Foals - Gold Gold Gold Lyrics

Up up and away

away from this town
away from this town
away from this town

these tunnels of bone
these tunnels of gold they lead me

I am a rocket
I am a rocket
you are an anchor.

out of my way
out of my way
you are my heart
I am the voice inside your heart

I know your mouth
you know my wounds
these warrens are dark
these warrens are long
these warrens go on and on and on

and so we go on
up up and away
away from this town
away from this town

I am a rocket
you are an anchor.

and had we arrived
we would have know
that there was no home
there was no home
no home to go to

and so we sit here
the heat of the sun
the heat of the sun
the heat of the sun

we opened our skulls
all out to the sky
all out to the sky
all out to the sky

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Foals Gold Gold Gold Comments
  1. josh vick

    I appreciate foals to the point that I’ve been growing up with they’re music and yet they still produce amazing music till this day. Probably one of the best bands still producing good indie bands that are talented! I’m glad I was brought up with awesome bands like these instead of the crap that’s produced nowadays!

  2. SigmaFUN

    The title is appropriate, this song is gold.

  3. Luke Brunet

    You're a real Foals fan if you're on this shit

  4. Format

    Thank you for the answers, Foals

  5. X Butser

    "You are my heart, I am the bullet inside your heart"

  6. Dennis Lopes

    increasing altitude=this song whoa!

  7. amaranto perea

    dear god!

  8. Millie Vanillie

    I am listening to Foals for exactly 5 years but I only just found this and I am so happy!


    +Millie Shock Same!

    Retherax 33

    Just discovered this gem 😁

  9. TheRainbowGoats

    There's one constant for me and that is through different parts of my life I'll have a song from antidotes that I rediscover and assign it as a soundtrack/ambience to my life during that period. One of the best albums I've ever encountered, the B-sides are album/single worthy by themselves.

  10. Late_Bloc_Party

    This is great. Shame not many people know about the tracks that didn't make it into antidotes. They're all fantastic!

    Dennis Lopes

    seriously how did this not make it into the album???...glad someone else noticed!!!

  11. MrFeyerwire

    Foals is such an amazing band. I worry sometimes that because of how they look and dress that people will unfairly write them off as just "Hipsters" The truth is that their style, talent and voices are groundbreaking and most of their songs are purely played with instruments, even though they sound like electronicaly created patterns.

  12. Floats_forever

    I want to direct an art-house film purely to include this song

    hugh smith

    i know that feel dude

    alexfrmwtlnds !

    I've never related to a comment so much in my life

  13. jpegr


  14. thickfreakness

    there is something wrong with this zshared

  15. ALEXI A.

    Haha merci ^^

  16. Dane Duplessis

    and im the 69th liker... im cuming.

  17. RTYB

    They were far more calmer and a bit spacier before... Although, they're still rocking, and they're still calm and spacey


  18. BEARFOOT uk

    who gives a fuck just enjoy it man

  19. Jose Lira Casas

    an erection lol haha

  20. Ibrahim Khayar

    Une érection

  21. ALEXI A.

    what's a boner ? :x (i'm french)

  22. Radijo86

    the best of the best

  23. Michael James

    wow dude,you are pro,at what you do..Keep it up.

  24. Stan Smitheman

    @19Callum95 Biffy Clyro

  25. smitg10

    This song is gold.. gold, gold.

  26. Stephanie Petrova

    Foals definetly should put together a B-side compilation... <3

  27. eman347

    hey are you going to make another download link for all of the bsides? because the one you have now doesnt work.

  28. Kasia Bargielowski-Foster

    this is my favourite song ever in the entire world

  29. metaforahumana

    i can imagine Jim Morrison dancing to this

  30. Katy Pentek


  31. Gavin Macdonald

    i love when 2:50 comes in

  32. Ryan Ferguson

    such a good tune.

  33. ilovebmx27

    this song gives me a boner

  34. Nate Malick

    a few of these or on lime wire

  35. lrvdnc

    I just might have to.

  36. Nikki Levitt

    foals are my life <3

  37. Matt Barnett

    Jack is such a good drummer.

  38. lrvdnc

    I must concur. These songs turn my ears into an erotic striptease hall, as they are full of harmonic, sensual explosions.
    They would most certainly compliment the sexual nature of my iPod, as I listen to it in nude joy.

  39. aliensnow

    milk it milk it! and then drink it bitch

  40. Jake Schofield

    So you saucy bever. Are you going to send me these sexual songs. they make me feel sensual, i would be extremly grateful in many ways ;) Sooo let me know if you are going to send me these billys

  41. Jake Schofield

    i agree with young spiffing zachary, how do you dowload these saucy contraptions, it would intrest me very much to have these playing on my ipod. i would love it. i will give free oral sex if you send them me. i love you lots like jelly tots x

  42. hughshikarii

    pleaseeeee send me these b-sides, i love foals, and if you do i will love you:)

  43. Joel McConkey

    i cant see bono listening to foals
    i dont think u2 know who the foals are

  44. Tom Currell

    i like gold

  45. 08carrick08

    WTF are you talkin about? That's not true!!
    Of course they're gonna use guitar. It's gonna have some surf rock influence.

  46. Joel McConkey

    is there new album going to be like this

  47. hairy0pothead

    :S Dunno why that is man.

  48. imgonnastayeighteen

    hey it doesen't start downloading

  49. 08carrick08

    I love this song. EPIC!!

  50. Julie Basset

    definately my favorite bside from just let your freakin soul fly away when you listen to's pure gold...:P

  51. Zombiefied68

    <3 it heard it ages ago on their myspace

  52. EclecticHeart

    i've been searching for this! thanks man ;]