Fogelberg, Dan - Ever On Lyrics

May the trail rise up to meet you
May your heart rejoice in song
May the skies be fair above you
As you journey ever on

Ever on, ever on
Ever on, ever on

In this planetary circle
We are but a single stone
Spinning on our fragile axis
Through the endless night alone

Ever on, ever on
Ever on, ever on

May your love be there to guide us
May it always keep us strong
May we walk within your footsteps
As you lead us ever on

Ever on, ever on
Ever on, ever on
Ever on, ever on
Ever on, ever on

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Fogelberg, Dan Ever On Comments
  1. 1perfectstrangerr

    May your Love be there to guide us...may it always keep us strong....may we walk within you foot you lead us ever on...

  2. Purple Cherry

    I'm pretty new to Dan's music. English isn't my first language so enlighten me please. Does "ever on" mean to continue or to go on?

    Bonita Jordan

    Purple Cherry Yes.

  3. Shar Mayeda

    I miss him.

  4. R. Shea

    people never mention what a stellar musician he was'
    liston to his acoustic version of 'CROW' or any version of "As the raven flies".

  5. Glorifying JESUS

    DID DAN become a Born again christian?? I sure hope so, wanna see him in Heaven...loved him!

    Mathew Pitts

    Well he said at the ends of his concerts, even back in the mid to late 70s, "God Bless You. Good Night!", and check out the song he wrote "Don't Let That Sun Go Down" I think it shows his religious views.

  6. Thomas Vieth

    I try to imagine Dan Fogelberg songs played by the Moody Blues (Justin Hayward)

    Jan Enemark

    In respect for both DF and MB nonoono..

  7. Michele Beers

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  8. Glen Moretz

    Love all his music. Want this song at my funeral. To Dan, see you later.

  9. ldolphin34

    Dan has many hits and songs that stand out. This one may be the crème de la crème. This is how I remember you, sir.

    Shar Mayeda

    Discovered Dan in 1974. There are many songs that stand out. This one is one of my favorites. Met him in 2004, will never forget it. Will love him forever.

    Eric Troxell

    I agree. This song really touches me n helps me when I'm down.

  10. Donna Libbey

    Love the video and of course, the song and Dan.

  11. John Mc Aleese

    It surprises me how I never figured out how spiritual Dan was.

  12. Vee Beth Herrera

    Dedicated to my late father who passed away last month.
    May his love be there to guide us
    May we walk within your footsteps...
    ever on.
    🕊 love you always, Daddy
    You were a good dad.

  13. Jay Moore

    It seems as if you knew Dan on a very personal level with all the emotionally gratifying video work you have done. Ever On is certainly no exception. Thank you for giving this to us.

  14. Michele Beers

    I'm so glad mimimike didn't give up on us up warm tonight kisses hugs all over to ok miss your welcome our god too come mike its so happy excited the closer we get back married mikemimi part if our lives we are celabrate ok bring cheers for mimimike forevermore never seperate us again tonight secure and safe again mikemimi too

  15. Michele Beers

    Dan fogalberg looks like jeasus yes we great Darrow's mike looks like Jesus too mikemimi OK too

  16. Michael G

    Dan, I've missed you. You are one of my favorites. Michael Gayda

  17. Robert Bermudez

    very talented gentleman

    Vee Beth Herrera

    Robert Bermudez
    He had such a sense of life and insight

    Missing Dan

  18. #QuestionEverything

    Thank you, JMEagle, for making and sharing this video. I love everything about it except the inclusion of images of Jesus instead of more Native American depictions of the Creator. Dan was not Christian; he specified in more than one interview that his beliefs are/were aligned with Native American spirituality. I'm just thinking that Native American imagry of the Creator Spirit would be more in line with Dan's own belief system. Like I said, I love everything else about it and I am grateful for your making and sharing this. *Thank you.*

    Neal Sausen

    Yes I agree with # Question Everything. The"First Nation People's" way is so much more INCLUSIVE and without
    The "dogma" associated with much (but not all of) Christianity. The SPRITIUAL aspects of Dan's beliefs are more aligned, it seems to me with the Native American "way"! "SHALOM" Dan Fogelberg....may peace and serenity always be with you,
    Your Music is a "beacon" that lights this world (and beyond)!

    Antonia Fleetwood

    #QuestionEverything Dan was Christian in the last part of his life. Have you listened to his Christmas Album ? Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life.

  19. Betty Guest

    Beyond Beautiful~~🌹🎼🎶🎶💞💫🍀💝

    Ron Ditchen

    My only sister passed away on November 6th 2017 this is the song I chose to play at her funeral a beautiful song very meaningful spiritual song

  20. Tim Schofield

    Alan, sorry about your loss.

  21. Tim Schofield

    I remember a friend that first told me about Dan's music in the 70's. What a gift that was, over 40 years and still enjoying all of it. It reminds me of  better days, better times, better memories.

    Tony Westbrook

    Don't forget pure talent. That was Dan!!!

    Terri Dorn

    I wasn't introduced to his beautiful music until the late 70's when I lived in TN. IRONICALLY, the man I loved then was Danny H. Sadly, it didn't last...even though we tried one more time 10 yrs. later. Old Tennessee and Same Ole Lang Syne are just a few of the many songs that take me back to those days of young love. Tears still flow when I listen to his love songs. Missing you Dan. Gone too soon. RIP

  22. Nola West

    What Ever Dan did, It Really Mattered...
    It Mattered to Himself, to His Loved Ones...
    & Most of all to His Heavenly Father!
    Keeping All Of Us, Close in Mind!

    His Gifts came from our Heavenly Father...
    in turn Dan Gave Back His Gifts...
    Sharing Them with Us "ALL"!
    Came Full Circle...

    I Love Him...His little sister, Nola
    ~ peace 

    Tony Westbrook

    I miss him and his music to this day!!

  23. Alan Slocum

    I lost my wife last month.  A very close friend came to the service and sang this song.  Thank you Mark.

  24. Kerri Perucki

    So very, very beautiful...

  25. Sherri Bornhoft

    I bought a windchime with the exact same notes on it, back in 1991.  Our winds here in Colorado weren't very nice to it, though!  I dedicate this to my cousin, Kay, who introduced me to Dan way back when, and is up in heaven now, probably singing with Dan! Love you and miss you always, cuz!

  26. Paula Frick

    Bill - revisiting your videos and this is one of my favorites.  Hope you are well!  Paula

  27. Margaret Staneff

    This is that song that inspires me to keep going no matter what...

  28. RockefellerSerf

    Just a little constructive criticism... if you clean up the edits and jump cuts, this would be a much more compelling video. And Dan's birthday is on Aug. 13, not the 24th. Otherwise, the sound is pretty good, but might be better if you took it from the new digitally remastered CDs that came out last year. The midtones and bottom are more pronounced, and the overall balance is much better. I love this song, and even had an "EVER ON" license plate back at the turn of the century. RIP, Dan...

  29. Ellwood King

    I can't believe I have this cd and not remember this song. Heard it on here and love this song. Went back to the cd and can't believe I missed it before.

  30. John M. Evans Sr

    You've done it again Bill, thanks for this. Have peace my friend.

  31. Ragoldiesfan

    What a video and tribute. That was amazing! R.I.P. Dan, and may your music journey ever on!!

  32. asquare176

    Remembering Dan Fogelberg... Rest in Peace Dan, may your light always shine....

  33. ChicagoJan

    Thank you so much for this beautiful video to accompany such a beautiful song. I don't think I was exposed to much of Dan Fogelberg's music except for his radio hits back in the day. I don't know I would've "gotten" his music anyway, as I wasn't nearly as "wise" as I thought I was in my younger years ;-) Not that I'm so wise today, but I think I can appreciate his music on a much higher level after having evolved somewhat over the years... and now I'm anxious to listen to more. So, thanks! :-)

  34. bobby7771117

    This is an absolutely wonderful song that motivates me to prat to the God I know and believe in! This song is a general prayer to the traveler on his journey through life on this earth, and a great song to close out The Wild Place album, an absolutely wonderful album, and one of Dan Fogelberg's favorites, as I heard or read it somewhere that he said it! My Favorites are all of them, but if I could only have one choice, it would bt The Innocent Age, a masterpiece of masterpieces! Peace, BobbyK

  35. Kids & Dogs '70

    From 1974 until now, Dan's music remains close to my heart.

    Thank you for posting this perfect way to remember him.

    Tony Westbrook

    I play his music exclusively on vacations to Virginia. Makes the trip shorter, more enjoyable, and less tiring. And it'll remain that way!!!

  36. Nico Inter

    Your videos are awesome....thank you so much!!

  37. autumnblond

    This video along with the song choice captured the spirit of the concerts he performed at Red Rocks. I have seen him live other places, but there was something magical that happened when he sang live on the Rocks. I am so glad I was blessed enough to live in Colorado at that time and present for those rare moments.

  38. Peter Iannuzzi

    WOW What an incredible and touching video.....He will always be remembered forever and ever.

  39. JMEagle101

    @ilovedgf Hi Michelle, appreciate your great photograph of Dan, everyone help to keep Dan's legacy ever on! Isn't that great to teamwork? Merci

  40. Michelle Cutler

    Hey Bill, great video; you really captured the sound with the images and photos. So happy to see my picture of him used so perfectly!!! Thank you for showcasing it so nicely!!

  41. headcaseworker

    Absolutely beautiful, Bill! I get goosebumps every time I hear this song! Dan's prayer for us all! I wish I could be in Peoria tonight, but will be listening to Dan all weekend...
    Thank you, brother Bill for posting this song.

    We miss you, Dan...Ever On!

  42. asquare176

    Wow factor is 10 zillion stars !
    You capture the very essence of the song, I love the dreaminess of the music with your visuals. Very well done!
    Ever On Bill, may the trail rise up to meet you as you journey ever on !

  43. JMEagle101

    @Sandandthefoam Thank you for your precious comment, Dan used this haunting tune "Ever On" in the closing of two albums "The Wild Places" & "Portrait". I carefully created this tribute video like doing his first song "To The Morning", hoping to capture his artistry in song, let Dan's music takes us to a place where dreams comes true, a place of timelessness and mystery, like his legacy Ever On! Let it shine!

  44. Mariaglenn

    Perfect Tribute for this week's lovely!

    Ron Ditchen

    Mariaglenn this is a very beautiful song my sister passed away on November 6th I played this at her funeral on November 10th there were over 300 people that attended there wasn't a dry eye in the house what a beautiful song What a meaningful song Thank you so much Dan for writing such a beautiful song

  45. IuKaKwong

    Thanks again, my friend. Great song.

  46. 24wileycoyote

    Maybe my favorite Fogelberg song. Great to watch stars to. A great closer to a great album.

  47. jfmm99

    Well done!!! This is one of my favorites!!!