Fogerty, John - Run Through The Jungle Lyrics

Whoa, thought it was a nightmare,
Lord, it's all so true.
They told me, "Don't go walkin' slow,
'Cause Devil's on the loose."

Better run through the jungle,
Better run through the jungle,
Better run through the jungle,
Whoa, don't look back to see.

Thought I heard a rumblin'
Callin' to my name.
Two hundred million guns are loaded,
Satan cries, "Take aim!"

Better run through the jungle,
Better run through the jungle,
Better run through the jungle,
Whoa, don't look back to see.

Over on the mountain,
Thunder magic spoke,
"Let the people know my wisdom,
Fill the land with smoke."

Better run through the jungle,
Better run through the jungle,
Better run through the jungle,
Whoa, don't look back to see.

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Fogerty, John Run Through The Jungle Comments
  1. Antonio Marquez

    *Vietnam veterans blasting this song*
    WW3: hold my beer 😏


    Me too. Cheers!

    Netko Nešto

    Better run trough the desert


    Love the CCR

  3. omnia resipsaloquitor

    this viet vet honors AIC WILLIAM PITSENBARGER,,,,,,,, CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR awardee........11 april 66,,,,,,,,,who died so that others would live..........

  4. Lizzie Sangi

    Thank you for your upload. This is a fine version but grand to see this tune performed in concert.

  5. don key shot

    love this song, but the drum sound is shite: the straight, uptight "nineties" groove played here totally ruins the original`s swampy feel: much respect to original rhythm section doug "cosmo" clifford and stu cook who did this right!

    Willis Farnsworth

    It's my complaint too with whoever he gets to drum with him, just not the same feel!

  6. Michael Batarick

    If you have never attended a crab boil or crawfish boil down on the Bayou, in Louisiana amongst real Creole Cajuns, put that on your bucket list you will not forget it

  7. Michael Batarick

    Was f***** up now looking back on it which it really ain't f***** up all of them folks that live by the Levee used to call me Vietnamese I don't know about anything to do with this song or what I pretty much doubt it there's a lot of mixed emotions about CCR in Louisiana but they used to call me Vietnamese the way Grandpa used to explain it was because he couldn't understand what the hell I was saying because they all spoke Creole but I don't know maybe Vietnamese is only that come to his head I'm trying to explain a nickname for me because everybody has to have a nickname down there but mine was beaten to me

  8. Michael Batarick

    If you aren't on board with this s*** you need a serious serious ass kicking

  9. David Smith

    That man could rock

  10. Tobby Green

    No me gustó ésta versión.Muy cuadrada y derecha,ninguna versión se acerca a la original,que es la única y mejor versión.La que mas se le acerca es la versión en vivo de CCR en 1970 en el Fórum de LA,ademas que esa es la peor Banda que Fogerty tuvo como solista.La de la época de BLUE MOON Swamp-Premonition x lejos la mejor.

  11. Jan de Groot

    John groetjes de nieuwe Trump usa

  12. 1234567 1234567

    My fav band when I was 10.

  13. PTM

    Simply the BEST AMERICAN ROCKER EVER !!!!! CAN DO IT ALL... WRITE, SING, GUITAR, HARMONICA... YOU NAME IT AND HE CAN DO IT. I grew up discovering CCR and loved his work ever since.

  14. Kenneth yates

    They may have retired the 7th air calvery but the ghosts are still up there over the jungles

  15. Kenneth yates

    You almost look up and see above and see about 50 Hueys flying with the doors open and 50 cals sticking out


    Kenneth yates .50 cals lmao they had the standard M60 Medium Machine Gun wich was a 7,62mm not a friggin M2 Browning those were mounted on the m113s and Pattons and armored vehicels in general, not on helos.

    Antreas Georgiou

    And then the vietcong shoot down 25 of them....

  16. Leonid Svyatkovski

    Один из величайших музыкантов !!!👍👍👍👏👏👏💖

  17. Mike Serot

    Music today has gone to hell in a handbasket. Bring back awesome music like this!

    Jose heisenberg

    Thank god for youtube or we will be stuck in this shit they call music

  18. LuigiN64

    Trees speak Vietnamese 🇻🇳❤️

  19. Claudio Carbone

    John kicked and still kicks ass with this song!! 😏😎🎶🤙

    frank triolo

    Not exactly so. LOVE Fogerty, but this is too tight and polished. More grass, whiskey, and sleepless nights. Even greats can't always recreate magic.

  20. matt s

    Some people lose it with time. He has not!

  21. Gisselle S

    Love this band since I discover them back at 12 years old in late 1994.

  22. uzeir gamazsi

    Welcome to the rice field motherfuka

  23. DutchLeMan

    Rip you were a good man that made the greatest music!

    Payton Wells

    DutchLeMan he's alive

    Payton Wells

    Alive and well

  24. Alejandro McHurin

    CCR 4Ever !

  25. Stephen Smith

    Owes something to Robert Johnson....

  26. Ernesto Sebastian

    Aguante la cumbia

  27. Otto Lund

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  28. сергей орлов


  29. Flashing forbodeances of the golden dwarf city

    I could kill a dozen communists just to hear this song again.

  30. Brian Perrin

    So out of tune

  31. luis alberto gomez

    Que grupo diooossss miooo estamos en el 2019 y siguen vigente con estas buenas musica

    jose gonzales de la lama

    y llegaremos al 2050 y seguirá estando vigente, cuando la música esta bien hecha nunca muere

  32. Rickin Russia

    They still play his songs everywhere. pure genius writer, singer, picker and harpist. He was ripped off in the $millions. never got it back. shame.

  33. Judi Saint

    From an era of fabulous music.  My son is in his 40s and he loves all the music from those days.

  34. WaxP3

    Does not sound as 70's as with CCR. Also got some weird string bending going on here. for comparison

  35. MS3300

    Vietnam intensifies

  36. Dolphin Dream

    How badass would you feel if you were playing this song in this band, right now?! Fogerty was so damn talented, can't believe how he tore up that harmonica. Such great music back in the day. Now, not so much, sorry.

  37. tony costanzo


  38. Nani The f*ck

    Vietnam flashback everywhere

  39. Clyde Clearwater

    John Fogerty's harmonica can fly

  40. Chris Kemp

    One of the greatest song writers of all time Genius

  41. gwyn Stephen

    God bless you Nam era Vets and thank you for your service sorry you had to deal respect the the h out of you all

  42. Vietnam 1964-1973

    Ля как будто в джунглях, а в ладышках гуки

  43. Pukkie Vega

    I had 6 lp`s of CCR and I still find the music just as well as that time!!!!!

  44. Slick Mic

    that is Billy Burnette on the guitar behind John Fogerty he was in Fleetwood Mac in the 1980s great player

  45. Slick Mic

    this man still tours hope I get a chance to see him soon he's still got the voice in the guitar licks!

  46. Mary Mayes

    I am using my wife's iPad I was n VIETNAM 67 68with 1stcav AIR mobile this song reminds me of combat jungle warfare I experienced makes me sad 50 years later to here. I picture all kinds of dreadful experiences love the song.

    Joseph Blanchard

    Thank you so much for your service and everything that you went through. God Bless.

    Lethal Outdoors

    Australia remembers too 💪🏼

  47. Margaret Nelson

    Soda pop. Days. Kool. Aid.

  48. Robert Davidson

    Best song CCR ever did

  49. Cindy Jones

    Love CCR. I grew up listening to them.

    Gisselle S

    Cindy Jones me too but it wasn’t until I was older that I really got into them .

  50. the_others

    "That's right, Dude. The beauty of this is its simplicity. Once a plan gets too complex, everything can go wrong. If there's one thing I learned in Nam--"

  51. sam b orez

    2:28,done with that harmonica! Really makes the song,though. JF WAS CCR!

  52. Александр Панов

    И, в этом возрасте полностью отдается теме этой песни - это дорогого стоит по моим понятиям, дай ему, Бог, здоровья !

  53. Michael McCormick

    Love John Saaw him in Milwaukee right after the lawsuit was settled....Just an awsome musician.

  54. Glória Correia

    Eu queria saber mais sobre este grupo fenomenal😙😚😘👄❤👄

  55. Mario Palacio

    Idolo total.

  56. Wade Older

    CCR and Fogerty sound as good today as the first day it was out.

  57. franco714

    This song made a lot more sense in the 70s during the Vietnam war...Great music.

  58. European American

    Hit after hit after hit

  59. Antonio VILLAR. ROUCO

    Esto es música

  60. robert catterall

    Another classic from c.c.r. miss you Tom fogerty love from Bob UK 🇬🇧 ♥♥♥

    jimmie Roan

    hey bob, yes i listened to ccr but this is not ccr, this is john after ccr, i liked the sound, but as i got older and paid more attention to what i was listening to and where it came from i started to realize it isn't just the sound, it has to be the heart too. ccr, too much whining and crying and blaming, they didn't mind john writing and running the show when they were climbing but as it leveled off they started all the crap. you must realize that if john wasn't there, wasn't a part of the group, ccr would not have existed.


    Robert what’s the S.A.S like?

  61. Marlene Sullivan


  62. Irsjad Djimminivski

    Ready for war,sir !

  63. jose castillo

    What kind of man is he, Does he come from the another world?

  64. dave paul

    Great song about V.N. war JF must have seen a lot of news to write this song I don't think he was there but it had meaning to people who were!!

    Hawley_jb 202

    dave paul he was in the reserve. Pretty sure he was deployed to nam.

    Miriantsoa 123 Rakotohasy

    Actually he stated he did not write it about the War..... but he understood why peoplethought me must have.

  65. jw moberly

    John Fogerty is a fucking bad ass

  66. Roy Knowlton

    This drummer is so much better for his music than Kenny. Can anyone tell me his name?

    Brent Harmon

    John Molo he was Bruce Hornsby Drummer during Range and afterwards until 2000 he was John Fogerty's Drummer starting in 2004 (cause I saw them that year in June 30 right before Deja Vu All Over Again come out)

  67. Sam Ganos

    Very true...keith

  68. Rich Link


  69. 20 Percent

    Welcome to the rice fields

  70. François-Marie Donsimoni

    Yeesss! On the road again..

  71. Milks X TWIINS

    My God never heard anything like this before This is Fire... fire bruh

  72. Ricardo OrtH

    An authentic artist....!!!!!!

  73. andrew ngwenya

    I began to appreciate John Fogerty music only after the popular films of the Vietnam war movies.

  74. Jeff Highland

    Shame he does not bend the first note of the intro riff high enough

  75. Roberto Reimondez

    Un señor de la buena música, q ha llenado mi juventud de sonidos

  76. Sam Elowitch

    So good. How I love this!

  77. Shaun Kabaraka


  78. Frapzoid

    Did you know this song is about gun control? A friend of mine knows John and John told him that. I like my 2nd amendment rights but I'm no gun nut.

    Hawley_jb 202

    Frapzoid no it’s not it’s about nam. And if your thinking that because of the line ‘200 Million Guns a-loaded’ that refers to the fact that there was a gun ready for every citizen in the us.

    Dave Cartwright

    Why don't we dump um people to the bottom of the sea. Before some ole fool come around here,wanna shoot either you or me.

    Greg Brown

    This ain't about gun control. A lot of us where there.

  79. Wade Hardwick

    Trying to figure out that harmonica lick


    You've got to plug it up your bumhole and blow on your hand

  80. Juliencorse9

    Un groupe de légende

  81. Gilgamesh Uruk

    A piece of art Mr Fogerty

  82. Danielle Mazingant

    vivement la prochaine tournee europeenne

  83. wayne sawyer

    bad to the bone ccr, was the best ever

  84. Fede Fermani

    who are here for the Rising Storm 2 Vietnam?



    ginny white

    this is true but i can see why they loved it

    Vietnam 1964-1973



    @jswyman "RUN THROUGH THE JUNGLE" not about the vietnam war?

    Gisselle S

    platbyen I agree with that.

  85. wayne sawyer

    was and still is the greatest guitar player


    ...Jimi Hendrix...


    Jimi Hendrix is WAY WAY WAY more talanted IMO

    O.C. Skin

    I think hendrix is better, but i like how his riffs are more simple

    Juan Mendoza

    @Ameritard Hendrix was sloppy as fuck

  86. wayne sawyer


  87. wayne sawyer

    awesome shit here!¡!!!

  88. Greg Bishop

    Great song he wrote this about the concrete jungle, city life, I always thought its was about nam

    Rich Arnista

    Randy Behm

    You were at home listening to your Beatles white album while these guys were slugging it out with Charlie in the rice paddies

    Jeff Turbot

    Triple canopy Bro! Thank you! John has NO clue!

    Gisselle S

    I read it was about Vietnam .

    Louis Fisher

    @Gisselle S it was about hell on Earth, Viet Nam

  89. TriplePlay

    What key is that blues harp?

  90. Keith Duffield

    This man is an American Icon!

    Steve Colledge

    He's a worldwide icon.

    Steve Pena

    So Cal Legend

    Domilson Vitório Nascimento Nem do Taxi

    Esso e tudo para mim legal


    Keith Duffield *

    Gisselle S

    Keith Duffield yes he is !!!!!

  91. Dylaan McEwen

    great song

  92. shirley Deberlhe

    This is better then when he sang it with creedence



  94. Goldie Lucas-Cooper

    Goldie Lucas Cooper sounds great he is unstoppable John Fogerty the best in history.

  95. waguinho ramos

    Tooooop D+++++++++++++++

  96. Norm Lynd

    An ear- and eye-candy band!