Flying Lotus - The Protest Lyrics

We will live on forever and ever...

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Flying Lotus The Protest Comments
  1. Jonhattan

    Wish this song was like 1 hour long.

  2. ORC Music

    Andre 3 Stacks would fit so perfect on this. But I know this track wasn’t meant for vocals.

  3. RBX_Cubecar

    The 13 people who disliked clearly don't understand what this song is clearly trying to portray. "The song doesn't sound good enough. Not enough Hipsey." Got to be critical about everything, eh?

  4. Elroi The Overseer

    Only good track on the whole album. Dude is mad overrated imo.

    Ben McCann


    People just need to get out more and realise how much music there is.


    Wh-Excuse me?

    Manuel Orrantia

    Yo check me out, I haz an opinion too.

    Filippo Marani Tassinari

    Lol wtf
    Even if you criticize the excess of Avantgarde and free jazz (which I personally love) there are song like coronus, turtles and siren Song which are 100% melodic

  5. _chary

    flylo feel amazing, long live my man

  6. MyNamesCody

    For all those that died too young

  7. Lamont Cranfield

    The ghostly wails are pretty sick addition

  8. Prophetz Of The Sound

    let em know

  9. 8 Tanko Bomb 8

    Is there like an extended version?


    put it on repeat.

    Gero, The Pharaoh

    The instrumental is extended

  10. TннмасСгханнмас Фonбіжег

    This shit is so OVERRATED...

    ken the janitor

    Get out.

  11. agogobell28

    Kimbra is on this track, according to Wikipedia.

  12. Last generation

    finally someone replies....

  13. Last generation

    Joshua Dorsey you a damn lie....

  14. Last generation

    white folks don't know nothing about this.....

    Red Chapo

    If u look at ur fellow man and see black and white there lies the problem. I only see man and woman

    Ben McCann

    Lol yeah nobody white heard of Flying Lotus. I heard they play his tunes at Gospel churches. Hahaha.


    Hmmmmmm really

    Maleek Who?

    White folks didnt know anything about this when our people were getting punished for playing blues and instruments in the 1930-50s... dosent mean white men dont know it just means Flying Lotus's family invented some of the most iconic black songs/albums in the history of music, and Flylo is taking electronic and jazz and combining it saying it dosent have to be that way.... top 3 of my favorite albums ever.


    racist prick

  15. Link's Bizarre Adventure

    Too short


    as is life

  16. Christopher Escobar

    the protest rocks man

  17. Joshua Dorsey

    This was the best album I have ever heard

  18. Dat Boi

    "The protest. Is the most important statement of the record. It's the spirits gathered. Remembering we never die"

    Brian Foster

    oh shit watup


    Good explanation

  19. TheAltToon


  20. Madvillainy91

    Best ending-track to an album, ever.

  21. ronskfc

    Adult swim does it again

    Last Caress

    Fly Lo does it again

    Ben McCann

    Yeah cartoon network making all these beats y'all. Adult Swim didn't make this.

  22. Itslibby Steg

    Adult swim

    Ely Dmgz

    Olivia Stegall 🐟🐟🐟🐟

  23. Leland Gill

    I live. I die. And I will live again.



  24. Cloud Vll

    Great album, but to many songs are 2 minutes and under. Wtf I like build up with a strong finish each song.

    Zach Young

    Cloud Vll while i understand that the album is supposed to be listened to all in one sitting, and i enjoy listening it this way because its amazing music, i still wish this song was longer. For me even though i like pretty much every song (aside from one or two) i dont enjoy the other songs as much as this one. This one to me just takes the cake, and would be a thousand times more awesome if it was even a minute longer.

    Ben McCann

    @M B this song ain't shit and isn't worth sharing if it needs another 50 minutes of material to make it worth listening to. I didn't get a feel for this album from this track and have no desire to check it out, because this tune doesn't work as a stand alone track.

    James j

    @Ben McCann chill

    A Sean

    @Ben McCann Nigga, theres sonething wrong with you if you are going to determine how a whole album is going to be based off of one song.