Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me Lyrics

[Kendrick Lamar:]
I can see the darkness in me and its quite amazing
Life and death is no mystery and I wanna taste it
Step inside of my mind and you'll find
Curiosity, animosity, high philosophy like the prophesied meditation
Reminisce on my wonder years and I wonder yah
Sentiments of my words ain't been so sincere
The sentiment of my nerves that I just persevere
The big thought of fallin' off disappeared to my fate
They say that Heaven's real
Analyze my demise, I say I'm super anxious
Recognize I deprive this fear and then embrace it
Vandalizing these walls only if they could talk
Conversations don't contemplate to my dark thoughts
Lookin' down on my soul now
Tell me I'm in control now
Tell me I can live long and I can live wrong and I can live right
And I can sing songs and I can unite with you that I love, you that I like
Look at my life and tell me I fight
This that final destination, this that find some information
This that find some inspiration, this that crack, the instillation
This that consciousness sharpening and fist pump and that bomb detonation
Please don't bomb my nation, embalming fluid waiting
I got mind control when I'm here, you gon' hate me when I'm gone
Ain't no blood pumpin' no fear, I got hope inside of my bones
This that life beyond your own life, this say this go for mankind
This that outer-body experience, no coincidence you been died
You are dead

Say you will never ever catch me, no, no, no
Say you will never ever catch me, no, no, no
Say you will never ever catch me, no, no, no
Say you will never ever catch me, no, no, no

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Flying Lotus Never Catch Me Comments
  1. Joao Santos

    sounds like BBNG in the background. Have they.. yess

  2. jonathan brevan

    kids killed the dancing in this video

  3. Anthony Baltodano

    The title of this is outlast time 🤯

  4. omgitzrich

    Scorsese couldn't have done it better

  5. Radvertisin


  6. Tito The Creator

    This is amazing

  7. Hidetaka Koizumi

    this is like Bombs over Bagdad for your funeral

  8. God's Armor

    Love hearing two different music worlds come together like this.

  9. bobszibb

    The light flickering in the beginning.

  10. ShamanSquirrel

    One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. When I'm ever in a really dark place, this song just moves me. It just puts me in a place of solace.

  11. Josuekv

    Is Hiro Murai some sort of midas?

  12. slaven djakovic

    Hiro Murai has to be the best video director of this decade

  13. Matthew C

    I love FlyLo and Thundercat in that first sweeping shot of the church.

  14. First Last

    This is real jazzy

  15. Arpika

    Wtf is the kid from fbe doing here

  16. exclusively elusive - beaten beats

    see? that's art

  17. Gavin Johnson

    Oooooouuuu got damn where did you hide this Kendrick?

  18. tykiren Willingham


  19. Lt. Stoner

    Will from FBE in here

  20. House Sanctuary

    I clicked just to confirm it's Will from FBE

  21. damon carrawell

    The black version of MCR Helena

  22. Perry Mathebula


  23. INfusion

    All I can think of when watching this is its a mothers half attempt to hide her grief through a joke
    "the little tricksters are probably still alive and sneaked home in the car"

  24. WAKE UP!

    I want to meet the film Producer...IMMEDIATELY!

  25. Charles De castro



    this is what happens when you put an RnB beat at X2 speed


    Immaculate Masterpiece

  28. Manny Toomonsterous

    Woah this dark

  29. Obito Uchiha

    When he said "ugh" I felt that so much I climaxed 10 times

  30. brnape707

    getting shot and killed looks like fun, I'm movin to Chicago or Detroit

  31. 2girlzr1

    When FlyLo puts it down

  32. big sexy

    Tupac's laugh at 2:57?

  33. Vetter Burns

    At that very end, the crane camera pull-back... (Great shot!) I was waiting for a pair-of-shoes on the power-lines.

  34. Jonathan Joao

    Can't ever fade, this is a master piece.

  35. MacDaddy Freshy

    Thats will from the rest channel

  36. Miguel Estiga

    I dont like so much when kendrick rap like this

  37. Carolyn

    I get goosebumps every time I watch this

    Monnie Lewis

    Carolyn no fr 😭🖤

  38. DJ CatsaNova

    I liked seeing that kids were used in this. I feel like we forget the role kids play in our lives and how we influence them. As a kid music consumed my life, and to have been a part of a project like this would have forever changed my life and heighten my love for it even more

  39. Augusto edilson Pereira Caballero

    Like si lo escuchas en diciembre 2019 :v

  40. Joseph Franco

    I love the part when the beat drops and they start dancing outside

  41. Bedbullie 12

    That is Will Simmons.

  42. smack daddy

    The cinematography

  43. Vincent Van Gogurt

    "Do not stand at my grave and cry,
    I am not there. I do not die."

  44. One of those things

    Am I the only one who cries happily when I hear this

  45. Ender Raptor Gaming

    Isn’t that the same church that Barry Allen’s Wedding was filmed in?

  46. baax

    This track and the video is pure art, superb work from everyone involved.

  47. G. Tha Truth

    That young man is soooooo talented bruhhh omgg!!!!


    Here in 2019 and it has been five years and I am only hopping on this joint rn

    Rollin s

    No This is my first time hearing it

  49. Sohaib Ali

    sounds like a lost track from tpab

  50. cal turner


  51. Cassius Joseph

    1:22 These walls wanna cry tears?

  52. I dont got handles

    Damn, this song got recommended to me day after my grandma's death. I tear up every time I hear this
    Rest in peace.

  53. Josh B

    Thundercat can play the fuck out of a bass dude

  54. Kimzy Lee

    How the fuck did this not win the Grammy for Best Music Video?? Not even a nomination. HOW????

  55. Saul Romo

    this is the definition of dope!!!

  56. Perri Yaniv

    still one of the most powerful music videos of all time.

  57. Kit

    My cousin died in such a traumatic way. So this video man just brings me to tears. I hope this is the freeness and release he felt ascending.

  58. Jean Angelo

    Crazy i remember when this came out ...

  59. Bishop85

    The purity of this video is overwhelming.

  60. Michael Mars

    Still sounds crazy til this day

  61. BariumCobaltNitrog3n

    Anyone think this is an homage to Mrs. Robinson? Instead of a wedding, a funeral (mo betta) where the deceased get to rise again, dance like children and fly away in a hearse (Harold and Maude!) and I loved the sly reference to OJ jumping over seats in the airport. Once was is not anymore, kids are awesome, never gonna catch em.

  62. Kittyhat

    yeah sex is cool but have you heard the last third of Never Catch Me

  63. Allen Martin

    Maaaan! Every time I watch this video it chokes me up a lil' bit. This time i have tears. Beautiful...

  64. Tevin Henderson


  65. el scientifico

    We are kept from the power and the wealth, we are kept from a seat at the table. We are forever the nappy headed stepchild BUT we are evolving. We are the ones that look to the future, the one's who create from the rubble and the wreckage they give us... create something new and beautiful. And in this spirit we can move this world forward... if only for ourselves.

  66. Franchesca David

    The little girl see them dancing at 3:34 . Alot of thought was put into this video.

  67. Yuki Tomo


  68. Russian Cream

    1:21 emmit til

  69. Alex Theodore

    3:00 4:46 you just sit and listen with the sunset.

  70. Lil Pen C3E

    I remember when I went to my cousins funeral, and just feeling...empty. If that makes any sense. It felt so surreal, one day I'm chilling and playing with him, the next he's no longer with me. It was like a nightmare, yet inescapable from.

  71. jamie lunes

    Black man in a casket? Ain't no one want to see dat! My name is Japanese

    Ibn Orator

    greetings Jamie & beautiful souls my name is Ibn Orator...I am an Avant Garde MC from New Haven CT. Ive recently released a project titled the "The Fishbowl Syndrome" with my first debut music video "The Horse on a Trampoline" that i feel fans alike of FKA twigs,Flying lotus or those of Bjork & Vince staples may like to share this with you by giving a warm welcome to my Channel when ever you feel is right. To not only, like and subscribe but to comment with genuine feedback. In Hopes that this may be fruitful to you i look forward to seeing you there.

    all the best

    Ibn Orator

  72. Barad-dûr

    The last two min of this vid is awesome

  73. David James aka DJ

    Wat life was made for.
    Absolutely wicked
    Big up

  74. KLOY

    This is probably one of my favorite music videos ever

  75. Cosmic has knight dysphoria

    This video made me cry. I got overwhelmed with a sense of joy for those who have lived, but also a strong sense of loss for those who are gone forever.

  76. Lebogang Panyane

    I wish there was an extended version of the kids dancing but I guess life is short

  77. Nullll1111

    Romeo and Juliet from the hood.

  78. don smith

    This songs hits different on magic mushrooms

  79. Cameron Dews

    This song and music video literally brings a tear to my eye due to the amount of people I’ve lost to the world but it makes me feel good to know that they don’t have to suffer inside this hateful environment but instead get to experience true life with the aid of happiness

    Aaron Spurlock

    Happiness is attainable on Earth, remember that it's very possible there's nothing after this, and you should enjoy what you have instead of vying for a potential future after life.

  80. Robert Harris

    The video and song is pure genius, a reality to me of our children dying in the streets of the in city streets. God please protect all the children or the world. That what brings to mind when I watch this video .✌

  81. lauge hjort

    That bass solo beat me half to death. Suckerpunched!

  82. Farisa Smith

    This video made me smile and sad at the same time. Hats off to the director. Great concept.

  83. joseph sierakowski

    Woooowwwww! Powerful shit. POWERFUL SHIT!!! I actually could not believe it until the end of the video. Powerful shit.

  84. Маша Куринная

    Its breaking my heart but its amazing

  85. Delaney Walker Jr

    The piano though

  86. Steve Ndahigwa

    When I need a quick fix I come back here ❤️

  87. Dìllìe KÒ

    My best friend passed away last week due to a drunk driver hitting him, his funeral is Saturday i would like to think of him like this❤️✨ his birthday just passed he would have been 19 years old.

    Dark Diablotin

    Bless him, I'm sorry for your loss
    May he rest happily

    Flyy Cee Soldier

    Stay strong queen

  88. Saturnalia xx

    ok but.. i teared up ..

  89. Gimmy Jibs


  90. emmanuel martinez


  91. Michael Speller

    Can I give this song more than 1 thumbs up?

  92. kakashi hatake

    Man is born free but everywhere in chains.

  93. Allure Trena

    *What if it was really like this, IMAGINE you die and at your service, your home going you Hop out the casket and rejoice, be Happy live again just be free right before it's all over for you in this Rim, this world before you SAY GOODBYE.. Wouldn't that be awesome!*

  94. Zachary Kastenhuber

    dead kids.... dead kids everywhere ha