Fogerty, John - Creedence Song Lyrics

Daddy had a band
Playing him a little guitar
Travel in a van
Livin' that rock and roll
Night after night
People comin' up to the bandstand
Say you can't go wrong
If you play a little bit of that
Creedence song

It was late one night
Cruisin' on down the interstate
Stopped into a diner
To get him some chili and fries
Heard the waitress tell a guy
Standin' over by the jukebox
Yeah, you can't go wrong
If you play a little bit of that
Creedence song

Do do
Do do
Do do

But daddy took a shine
Little girl behind the counter
She was moving her hips to the swamp beat
Right on time
Said could he play somethin'
Over there on the jukebox
She said you can't go wrong
If you play a little bit of that
Creedence song

Daddy had a plan
He asked that girl to marry
With a brand new wife
They're living on rock & roll
Night after night
She whispers oh so sweetly
Hey you can't go wrong
If you play a little bit of that
Creedence song
Yeah, you can't go wrong if you play a little bit of that Creedence song

Do do
Do do
Do do

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Fogerty, John Creedence Song Comments
  1. Catherine Sas

    I think this his own story with Julie....

  2. Catherine Sas

    Can't get enough of John Fogerty...

  3. Hard working Canadian citizen

    I could listen t this ever day all day

  4. camelo braga braga

    Poderia vim mais vezes no Brasil país de Pelé

  5. Дмитрий Волков

    what is the Creedence? i cant find this word in dictionary

  6. bob johnson

    Love this guy also

  7. Edwin Alemán Villalobos

    Fogerty uno de los grandes de la historia, con los 4 más grandes de la historia, Lennon, McCartney, Harrison y Ringo

  8. Sharon Spaghetti

    Going to be exciting with the 50th anniversary of woodstock with john fogerty


    Hope he's not playing at 2AM after some dick of a band goes well over their time limit like last time.

  9. Pierre-Alain

    I agree the fact he sings false

  10. 1883

    It's been removed from spotify :(

  11. Иван Бровкин

    Такое ощущение что Е мажор 7 любимая тональность Джона.

  12. gary krieger

    the best rock & roll

  13. gary krieger

    the best rock & roll

  14. Nathan Figueroa

    2017 yea hooraa

  15. wolfelmor

    geniiusssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeahhhhh

  16. Norman Ramos


  17. paula verpoorten

    Super like alwy's

  18. Ilko Nikolov

    Super Song !

  19. Mar Tin

    Like ccr!Hallo John!Wonderful!

  20. tinaki supremo

    a real gem men god bless your hearts and may piece be with you let all your conversations be about him Jim

  21. Linda Hudspeth

    So good he can sang about Creedence,( no more deep sorrow.)

  22. Monica patiño

    Romeo. Santos

  23. Sandra Fraefel

    We are so excited .... we see him live on Saturday!!!


    +Sandra Fraefel awesome i saw him last august

  24. Blackmen Boy

    Muzik ok amat sedap didengar dan lagu pun ok..lagu diminati,,,,blue boy,.

  25. Valdir S. Carvalho

    O velho bom rock and roll tocado pelo seu grande mestre!

  26. Thomas James

    This is awesome. I notice little licks and riffs from several Creedence songs within this song

  27. Michel Bilodeau

    - nice pluckin'.

  28. Vincenzo Vagaggini

    @blueyzarsoff1. I agree that the actual sound of John is different from the old Creedence. I think it to be a good thing. It is almost impossibile to write many different good songs with the same mix of music (blues/rock/gospel/country). I think that when Creedence disbanded John had exausted it's creativity. It took almost 15 years before he succeded in writing new good songs. I also think "Don't you wish it was true" to be best song he ever wrote, but it took 45 year before he succeeded in reaching the old hights. This one is a very good song and it so because it has not the old tune: it sounds different.

    Richard Grandmont

    It does and it doesn't, but yeah.... it's classic Fogerty. "Revival" is a tremendous album, worthy of the Creedence era.

  29. ALEX Callejas

    M piraten mas k un corrido d moda



  31. ALBERT V S


  32. Creedence Jordan

    My name is creedence!

  33. Green River

    John Fogerty hace muy buenos temas de rock, todavia sigue demostrando por qué creedence tuvo tanto éxito.

    Ni Na

    tal cual el fue el la corriente del cable del grupo sin el nada

  34. zootman2020

    NO possible way there should be 32 dislikes for a great tune like this!!! 32 people should lose their musical ears...

    ʙʀᴏᴏᴋᴇ ʟᴇᴇ

    Baby Girl people are nuts!


    Probably the ex members of CCR and their wives, cousins, etc.

  35. marcone lima

    muito legal

  36. Kevin O'Brien

    About 20 years ago was standing in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and I looked over to see John with a woman standing in this small room with my wife and I... just smiled and walked a way....

  37. france candido de oliveira Franceoliveira

    bom de mais até

  38. kirbygene

    Damn but this song COOKS!

  39. Bob Benham

    Excellent! John's playing / performing has aged like a fine vintage wine.

  40. Marcos Antonio Andrade

    bom demais

  41. laceens

    Long Live John !!!

  42. Елена Абрамова


  43. Ken McKim

    Been a CCR and Fogerty fan since junior high,saw them twice,with and w/out Tom. The songs are timeless..and this is a sneaky little ditty. Nice job John!

  44. Russell Egan

    Frikken legend!

  45. MLaumusic

    This song is an instant classic, like everything from Jonh

  46. Serge Lautru

    i like john fogerty for a long time ago. i listened ccr before 1970

  47. Bertie Lainey

    No voice could match this "Legend" Mr. John C. Fogerty

  48. john iorio

    kinda has that "green river" riff to it....nice job Johnny!

  49. SM NONA

    There are alien starships out there somewhere 40 lightyears away that are playing Creedence Clearwater on their intercoms as they vector in for Earth. Save your old cassettes and you can trade them in for a ride to Glory.

  50. overtherainbow59 your comment. I'd put Tom first though.

  51. overtherainbow59

    I disagree fact, I'd love to meet the person who said that.

  52. maicee brewis

    my hole family loves john my fav song of his is gunslinger

  53. rodrigo suarez

    It's amazing, he really kept his voice in perfect shape. Great artist!

  54. Veijo Reponen

    In my case..If youger boy makes kids first and many things, then I am a bad boy.
    Just the same at in same cases. John has made evergeens.

    Fábio Jose Souza


  55. BomberBoy

    Man I wish I couldplay like him... such a great guitarist

  56. Brent Harmon backup channel

    @Retread2010 That's Billy Burnette not Bobby Burnette

  57. Stephan B

    This guy is in the Worlds Largest Choir...Awesome!

  58. Rodrigo Schramm

    The King of Southern Rock.

  59. standingontruth1

    And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:
    Have u lied? Have u stolen? Jesus said if you look at a woman with lust you have committed adultery with here in your heart. have u done that?

    If God judge’s u by the Ten Commandments will u be innocent or guilty? Heaven or Hell? Does this concern you?
    Do u need a Savior from your sins?
    Jesus (The Son of God)came, lived a sinless life, died on the cross (for our sins) and rose again on the third


    John, I'm a Anglo-Portuguese1946'er thrilled with your music since 1968 the CCR's Hits. Great times. Wish you the best.


    I bow down. This new era of music has nothing on your authenticty and organic approach. I need to go back to my roots. thank you for opening my eyes to REAL songwriting John.

    Ricco Lumpkins aka the Vet Boi

  62. jorge marques

    'esse senhor", é fenomenal!!! não existe idade para o que é bom!!! brinca de tocar e cantar!!! o resto é apenas o resto!!!

    camelo braga braga

    Mandou bem esse cara e o melhor rockeiro já conheci canta bem e toca qua do era novo tinha uma voz rasgada melhor que roling stones

  63. patty moreno

    MMMM who are CCR with out John, he are a gift for us on earth.

  64. David Abrahamsson

    Best singer in the world. Nuff said, Tom Jones a close second place.

  65. technocrash09

    @jenetik0 Is that sarcasm or are you being mean. I'm hoping sarcasm because if it is the latter, that's just wrong.


  66. technocrash09

    Not only can he play and sing better than most performers of the last half century, he can turn around and change his shirt faster than any human alive!!!!!!!!!


  67. Fernando Ramones


  68. yolanda hamilton

    @puradesa i Can't stop listening to them.. Any song is GREAT!!!! LOVE IT!

  69. yolanda hamilton


  70. claudia salinas

    lo mejor nada que decir top ....................

  71. Gayle Carter

    Hi puradesa, I too have always loved CCR., many great memories and good times also because of their music. I really hope you get to meet John someday.

  72. ALDO27936

    JUst a love song!

  73. Ivo Giuseppe Rapetta

    The music of John Fogerty is always insuperable, the musicians of its group are good, Kenny is a phenomenon! Wait me that this year I want to come in USA to see you. John Fogerty my religion!

  74. teed lassen

    well theres billy burnette, great to see him again....good tunes

  75. tinystarshihtzu

    I will always love his songs I grew up with them I am 35 years old from mexico

  76. tinystarshihtzu

    I will always love his songs I grew up with them

  77. Tom Verköuter

    go john go

  78. technocrash09

    @frankyfender HOLY CRAP! I never noticed that before! Musta listened to this 20 times or so! #LOL

  79. Sagrario Gonzalez

    I messed up very badly, they had a concert no so long ago around in the casino and did not go.....but I loved them ...

  80. john iorio a time transport back to my youth!!!!

  81. nuzzarea


  82. simonmoves

    sour grapes john F-what about making peace with the rest of the guys from ccr-doug and stu-theres only 3 of you-and one short life--you love performing to the public-you deprive us of the re-union-heres the chance to be not like the beatles-it will be good viberations for all----otherwise-you can sing all night with the scars that wont heal-and things that you can solve now--stop being the loneranger.CCR WAS BAND NOT A SOLO ACT.

  83. dom dodom

    @saidramos77 don't thank it for the us thank it for ccr!

  84. doghouse boat boys

    WICKED !!!!

  85. Pachichin2012

    All the style of CCR the subject is very good and played by fogerty
    South America is waiting to see in concert
    thanks for uploading your video

  86. Brenden hayles

    omg his voice is still the same

  87. Irin828

    Сreedence, John Fogerty voice - it's my youth, but had see them only now! How sad..

  88. John Guitar Solo

    John caught your new video over @ Eagle TV
    Had to stop by and say hello brother !

  89. dandiehl1948

    I've been a fan of John Fogerty for almost 40 years - He just gets better and better and never ages a day. Go John.

  90. William Maxwell

    @saidramos77 John fogerty is one of the best artist, the very first time I heard of him was 10 years ago.

    Saludos desde España, amigo se que en Mexico hay muchos seguidores del buen rock and roll.

  91. R0MME0Z

    good music, I like

    buena musica haaaa

  92. Tamre Colby Davidson

    Loved it!! Thanks David!! Blessings, Tamre'

  93. Sabino cergon

    john fogerty es sin duda una de mis mas grandes influencias musicales, creo que artistas como el nunca deben ser olvidados

  94. Олег Вещий


  95. frankyfender

    he did some fckin fast shirt changes there lol

  96. Domenico Cuppari

    Great John !!!

  97. Brenngunn

    The most distinctive voice of our time!! I love me some John Fogerty!!