Fogerty, John - Broken Down Cowboy Lyrics

If I was a gambling man
Never would'a let you play your hand
With a broken down cowboy like me

'Cause you never can trust your luck
He's bad news in a pickup truck
That broken down cowboy like me

He's played every card he's got
Had a good hand but he messed it up
With that bum-around, tumble-down heart

Saddlebags full of pain
Carries 'em around
Just like a middle name
A losin' streak waitin' for dark

Oh, he'll string you along
Sing you a lonesome song
But he'll wind up alone

No matter how hard you try
Never going to let you get inside
That tumble-down broken down heart

It's a tough riding rodeo
Mean horse threw him
Long time ago
A broken down cowboy like me

But the way I feel about you
Wouldn't want that horse
To hurt you too
A broken down cowboy like me

Oh, he'll string you along
Sing you a lonesome song
But he'll wind up alone

If I was a gambling man
Never would'a let you play that hand
With a broken down cowboy like me

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Fogerty, John Broken Down Cowboy Comments
  1. rovenna chavez

    Broken down heart... But the way I feel about you will never change.

  2. MEMES Mobile Legends

    Made in phillipines

  3. Dru Cadmus

    Rest in peace to my neighbor Wayne Pike. U.S. Army Veteran

  4. Gwill53

    Beautiful song. John Fogerty, None better.

  5. Jenna Zarb

    With A Broken Down Cowgirl Like Me......❤️👍

  6. Geraldine Spencer

    🙂❤️❤️❤️love this song 🍻

  7. Keith Blood

    Beautiful song ..listen to the Armond DuckChief version too very good as well.

  8. Eddie

    Only if I knew the things I knew now......

  9. indiejunkie 22

    Arthur Morgan's song

  10. LidLockTV

    I have album on disk

  11. Lucille Oldson

    I love john Fogerty songs

  12. ryan ryanrafflekid

    idol i love you

  13. Rob Rabbit

    Wicked lonesome song lol

  14. nevaeh koop

    RIP Jesse James

  15. Jonathon S

    R.I.P too my good friend Rodrick Wolfe...

  16. bronwyn Brady

    I love this song

  17. Holly Dusty Bull

    Ilove is sing

    Rob Rabbit

    Ummm.... what? 🤔 LoL

  18. silver shroud

    2018 anyone?

    Richlinda George


    Thomas Luke

    Almost 2019

  19. R bar 3 Rob3rtson


  20. Mark Davis

    79 morons needs to go get lost. I don't care for much Country music but J.C. Fogerty penned a good one here.

  21. Michael St.Pierre

    Broken down cowboy I use to be

  22. Aaron Pinson

    Love it... Kinda reminds me of myself but in a good way.



  24. N8IVE PRIDE406

    R.I.P Jeremy D. Tincher "chunkers"
    The whole school + your family misses you, #purpleforjeremy basket ball #14 We love u Jeremy always will and we think about u everyday wish that cold winter night didn't take ur life away. Took a chunk of our hearts away but we're still going. "Life is like riding a horse, sometimes you get bucked off, sometimes you ride it out"- Jeremy D. Tincher

    monte snow

    we miss you💜💜🤠

    Tristian Roundstone

    My nigga I miss him every day

  25. Jet Leather



    Jet Leather I wonder why this song is never played on Country radio.

  26. Sandra Blackwolf

    My dad was my hero and cowboy

    Billy Joe Chambers

    Sandra Blackwolf Mine too

  27. Dopey Pep

    This Song make me sad 💖💖😭😭😭

  28. Tiny Rognstad


  29. Joe Fisherman

    It's a tough ridin rodeo!

  30. Nessa Mrclause

    Tyson whitworth im happy finally n fuck u baby man

  31. Joe Fisherman

    I am a cowboy

  32. John Wilson

    One more great tune by one of the of the badest of 'em all. And of the most under-appreciated, too. Keep on keepin' on for us,John. We need ya, dude.

    Rochanda Poitra

    This song being back memories to me the guy was going to marry but it. Never work out

  33. Preston Swan

    atta boy

  34. huh

    Great performance

  35. Jerry Eastman

    I love you uncle Wayne u been the realist cowboy I ever knew. When that day come u will missed. If they know. ARE U READY

  36. Derek Allery

    Just for my Jessie James Gourneau 😘 miss you 💗🤓

  37. Karon Paddy

    ❤ memories 😥😥😥

  38. John Wilson

    Awesome song by one of rock's superstars. Keep 'em comin', big John

  39. Brennen Roland

    Led Zeppelin playground

  40. Karla Backus

    I'm thinking of you.......always

    Kent Paul

    Karla Backus who R U???

    Kent Paul

    Who R U???

    Craig Littleworm

    Thanx.......I always wondered😂



  42. jennifer demay

    My favorite

  43. Pat Bullshoe

    I LOVE 😝😍😃😀😊☺😉

  44. Wylynn Shambo

    i love this song

  45. Rocky R Demery

    I miss you Michelle...I try to forget...try to move on...I cant!!!😟

    MyNurse aka Michelle

    I heard this song today. It brought back alot of good memories. I will always love you Rock. 😘 I miss u

    Dopey Herman

    Noii u replied 2 years later guys are awespme

  46. sequoia demontiney

    Jesse James Gardipee I dedicate this song to you. "cuz you never can trust your luck, I'm bad news in a pick up truck"

  47. Rocky R Demery

    And I will alwayz love you Michelle!!..FOREVER AND ALWAYZ!!!💝

    Benji Scout

    pink houses

    Benji Scout

    deeo purp3 gt

    Benji Scout

    deep perpal

    MyNurse aka Michelle

    I will alwaya love u too ❤

  48. Banjo Sam

    My autobiography....moves me deeply...Thanks, John!!


    Bom D+++++++++.

  50. Raishawn whitford

    Jessie James rip song 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🌹🌸🌺🐄🐴🐎🐂🌈🌅🌌💔 my 💔 broken because Jessie James hanged himself
    Now my uncle jessie James is a broken down cowboy

    Chastity Bear Killer

    Raishawn whitford

    nevaeh koop

    I know I miss him too i love him soooo much I miss him😢😢😢😢😥😩😢😩😭💔💔

  51. Rocky R Demery

    Thomas Smith, Go find your partner and make your way bck to Broke back Mountain

    Thomas Smith

    when I'm done bangin your sister


    I just noticed that you commented on two separate occasions, on this video. I get it, I can't get enough of this song either. I bought the album probably 5 years ago, and I will still can't get enough

  52. Chang Teddy C. M.

    Surely a never-take-away song, very laid-back and footloose,

  53. Chang Teddy C. M.

    Aye,an energy take-away song,

    Karla Backus

    [email protected]

  54. williamette Archambault

    this song has so many memories to it, if I could go back in time I would this song tho

  55. Virginia Becenti

    never heard this song til an ex of mine would play it over and over... now I love it.. we did have some good time but sad it had to end the way it did... great song!!!!

    Rob Rabbit

    I'm sure alot of children were made while the listening to this song lol

  56. venessa Arviso

    Love this song. Awesome. E

  57. Rocky R Demery

    Even Broken Down Cowboys can get a second chance...I lived this song..Only this time..She means to much to me..time to change my ways for her.. but i still love the song!!!!

    Dorothy Henry

    ayeee the boy!.... :) I found you on here too....

    MyNurse aka Michelle

    she will always love u ❤❤

  58. Rus C

    **Korn's Song**😊

  59. Yukon Henry

    love this can play all night long

  60. Shareece Kara St.claire

    Love this song can play it over and over again cant seem to get enough :)

  61. Christian Schumacher

    that is music....John you are the best singer and songwriter thank you for the music;))))

  62. Rj Apple

    This song goes out too the best Big brother anyone could ask for! luv you Big Bro Cooter. Frm ur lil Bro Asanpi

  63. Basin

    Great song.

  64. Kai Pirinha

    Ich finde diesen Song einfach Klasse

  65. Sunny Win

    I love this song here & I'm a hip hop cat great song I tell you

  66. Assuero Villegaignon da Costa

    Broken down cowboy é simplesmente magnífica. Imaginem ouvir uma linda música dessas curtindo uma viagem inesquecível.

  67. siouxprano87

    Broken down heart.. yeahh sing it john sing it.

  68. ronnie rowland

    good drinking song

  69. Ena Stoyles

    i love this ...

  70. Darianne Weber

    i love this song......its one of my favorite songs from his cds

  71. ceedrex

    Sums up alot in a song

  72. James Dobson

    I like this alot !

  73. iFellOverTwiceAgain

    dont take away this song i love it!