiuzzo

    Very good.

  4. Sobhan Vosoulipour


  5. FreakishNoob

    Such a ZZ Top feel. Love it.

  6. Miccoli Official

    Excellent song, John. Thanks for sharing. Much Love, Miccoli

  7. 2minstral

    Big thumbs up; Love this tune and so added to the Best Music of 2018 and the Blues 2000 to 2019 playlists on the World United Music channel and blog.

  8. 2minstral

    An excellent song that should be heard globally and so, I've Added the Holy Grail to the Blues 2000 to 2019 Playlist on the World United Music channel and Website.

  9. JJ Waterman

    Realy a great song - John and Billy together! - you can hear it. Billy sings backround also.

  10. Joe_Chill

  11. Kimmo Rasinperä

    Runs impeccably.

  12. lumaz71

    a nice mix of ZZ Top & CCR: CCRZZTTOP.

  13. cascarilheiro

    Awesome !!!

  14. Benjamín H

    Genial ;v

  15. Franz Naskrent

    Toller Gitarrensound, schön groovie. Ganz der alte John Fogerty! Schön, wenn er auf seiner Europa-Tournee nach Deutschland käme oder wernigstens in ein Nachbarland.

  16. Irene Constant

    John Lennon sings in Mind Games, some kinda druid dude lifting the veil, some call it magic the search for the grail.

    Well the veil has been lifted.

    The New Jerusalem.

    It’s all in the sacred geometry.

    At Midsummer in 1971 a group of 12,000 people gathered on fields at Pilton in Somerset for the Glastonbury Fair, watching musical acts that included David Bowie, Arthur Brown and Hawkwind.

    Here's Arthur Brown, the old God Of Hell Fire, at the beginning of the Glastonbury festival experience performing Kingdom Come.

    Kerr was an enthusiastic follower of the antiquarian John Michell, whose book The View Over Atlantis had become a cult bestseller. Adopting Michell’s ideas, Kerr incorporated the concepts of sacred geometry into the creation of the Pyramid Stage, which went on to become such a lauded and central feature of the Glastonbury Festival.
    The stage was conceived by Kerr and the designer Bill Harkin as a one-10th scale replica of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Harkin told me, “I had a dream about standing at the back of a stage and seeing two beams of light forming a pyramid and took that as a message. Andrew gave me John Michell’s number and we spent some hours discussing it…”
    The stage location was chosen at what Kerr believed would be exactly the right spot, over a spring which he had found by dowsing, connected to the Stonehenge-Glastonbury ley line. The timing of the event, at Midsummer, was Kerr’s inspiration, aligning the festival to the pagan calendar. “What we were trying to do,” he explained, “was to stimulate the Earth’s nervous system with joy, appreciation and happiness so that our Mother planet would respond by breeding a happier, more balanced race of men, animals and plants.”
    Said John Michell…”The important discoveries about the past have been made not so much through the present refined techniques of treasure hunting and grave robbery, but through the intuition of those whose faith in poetry led them to scientific truth.”
    The New Jerusalem.
    In John Michell’s book The New View Over Atlantis he states regarding the number 666…”The Puritans and those others whose opposition to the old magical practices brought about the Reformation, compiled their scheme to exclude the number 666. To them the beast represented some absolute principle of evil, irreconcilable with the iron rule of humanly created morality. The beast, like the dragon, had to be suppressed.”
    The importance of reconstructing the pattern on the floor of the Old Church at Glastonbury was repeatedly emphasized in Bligh Bond’s scripts. One of them said: You know that in this designing of the Floor lies the future prophesy of Glastonbury, together with the inward secrets of Christianity.
    Bond understood full well how significant was the pattern, here identified as the ‘New Jerusalem’ diagram, which his spiritually guided researches were revealing at Glastonbury. He saw in its emergence the rebirth of the Gnosis, that synthesis of religion, philosophy and mystical science which was inherited by the early Christians and later suppressed by the authoritarian Church. The Gnosis offered direct access to the mysteries by methods similar to those Bligh Bond was using to inform the archaeological work, and the philosophy associated with it was based on recognition and acceptance of all aspects of nature, irrespective of any moral conventions. For these reasons it became odious to the Church which, from the second century onward, set out to exterminate all relics of ancient knowledge and science as hindrances to its own moral law and doctrines. Bligh Bond did not merely dabble in ‘forbidden knowledge’; he openly advocated and furthered its resurgence. There was no reconciling his views with those of the new owners of Glastonbury Abbey, the Church of England, and his dismissal was inevitable.
    Typifying the nature of the misunderstanding was the matter of the number 666 in the Glastonbury dimensions.
    Revelation. Chapter 13 v 18.
    Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
    Hawkwind’s Dave Brock, who was with Andrew at the beginning of the Glastonbury experience, is still doing his stuff…get ready for the sonic attack…

  17. victoria & Johnny rodriguez

    On the holy hill!

  18. Surf Bandit

    It's easy to figure out...JOHN FOGERTY WAS CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL...End of story.

  19. IllUKAN German Viking

    Give a young man a chance to feel the good times - come to germany - soon!

  20. Spyder Logan

    Here's the deal for me...Say you 'got something' and it's good, real good, never lets you down and people like it, can dance and sing along to it. You stick with it, play it hard, dig deep for the tone, pocket and groove...Baby, it never gets old, ever. And that's these two men, John and Billy. God Bless 'em.

  21. Trevor Hoffman

    I really like this, sounds like a ZZ Top song, but with John fogerty on vocals

  22. This no gay, this Wesley

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

  23. JosédeJesús Lópezdeandá

    oh my god.never though in my life Wrighting to john fogerty .GOD BLESYOU SEÑOR FOGERTY i ged old wiht your Music .your voice is amasing .l am your biggest fan forever .all my respect for you .thanks very much for your Music.l got no words...THANKS SEÑOR FOGERTY..a friendly hug for. you

  24. Justin

    Just watched John Fogerty and Billy Gibbons perform this together the other day, and it was fantastic!

    Stacks M

    Justin saw them last week they were amazing !!!!

    Chris Belaen

    Saw them at DTE Energy theater! 6/27/18 They blew the roof off the place!!

  25. ricardo vazquez

    Si me late buen Ritmo.

  26. Torino2006

    Guitars sound great!

  27. Manuel Rincón

    John eres insuperable

  28. Josefina Velasquez W

    Amazing show in NH last night.❤️

  29. Richard Elliott

    Yep my cup runnith over, nice song John

  30. KyloRen Kardashian

    ZZ intro?

    Michael Gorman

    Well it is a boogie riff, it has that Texas feel but a bit different

    Agnès L.

    La grange

  31. José Juan Santana Naranjo

    Super !!.It sound good !!

  32. Sandro Vera

    Oooooooh yeah

  33. Clyde Clearwater

    John Fogerty its the best

  34. Paul Joseph

    Holy holy smoley. Credence does Glastonbury. Bit like Dylan running through the changes. Bobby didn't get to Yeti before JF. Beats NAge music which has no beat and drones on. This could never put me to sleep. Bit to like Boogie with the Hook. Holy holy holy gliding down the Mystic River with Proud Mary.

  35. zxccxz164

    this is AWESOME!!!!!

  36. Ruprecht The Monkey Boy

    John if you see, my dying wish would be to see Creedence reunite! Please make it happen for us! Love ya John

    Ray While Riding

    He doesn't need those two slimeballs. He's made that clear.

    Ruprecht The Monkey Boy

    Ray J. Hey I agree with you all the way! Just would like to see it 1 time


    John doesn’t need the losers from ccr

    Dag Nabbit

    RuprechtTheMonkeyBoy His brother Tom died a long time ag so that is impossible. Do yourself a favor and listen to Tom Fogerty and then go back to John. John has moved on !

    Ruprecht The Monkey Boy

    Dag Nabbit i know about that but thanks! Rip but tom was a hater.

  37. Ruben Silva

    Que temonnnnnnnn👏👏👏👏👏👏😄 para cuando volves ala Argentina? Saludos amigo

  38. Emerson Plesley

    Muito Bom🎉🎉🎉💽 Quando Você Vem No Brasil?✈

  39. Agnès L.

    So great !

  40. Ramon Diaz

    una mas
    a John Fogerty

  41. Luiz Carlos da Silva

    very good....the best

  42. Maribel Andrés

    Es unico no habra munca nadie como el x siempre fogerty

  43. Jose Esmoris


  44. Carlos Xocol

    Rrrrrrrrr Ck N roll...

  45. david summerlin


  46. Walking Wounded


  47. Meryl Barr

    Great song! Greetings from Mexico City!

  48. Estilo Old


  49. mrbr549

    Love it!

  50. Rockin' Kid