Fogerty, John - Born On The Bayou Lyrics

Now when I was just a little boy
Standin' to my Daddy's knee,
My poppa said, "Son, don't let the man get you
Do what he done to me.
'Cause he'll get you,
'Cause he'll get you now, now."

And I can remember the fourth of July,
Runnin' through the backwoods bare.
And I can still hear my old hound dog barkin',
Chasin' down a hoodoo there,
Chasin' down a hoodoo there.

Born on the Bayou,
Born on the Bayou,
Born on the Bayou,
Yoh, yoh.

Wish I was back on the Bayou
Rollin' with some Cajun Queen.
Wishin' I were a fast freight train
Just a-chooglin' on down to New Orleans.

Do it, do it, do it, do it.
Oh, Lord.

Oh, get back, boy.

I can remember the fourth of July,
Runnin' through the backwoods bare.
And I can still hear my old hound dog barkin',
Chasin' down a hoodoo there,
Chasin' down a hoodoo there.

Alright! Do, do, do, do.

Mm-mm-mmm, oh...

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Fogerty, John Born On The Bayou Comments
  1. Mikel Ortega

    Solamente se me ocurre una palabra !!Genial¡,

  2. Travis T

    perfect rock song

  3. Steve Smith

    His voice is insane

  4. champs17

    Is that Elliot Stabler on the drums from Law & order: SVU

    Jehezkiel Jezz's Kenny Aronoff

  5. Anibal Pastor

    John Fogerty – guitar, vocals
    Johnny Lee Schell – guitar, backing vocals
    Michael Canipe – guitar, backing vocals
    Bob Glaub – bass
    Kenny Aronoff – drums

  6. robert rogers

    Drummer is good.

  7. Steven DeGeorge

    Nectar for the soul!!

  8. dbc7772011

    OMG Fogerty is just killing it!! So much soul, funk, rhythm, everything. He’s amazing!

  9. Steef Kuus

    The world thanks john for his voice!my all time favorite👊👊👊👊

  10. Gordon Sawyer

    Musical Genius !

  11. John Glover

    Gawdam man!!! Love Fogerty!! Rocks the shit out of everything!!!

  12. Steve Nesmith

    John Fogerty is CCR!

  13. Gafoor Hardwood

    Drummer Fuckin hopelessness

  14. Willians Gomes

    Que clássico! Sensacional!!!

  15. Joe

    damn this is so good!

  16. Anton Bouchette

    John looks great.......takes care of himself, not a strung out junkie.

  17. dead inside

    Fogerty doesn't get the credit he deserves as a guitarist and a vocalist ❣️

    Bandana Dee Isaac

    Since when?

  18. Frank de roma

    Still prefere the pitch of is voice on the original track..still good anyways..

  19. Raúl García Torres


  20. Martin Guzman

    Kenny aronof es el mejor batero del mundo....

  21. Harry Kuheim

    Suckers, John was born in Berkeley, CA. in a really nice neighborhood....


    Harry Kuheim yeah we know, who cares

    Bandana Dee Isaac

    @Smith , I think Harry means that you would have thought that CCR were a bunch of poor Southerners. At least that's what I assumed as a 10 year old in 1968. The Beatles, Three Dog Night and CCR were on the radio all the time.

  22. Steve McCormick

    His voice lost the punch that it had. Sorry, but it's true.

    Bandana Dee Isaac

    Is it supposed to be better at his age?

  23. Tony Middlehurst

    Awesomely good.

  24. Dick Buelow

    Fabulous Group,,

  25. Kathy Murphy

    'Oh yeeeaaahh!
    Let's Rock and Roll 😍

  26. carlos gómez

    I always listened to this song with my uncle El Ñeron (rip) really i miss you....

  27. Ernie Banda

    Is that Jimmy Vaughan and SRV look alike??

  28. ggaccentc

    Guitarwork clean af

  29. TexasBoy1965

    Sweet!!! Drummer must have burned 3 days worth of calories on that one!


    Kenny is a phenomenal drummer. Puts his everything into every project he works on!

  30. paul colucci .j colucci

    oh yeah

  31. Melvyn Oseguera

    simplemente....¡¡¡¡NO MAMES!!!!!!

  32. Stephen Suskie

    Probably my favorite opening song of any concert I've attended. Love the anticipation before that familiar riff and then Aronoff really kicks it into gear. Thrilling for a guy who spent most of his life thinking he'd never hear a CCR song live because of all the Fogerty-Zaentz legal issues.

  33. fiZ Anthony of my Rock n Roll heroes! If you like, you can hear my version at and you can hear my original music at Wishing you! -fiZ

  34. Zechnar Williams

    well the big two, i say the big three the beatles and the rolling stones and credence. I do not even like the first two mentioned. Nobody will sound like john fogerty for another thousand years at least!

  35. Keith Inscho

    That was tremendous

  36. Gulam Ali

    Good song amzing illov it

  37. quiteactually

    The set was perfect. The song, over the top!

  38. MrFirst2536

    Amazing song !

  39. Jon Perkins

    dynamite version

  40. John Riach

    I didn't know Matt Lauer played the drums LOL

    Anton Bouchette

    Matt Loser.

  41. John Belcher

    LOVE how they slow this one down and really bring out the soul of this song!!!!
    Love it!!!!

  42. Leo Troost

    Wat een heerlijke drummer !!

  43. Keith Duffield

    Rock and Roll!

  44. Vanday Customshop


  45. TrumpPutin ForPeace

    Fogerty is the man. Survived highschool with all his great music. Oh man how did i survive. Muscle cars, Budweiser and kona gold.

  46. Gabriel Roca Santos

    why manu ginobili is playin the drums?


    Gabriel Roca Santos se parece mas al papa francisco

  47. Les Phelps

    Kenny on drums. Perfect!!!


    Yeah. Totally missing the groove.

    Steve Colledge

    @mftorino I disagree , it's the best part of the vid.


    Drummers drum, that's kind of what they do. It's the sound board man's job to mix...... but, it was perfectly mixed!!

    Michael Hoenes

    The drummer makes it! All coked up, or the greatest gig he ever did, your pick. I love his enthusiasm!

    Justin snow

    @TexasBoy1965 lol what?

  48. Eric Serra

    what concert is this?


    Eric Serra it is called Premonition. The set list is just great.

  49. Bernardo PEREZ VERDIA CH

    Fogerty Sounds a lot better with good mucisians Than with the ccr leeches



  51. Enchantress18

    Oh ! John Fogerty ~
    I feel as I am in the Bayou ~

  52. Claudia

    best version I've ever seen.

  53. Derm k

    this guy has it all!

  54. José Aguilera


    oliver elfuska

    José Aguilera Simón que si carnal

    HashTag .CR

    totalmente cierto. desde el primer golpe se distingue la potencia del tipo.

  55. gil betty

    tres bon rhitme j'adore>+++++++!

    gil betty

    thanks 'rade l( good evning )***

  56. Tina

    Handsome man ..( I always loved the music)

  57. leukat11

    pure Creedence !

  58. Roger Crowder

    Love  it.  Love  all  his  songs, but this  might  be  my  favorite.  Reminds  me  of LOUISIANA  where  my  wonderful  Grandmother  who  I  Love  and  miss  so much was  from.

    robert rogers

    Im miss grandma too.

  59. Azure Jet

    That man still has it.

  60. lightcaesar

    Still my favorite Creedence song.....and possibly the funkiest song ever written by a white boy.

    AWelsh Celt


    Nah, Tony Joe White was WAY funkier. Polk Salad Annie, I Get Off On It, Swamp Rat. TJW was the coolest kid in the school. RIP, TJW.

    Eric blaler

    @topbandinternational ...hard to believe you jammed with this guy.. you're new album has alot of fogerty

  61. Athos Riccardo Pellizzola

    fine business !!!!!!

  62. killerscakes

    Yup. Took some searching, but that's Kenny Aronoff. He is and always has been an in-demand session and "sideman" drummer for the likes of Fogerty, Elton John, Bon Jovi, Stones, Mellencamp, Conway Twitty, BB King, Ray Charles, Santana, J. Cash, just to name a few. The man is certainly versatile.

    Julie Redmon

    Old post but I came across this video and thought who the hell is that drummer. The guy was into it bigtime and tearing up. So thank you... now i know. :)

  63. Michael Taylor

    Is that Kenny Aranoff on drums??Bad ass!solid as hell.


    Jhon Fogerty, exvocalista de la legendaria banda Creedence Revival. excelente melodía.

  65. Elyas Correa Nogueira

    What a great music to open a concert.

  66. Randy Hogue

    My first favorite hard rock song as a boy in the early 70s. That singing and guitar style has been copied by many and mastered by none. I am CCR's number one fan.

  67. Nereide Lopes Fiaschi


  68. michael tisdale

    my man

  69. JackinTheWoods

    United States greatest song writer EVER, a national treasure

  70. Loeger

    The Premonition live CD is the best collection of JF tracks!!

  71. Ed Man

    John's the BEST ! Doesn't get any Better than This BABY !!!!

    Keep On Rockin ! John !

  72. 1stSaintsFan

    I was born on the Bayou and I live on the Bayou in Louisiana. This is my theme song. Everytime I cross the border back into GOD's Country, I have to play this song.

    Bandana Dee Isaac

    I wonder what southern folks thought of CCR when they got famous? I assume they thought CCR was great until they discovered the band was from California, and in fact the very liberal Bay Area? I live in Wisconsin and thought CCR was a southern band when I was a kid in the '60's.

  73. brizuelaledesma

    que bueno amigo, me alegro contigo. son momentos inolvidables entonces.

    Jan de Groot

    De beste Amerikaanse zanger

  74. Wesley Dwayne Johnson

    Saw JC do this at the Florida Theater in Jacksonville with my brother and his son on my 38th
    birthday. It was my best birthday gift I ever got. Thanks, John, for all the great music.