Fogelberg, Dan - The Minstrel Lyrics

There's a love in my life neither mistress or wife
And she waits for me every morning by the sea
Where the fishing hawk wheels and the sun warms the seals
There she lays at her silent anchorage for me

She is fine, she is fleet, she will run, reach or beat
With a song in her rigging and her sails
And when day is done we will lay two as one
And sleep 'neath the rolling rhythm of the stars

And we sail away off to Jericho Bay
Where the blue of the sea meets the sky
And the song that she sings me, it brings me such peace
When the seas rise up angry and high
She's a friend of mine ~ The Minstrel

There are loons off to port and the porpoises sport
In her wake as she breaks the rolling main
And with the wind in her sails, we will run with the whales
As they swim through their dark, diminishing domain

And we sail away off to Jericho Bay
Where the blue of the sea meets the sky
And the song that she sings me, it brings me such peace
When the seas rise up angry and high
She's a friend of mine ~ The Minstrel

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Fogelberg, Dan The Minstrel Comments
  1. Greta

    JMEagle101, thank you! Thank you for this gorgeous video that honors Dan and blesses us with so much joy. Peace and joy to you sir.


    Thank you Greta, God bless you!

  2. Shar Mayeda

    Saw Dan three times. Met him once. Love him forever.

  3. Shar Mayeda

    A fan since the beginning. I love you Dan.

  4. Alimul Rushdi

    In boyhood.. i heard his song.. in that time didnt understand the words but this music has a place in my heart since that day

  5. Di Bn

    Beautiful verses with the tinge of Chinese folk song .......Lovely!

  6. Peter Eyles

    The Minstrel by the brilliant Dan Fogelberg is a musical masterpiece!!!! and that's a fact!

  7. lola mar

    I love the minstrel it is awesome

  8. Michele Beers

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  9. My Mothers maiden name was Shaposka, I'm half Carpatho-Rusyn and half Ikarian

    WOW! So Many BEAUTIFUL Songs Mr. Dan Fogelberg!!! RIP! I'm HAPPY Traveling Down The Road "Listening To His Music!"


    That's great!

  10. btex99

    (Sept 2017) This song just popped into my head, no idea why. I'm a long time Dan fan but I'd never seen this video. Very nicely done!


    Thank you!

  11. Miguel Que

    Priscilla Chan did a cover version of this song.

  12. My Mothers maiden name was Shaposka, I'm half Carpatho-Rusyn and half Ikarian

    For My NEW First LOVE, "Miss Irresistible!!!"

  13. Pammi 3011

    the piano captures the melody of the ocean - beautiful

  14. carolindigo

    Thank you JMEagle you have done an amazing tribute to Dan. What a gift to find your site.. Happy Birthday Danny boy.. I was looking for the perfect song and composition for you and here it is.. spirit takes wings.. beautiful .. Aug. 13, 2016

    Roadie Ric

    Carol, thank you for sharing your feelings about one of my all-time favorite artists on what would have been his 65th birthday.

    No doubt there was still a lot of great music left in the brilliant soul of the "boy from Illinois". Sadly, his millions of fans will never hear it.

    What little is left of this world-weary heart misses Dan, the good friend I never met. Sigh.


    Dear Road Ric on one level or another we do meet with with our kindred spirit friends.. life being eternal and all. It's all there new songs and all reborn.


    Thank you so much!

  15. C Durkin

    I'm falling in love with this music all over again.

    Barry Butler

    He is other worldly......a freaking Genius Singer Songwriter..... a dying Breed......too bad.....Today 4 people write a song......

    lola mar

    This is one of the blessings l've ever heard.

    lola mar

    I love this song and the more I listen to this song the more I like it.

    lola mar

    This is one of the best songs I've ever heard.

    lola mar

    This is a blessing if I've ever heard one.

  16. DesertRose122

    so darn beautiful- the song and video..

    lola mar

    So true.

  17. MrZootalores

    "& we sail off to Jerico Bay" and the islands of Maine..this is wonderful,thanks!

  18. My Mothers maiden name was Shaposka, I'm half Carpatho-Rusyn and half Ikarian

    For ME it's all about this WOMAN! My IMAGINATION!!!

  19. My Mothers maiden name was Shaposka, I'm half Carpatho-Rusyn and half Ikarian

    YOU are the LOVE of My Life Miss Irresistible! Someday WE shall MEET!!!

  20. My Mothers maiden name was Shaposka, I'm half Carpatho-Rusyn and half Ikarian

    I'm a Traveling Salesman.  Your Music lifts my spirit and brings me such Peace!  RIP!

    lola mar

    What is that.

  21. Don Kellough

    Miss your smile, your person, the great artist you were. Only to see you one more time...

  22. dieu nguyen

    i love his voice

  23. kahunastev

    Words barely exist to describe how gifted and talented this man was.  He will be regarded as one of the greatest singer/songwriters the world ever had.  His music transcends the generations and is timeless.  We have lost a musical genius and I doubt we'll ever see anyone else like him in our lifetime.  My condolences to his lovely wife and family, I'm sure they think of him every day.

    Morning Sky

    I couldn't agree more. It is only one's opinion of course, but this man wrote the most beautiful music I have ever heard. Plenty of people have written a great song or two from time to time (The Beatles, Abba and Eagles spring readily to mind), but Fogelberg maintained his perfection throughout an entire career spanning over thirty years.

    chris baker

    spot on I miss him

  24. Sherrill Jacobs

    He was so great  that's why I put him on  I will always love and miss him!

  25. Chutchaya Nana

    ชอบดนตรีและเสียงร้องจัง ^^

  26. Paul F Brown

    Thank you JMEagle101 for your sharing of your  superb artistry, passion and love for Dan and his music we all share!  All invited to visit the Dan Appreciation page here:  Thanks Dan!   Cheers.   )

  27. Vickie Lynne

     Beautiful song and dedication to your Miss Minstrel ..

  28. kj4utube1

    This has got to be the most GORGEOUS video I have ever seen...thank you for your many tributes to Dan!  He would have been 63 today

  29. KitOnVideo

    It's very nice to hear this song again <3

  30. RevNagi

    Such an amazing song, written and performed by an amazing man! And I have to say Eagle, you are an artist to put together the videos you do!

  31. JMEagle101

    @187bertie Thank you my friend!

  32. 187bertie

    He left with us so many beautiful memories. I find myself so many times wondering how could anyone write so beautifully, so meaningful and so eliquently. His song s touch me in my heart of hearts, and I understand their meaning ( or at least my interpretation of them) but these beautifu things were so effortless for him. He was a kind, beautiful soul and had that "gift" and I'm so thankful that he shared it with the world. Thank you for posting this beautiful video!!!!

  33. JMEagle101

    @p4458700 Dan’s lyrics and melodies have inspired me to come forward to create tribute videos to him after his passing, and I am glad I have done it and accomplished many. May his timeless music and boundless love continue to heal us through the toughest times, bring joy and happiness to you and stays in our hearts for ever on... God bless you always!

  34. Nancy May

    Absolutely beautiful and so honoring to a love of his life, something so ordinary but yet so purposeful, so captured and yet so free. My inner soul has been stirred once again....

  35. kj4utube1

    A beautiful, and haunting, song....reminds me of Dan's First Christmas Morning cd. Thank you so much for posting this and many of Dan's other wonderful works! I may be his biggest fan....

  36. Sandandthefoam

    Special thoughts of Dan on what is his 60th Birthday. Thinking of him sailing Minstrel beyond our earthly world. Your spirit is now sail the seas forever more...

  37. mikey1829

    GREAT Job here...Dan would have been pround and impressed

  38. HiVybe

    ...sail me away with the whales, between the sea and the skies to chance meet Dan and his minstrel somewhere sipping a beer smiling and listening quietly in Jericho Bay...

  39. mikey1829

    This is just so beautiful it leaves me speechless.Great pics to an incredible song by a class act .Miss you Dan....RIP

  40. Mike Anderson

    It was no surprise that Dan had a love instantly with the sea and it written and lived so we could enjoy it also.
    Very cool Thankyou

  41. Larry Danforth

    I learn this song, then I can't remember it. months later..
    There is nothing like this. Don Henley is my only substitute.
    Dan was better then I can ever be..............

  42. Saved By Grace

    another beautiful song off the RIVER OF SOULS album...glad i own this record.

    Thank you DAN ....

  43. Harald E

    Thank you so much from Norway!
    We miss Dan to and are greatfull for all your wonderful work on your "videoes".

  44. headcaseworker

    Forever our Minstel, Dan! Thank you and may God bless you and Jean!

    We miss you, Dan...

  45. IuKaKwong

    Was there any other musician in this world who can write such beautiful songs and incorporate his own feelings and experience in life into melody and lyrics like Dan Fogelberg did? None. And there'll never be another Dan, I'm afraid. Thanks, Bill, once again, for taking us to a sail on the Minstrel!

  46. Michelle Cutler

    I like to think that Dan is now and forever sailing off to Jericho Bay, and feeling that peace Minstrel gave him.
    Great job, Bill, just beautiful.


  47. MignonB1

    What a fitting tribute to Dan.... beautiful
    video presentation!! Thank you!!

  48. billp1955

    Thanks for letting us sail with Dan! OMG

  49. headcaseworker

    Wonderful video, Bill! I'm sure Dan would approve! I love the imagery of this song, knowing how much Dan loved his Minstrel.

    We miss you, Dan!

  50. Ambrose

    Thank you for this....this is one of my very favorite pieces of Daniel's and we also sail ourselves!!! This was incredible...

  51. JMEagle101

    Thank you Chris & Mayka for your kind words, I will subscribe your "Sail along Silvery Moon" video. Greeting from USA.

  52. chrismayka

    Hi, So sorry, don't know your firstname!
    What a very pleasant surprise you have send us this morning!
    A wonderful videoclip with GREAT PICTURES and this song is AMAZING !!!
    I enjoyed it very much, the orchestra, the singing and all the instruments sounds SO WELL, MY COMPLIMENTS!! BRAVO!!
    Very sweet of you to think about us, because we are practicing the song "Sail along Silvery Moon", thanks.
    Have a very nice day and week,
    Dearest greetings Chris - Mayka - YouTube chrismayka - Holland.

  53. JMEagle101

    Very true, only Dan could.

  54. JMEagle101

    Dan's music will stay with us forever, thank you my friend!

  55. cryintheforest

    You did it again and it was so beautiful that my tears are falling.Thank you so much!!! Dan could have give so much more! It`s so sad that he`s gone so soon! There will never be another like him! THANK YOU!!!

  56. asquare176

    This is one of those songs, which you should close your eyes,get lost in the melody and let the lyrics become your eyes. Such imagery within this song.Only Dan could write a song about a sailboat, and make it feel so romantic.

  57. JMEagle101

    I always love the imagery of his song, I believe this time it's for real, Jericho Bay is on the east side of Deer Isle, the shortest way to get there is by boat, so hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

  58. JMEagle101

    sail with Dan for the first time! I love it!

  59. JMEagle101

    Thank you Maria for your favorite, this is another dimension Dan brought us on board The Minstrel to sail with him to Jericho Bay, Enjoy the cruise!

  60. headcaseworker

    Oh, I love this song! Beautiful video, Bill!
    Thank you for all your efforts to keep Dan's legacy alive! He would love this!

  61. Mariaglenn

    Oh my friend, it is quite simply stunning..I have always loved this song, and you captured the whole essence of the song, the sea, and his love of sailing...excellent!
    Thank you, I love it!
    Maria Glenn

  62. JMEagle101

    Thank you! You are very thoughtful!