Flotsam & Jetsam - Chemical Noose Lyrics

You think that everyone's against you
You think the world's a conspiracy
Life is a movie about you
We're all supporting your lead
You've been up for a week or two
You've done everything with nothing to do
Eyes so big how do you see
You've lost all your personality

Spun vacation, chemical noose

Completely lost and right in front of me
Can't go to work, gotta stay clean
Spinning in circles take a soma
Now revive in a coma
Can't find any, can't find none
Oh my god the vacation's done
Wish you had a little bump to smoke
You smell the punchline and don't get the joke

Don't pick up the phone don't get the door
Gotta pick your face and do some more
Hallucination entertaining you
Wish you could eat, sleep, or find something to do

Fly, like a sigh
No way to save yourself inside
Sleep, like it's time
Try to remind yourself
One more time
Sleep, like it's time
No way to hold it down
It's time to die

Spun vacation, chemical noose
Broken headlight, chemical noose

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Flotsam & Jetsam Chemical Noose Comments
  1. Shane Aric

    I love the breakdown in this tune @ 02:03 
    And the one in Liquid Noose at 02:09
    Great Album! This tune is great live!

  2. alex antonelli

    They are really underrated, other than other bands

  3. joshua cramer

    \m/\m/...........way underrated band!

  4. Steve Schreiner

    One of the more talented bands out there with no airplay. Dream theater, circus max, pagans mind.....to name a few. Love prog metal.

    todd enderby

    they are not a prog band by any means,been a thrash band since the 80's I do however hear some prog in their recent albums..so I have to agree with you on that aspect..\m/

  5. der111110

    Thrash at its absolute monstrous best

  6. carlinfan4life

    This album cover is so fuckin great! So funny!

  7. Sudsy Sutherland

    I'm not sure if I'm correct or not but I think Jason Newsted was only on one or two Flotsam & Jetsam album(s)?

    Chase Scott

    He was mainly on the first album doomsday but a few songs from back then ended up on the second album like the song I love you die

  8. txbigdaddy68

    sounds like the old Flots that kicked ass when Jason was still with them !!

  9. jens pückert

    just sooooooooooooo wow !

  10. keyblayder3

    Np!Glad you liked it man :D

  11. keyblayder3

    @Underatedkid No problem dude thanks for your comment :D

  12. Baradosh Lakunar



  13. rfal502

    spun vacation!

  14. Jeffrey Dahmer

    I saw these guys live when i was like 6 years old, it was back in like '97 or so i believe. Was my first concert, underrated band.

  15. nichlas jeffers


  16. keyblayder3

    @OutsideTha9 They are great indeed.Very underated band in my opinion.I'm happy that you liked this video.Stay metal my friend \m/ !

  17. OutsideTha9

    i saw this in a local record store and bought just for the cover! and jason used to be in it. they turned out to be really great! very different sounding for the time! thanks for the upload!

  18. keyblayder3

    @NotInTheCojones I searched all over youtube for this song but i couldn't find it.So i thought that it would be a cool idea to upload it!Cheers!

  19. Yatral

    thank god someone finally uploaded this :)

  20. keyblayder3

    @Bastige56 Thanks!I am glad that you enjoyed it!