Fogerty, John - Gunslinger Lyrics

Looking out across this town
Kinda makes me wonder how
All the things that made us great
Got left so far behind

This used to be a peaceful place
Decent folks, hard working ways
Now they hide behind locked doors
Afraid to speak their mind

I think we need a gunslinger
Somebody tough to tame this town
I think we need a gunslinger
There'll be justice all around

Someone let the fences go
While that bunch moved in, you know
Shooting up the streets
Shoutin' everybody down
The dogs all running loose

Wreck the paper
Closed the school
Tired ol' judge got roughed up too
No one left to make a stand
They whisper, "what's the use"

I think we need a gunslinger
Somebody tough to tame this town
I think we need a gunslinger
There'll be justice all around

I think we need a gunslinger
Somebody tough to tame this town
Think we need a gunslinger
There'll be justice all around

I think we need a gunslinger
Somebody tough to tame this town
I think we need a gunslinger
There'll be justice all around

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Fogerty, John Gunslinger Comments
  1. N.C.R

    Remember when earth wasn't a total shithole like 15 years ago? Good times!

  2. Marcella Thomas

    Comemt d8llin

  3. Azza Paterson

    Sounds like a track Bruce Springsteen could really belt out, lyrics suited to his style . . . . love Fogerty & Co.

  4. Raniere Mendonca

    Essa eu n conhecia muito boa como senpre um cara desse deveria ser clonado um e poco kkk bom dimais

  5. Shantal Davis

    This my cousin Jordan Short Sr song.

  6. Lonnie Beavers

    Think we have one now in Washington pray we can keep him !!


    Lonnie Beavers hell ya👍🏻

  7. Naomi Love12

    Beautiful 💃🏻😘🙏😘

    Bryan Tackett

    Yes you are

  8. John Learn

    Now we have a gunslinger named Trump!!!!!

  9. Justin Nolen

    Yes, u are right mam, an thank you

  10. Janet Paul

    My city needs a gunslinger then there would be justice all around 😍😍😍😍

  11. nai emma la douce

    nostalgie quand tu nous tiens 🙏

  12. oscar o mendoza

  13. oscar o mendoza

  14. oscar o mendoza

  15. oscar o mendoza

  16. andydas

    2007 this song Comes out 2017 Trump are President.

  17. mikemcq10

    That picture looks like Fogerty is taking a piss.

  18. André Verhage - Andrew and the Wolfman

    Don't think Fogerty will be happy that people think his song is about mister Trump...


    Correct. One of the verses is quoting " somebody … to tame this town" TOO MANY LOOSE CANNONS ON THE RUN. DT is political anarchy on the right wing.
    John is promoting someone to COLLECT all guns, not let loose.

  19. Mike Gowen

    1st time I heard this today. Immediately thought of 45... Exactly WHAT WE NEED. LOVE TRUMP

  20. Kathleen Craig

    Vote Red on Tuesday!

    James Carr

    Fogerty himself certainly would not. I do hope that's not lost on you.

  21. Renee L.


  22. scubatrinni

    Thank you for posting this. Is this music for sale yet ? I just stumbled on the music on TV.. LOVE it. Got to Have it !

  23. Tim Barbee

    Trump for sure. Dedicate to President Trump

  24. buck7477

    That would be Trump!!!

  25. Kathleen Craig

    I think we have a gunslinger in the White House now!

    André Verhage - Andrew and the Wolfman

    Kathleen Craig hell yeah

  26. fodsaks

    Despite what you might think, if you're ever looking in the White House for your gunslinger, you're looking in the wrong place.

    jann jones

    THANK you!! We DO need a gunslinger in charge, but that simpering narcissistic psychopath tantrum thrower is the opposite!

  27. Goopin Dog

    John's the greatest

  28. Kimberlie Baird

    why don't u & trump get a room slick

    Bitchy_ Bitch!

    Kimberlie Baird YOU NEED A GUN SLINGER TO BLOW YOUR ASS AWAY! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔫💀

  29. Kimberlie Baird

    why don't u & trump get a room slick

    David, praise the Lord Edwards

    Be right up with stupid

  30. Allen Ray

    Sounds like this was written for President Trump! Amen :)

  31. marvin hunley

    This was recorded several years ago and Donald Trump is exactly what this Nation needed. Thank God we got him, maybe now we can finally stop kissing the boots of the tinhorn doctors of the world. Stand up with him and this Nation Will Be Great Again.

  32. Timothy Booher

    I think John managed to beautifully say what Toby Keith made sound stupid because this song is what Beer for my Horses should have been.

  33. Three of a Kind Furniture

    i'm guessing a tribute to Arnold Shwartsaneger - great tune

  34. Brad Barron

    the gunslinger is Australia

    Ffhd Cud

    Brad Barron can’t get guns in Australia

    Brad Barron

    Ffhd Cud but we will be always with USA and we are tough

  35. wiesBadisch

    Happy Birthday John

  36. Wanda Beverley

    Love this song 😘😃😄😇😊

  37. Thomas Haverstock

    Should be Trump song

  38. Jay Sims

    This couldn't be more important now.

    Tony Jenkins

    Jay Sims 💯

  39. Justin Felgar

    Donald Trump, the gunslinger, the human Molotov cocktail America needs. Make America Great Again

    janine jetta

    Justin Felgar qpet shop boys

    Mick Funny

    Justin Felgar Trump has turned out to be a soda with no fizz left


    English, please


    Foggerty would never support trump . Foggerty is born and bred in Berkeley California don't ever forget it

    Ron Woods

    Justin Felgar what freaks you and Donald duck are... dumb shitslungers is about all!

  40. Michael 9400


    Ffhd Cud

    Michael 9400 2020

  41. tim van amersfoort


  42. Thomas Haverstock


  43. kinmikey

    Roland Deschain, he'd be the guy to get the job done

  44. Mike Mangan

    The 2009 john Fogerty release means even more today with all the trials and tribulations going on throughout the world.The words "Tell it like it is"If Goverment,s would stop looking the other way and begin addressing the problems of terrorism then we can find a gunslinger to bring justice to tame the problems!


    2006, actually. #knowitall

  45. Michaelthevagabondpoet

    ...the real "Gunslinger"...Sanders/Warren 2016 ;) ...


    Funny joke....haha....

    jann jones

    A nd now, 2020, unless we get blessed.

  46. Joseph A. Smith

    The BOMB!!

  47. MarcosDX

    need a gunslinger for the only one who didn't like this song :)

    Anita Turvey

    Couldn't be more true dedicated to my brother rip

  48. Don Merriweather

    Remember when bad guys went to jail & stayed there?

    Bárður Sørensen

    jaaaa they sucked dick and ass, but chris norman was a fucking legand of a voice, pure angel

  49. breffnipark

    This man is amazing !
    I have been a massive fan since 1969 !

  50. Basin

    Good song from a good album.

  51. 2Infinity&Beyond_

    My teacher LOVES this song. I told him I went to John's concert this summer and then he was like "Well did he play Gunslinger?" "Yeah, he did." I replied then he told me he LOVED this song. :P

  52. ese hombre

    He means we need to stop hiding from the criminal element that makes us lock the doors at night. When I was kid we never looked our doors. My mom started to lock the doors after I left for the military and my dad dying. The police would come around but they can't be everywhere. You have to stand your ground. Unfortunetely the lawyers protected the criminals. Luckily now more states are having laws where you will not go to jail if you protect your home. Arm yourself and become the gunslinger.


    mate im with you on this one

    Richard Crossgrove

    Lawyers protect the rights of criminals AND those that are not criminals.

  53. tizfrreecharm

    I wasn't being facetious - I'm not a minority but I was an immigrant, naturalized in 1961. Nothing that goes on today would have been tolarated in my working-class neighborhood back then; forget about the police, the neighborhood adults knew how to handle things, even in 10021 :)

    Richard Crossgrove

    Yes by all means let's have us some anarchy and vigilanteeism. Pehaps you should have studied the books on citizenship a bit more.

    Mary Bredlau

    @Richard Crossgrove think you missed the point

  54. ese hombre

    Everybody loves to see a movie where the gunslinger enforces the law and hands out justice. But when a law enforcement officer does just that people start crying about civil rights and racism. The news media and certain 'groups' jump in with their bias opinion and try to make Sheriff Joe the villain. Luckily, the citizens of Arizona are not fooled. They still vote and keep Sheriff Joe in office. Strangely he gets support from minorities and I'm one of them.

  55. tizfrreecharm

    And he's understating it by a mile! What about Sheriff Joe?

  56. yourown99

    @fffreddie so he really means that we need a guy going armed 'round the country shooting anything that seems dangerous? i'm sorry. again, i might have misunderstood the lyrics

    jimmie Roan

    get a life idiot and shut the fuck up, never could understand why morons like you think it necessary to act so stupid and think its smart, no one cares shithead, if you don't understand the meaning of some music then you need to wear a helmet, now do you need help understanding what that means too.


    jimmie Roan bro it's a comment that's six years old

    Ffhd Cud

    YoMamasTacos bro it’s a comment that’s half a year old

  57. ese hombre

    @yourown99 He's singing about our country's lack of leadership. So yes he's being sarcastic and he really means it.

  58. yourown99

    is he beeing sarcastic or does he really mean the lyrics?

  59. Tmose351

    Got to love this song, beautiful sound, it's got meaning, john is just a legend. Thank you very much for posting this.

  60. MultiPuppylover11


  61. MultiPuppylover11

    i love this song but where is the music video?!?!?!?!!?!??! and is this guy still alive? i hope he is....(:

  62. Gavin Smith

    awesome tune

  63. Michael Stack

    long dark night "georgies in the jungle knockin at the door come to get your children wants to have a war"this is plitical and John fogerty was PISSED.and by the way he sounds as good now LIVE as he did on studio albums 40 years ago

  64. Michael Stack

    @PokerJoker811 have you ever seen the rain and fortunate son and effigy .thats three in ten seconds.I think Jhon wants you to use your brain

  65. PokerJoker811

    @nanku42 Pretty sure this wasn't meant to make a political point; Fogerty's not written but 1 truly political song in his life,m and it's hardly running along this viewpoint. I think John just wanted to write a song about the Wild West, so he did.

  66. grif64

    got to love the classics

  67. Daniel Long

    Who can say it better! thank You Mr Fogerty