Flores, Nikki - Insecure Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I'm standing here right in front of you
They still stay the same
Then I hear u say I love you
And my worries dissapear
Makes me wonder why I can't let it go
There's no reason why I should feel alone
But I hide behind my skin afraid of what's within

It's my insecurity
It's not you it's me
I'm my worst enemy
It's my insecurity
Just wanna be perfect in your eyes
(perfect in your eyes)

[Verse 2:]
Now I know that you loved me for me
But its so hard
I've been hurt so many times
But you never lit the sky baby

Makes me wonder why I can't let it go
(I can't let it go)
There's no reason why I should feel alone
But I hide behind my skin
Afraid of what's within

It's my insecurity
It's not you it's me
I'm my worst enemy
It's my insecurity
Just wanna be perfect in your eyes
(perfect in your eyes)

All I really want is love
All I really need is
He's all mine
So tell me why I'm so lost baby
Of something I already had yeahh

It's my insecurity
It's not you it's me
I'm my worst enemy
It's my insecurity
Just wanna be perfect in your eyes
(perfect in your eyes)

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Flores, Nikki Insecure Comments
  1. Lilly Wilson

    Wish I could relate. At least she has someone that loves her for her. I feel insecure and no one likes me so I feel even more insecure. 😕

  2. Christian Boy800

    This song is so true ❤

  3. Tiara Young

    I just wanna stop worrying 😫😭🥀


    Tiara Young same..

  4. Anna Yuen-Nasario

    You are sooo precious & absolutely perfect. And actually a very tender heart! But acts like a Beast!

  5. Mayleigh


  6. lola medina

    omg i couldn't help but cry!!!!!

  7. Darnzem 1325

    this is my song\story of my life

  8. serukiza mukongomani

    I think we can be the last night

  9. Casey Chan

    "i've been hurt so many times...~" that's me... :c and love this song~!

  10. Kyrai Bowman

    Knowing your not the only one in this world that feels lost 😢😢😢 depression and anxiety doesn't help when your as insecure as me days you think its going get better but it never does it hurts to feel so alone I don't know what to do anymore I can't deal with the pain I wish you would just take it away 🔫🔪💣💉💊

    Marco Yani

    Kyrai Bowman kyrai .. life is not always easy! but isla necesary to stay strong! and keep moving ahead! i am sure that you're a beautiful lady that Will get all the good things that life can give U. be strong please! your cost is very very high!

  11. XxBaby Girlxx

    This made me cry a river😪😪

  12. nina seabrook

    people ask me why im derpressed and insurcure i say when everyone says i hate you because i can do something better than them it makes me feel like evryone hates me and makes me hate myself and look at myself and hate everything about me

    Marco Yani

    nina seabrook nina .. Im sure there are so much more reasons to love yourselves you are beautifull, and full of life! find a sense to everything around you!

    nina seabrook

    Marco Yani thanks ...I haven't seen this video in a long time and when I opened it up I realized how much I've changed and grew not to care what people think and how strong I've got... thank you your one of the reasons I am who I am today. 💜😘❤

    Marco Yani

    nina seabrook owww... that touchs my heart so much. im proud of you! go ahead beauty! ,be happy!!

    nina seabrook

    Marco Yani thanks hon...

  13. Nikki Chantelle

    That's cos you're right it is see me the same

  14. Mckayla Lee

    Story of my life.

    Kathy Ramirez

    +Mckayla Lee Same😭😕

  15. Natalie To

    T___T I can totally relate to this... *crying*

  16. Asuna Games

    Im Insecure D: I took a bunch of personality quizes and they gave me the same result

    Hey Stob It - Lyrics Videos

    @Asuna Games ik how u feel

  17. brooklyn seow

    Love it ,she's amazing<3

  18. alina a

    Amazing ❤️

  19. rachael gray

    This song describes me.!!!

  20. Natural Beauty

    this is how im feeling inside 

  21. nekesa Thompson

    How I'm feeling inside


    What an amazing tune and words, so talented x

  23. Erika Toala

    Im still feeling insecure, he likes me but im afraid he'll hurt me

  24. Katlynn Coleman

    Describes me perfectly. Except there's no one to say I Love You...

    Ameenah gamings

    Katlynn Coleman I love you lol

  25. Alyx Macdonald

    nikki is amazing<3

  26. Dejah Hill

    I love dis song. I just wish I can see how people see me. and that is BEAUTIFUL

  27. Ines Fonseca


  28. Sofia Katherine Dorr

    I love you :( I'm sorry I'm so insecure

  29. Shaundale Douglas

    most definetly!! sometimes it takes others to see the beauty in us. because sometimes we are too blind to see that we are beautiful

  30. aprentice95

    This describes me so much

  31. alyssa arias

    I didn't mean it like that I ment should I continue saying my flaws but thanks c:

  32. Danielle Aspenleiter

    Ofcourse u should continue be strong :)

  33. alyssa arias

    My hair, my teeth, my skin, the way I dress, my personality, who I am...everything...should I continue?

  34. Sol Cruz


  35. Samuel J. Cruz

    This song describes me, I've been bullied since half my life and I'm really insecure

  36. Michal Khan

    From the first Day I started listening to Nikki Flores its like she has stole my Diary and makes songs of what I write in there she's a great role model and a perfect girl inside out!!

  37. Brooklyn Picciotti

    Love this song!

  38. Evie Yordsilp

    ur beautiful. everyone is. and if someone says you arent fuck them they have no right ! even though i cant see u..i KNOW you're beautiful

  39. Sofia Katherine Dorr

    he told me he loved me today and he kissed me

  40. Random0stuff01

    So me...

  41. Sheranya Rathnayake

    my life.

  42. fantasyyall

    Girl, if he really loved you, he wouldn't go around flirting with other girls. You know you deserve better. It'll take a while to get over him, but i'm sure you can do it in time. If he's willing to change for you, then you can go ahead and give him another chance, but don't go diving head in again without thinking about what he's done. :)

  43. Honey SteexyPR


  44. animalrock1000

    I'm crying

  45. zoowy100

    last year a guy broke my heart, now i like this other guy and he likes me too but i dot want to like him cause of fear of getting hurt by him.

  46. Karrie Crumley

    I need help...this guy I dated broke my heart 3 times...he's always flirting with other girls and we broke up again 4 days ago...I still love him and he loves me.......I wanna date him but I'm afraid I'm ganna get hurt again...what should I do??? I'm in tears every night thinking about him...

  47. Hannah tibbits

    Life story.

  48. Misss Vasquez

    Her f*ckinnn voice is
    PERFECT ... Why isn't she that famous o.O
    I don't understand *sighs*

  49. Maddie Martinez

    My god .. I feel EXACTLY LIKE THIS

  50. Rayne Jordae

    that moment when a song explains everything you feel...

  51. Rayne Jordae

    your beutiful the way you are! dont let some STUPID boy tell you any crap becuase its not true!! God made you who you are and nobody should change that not even you. if you need to talk im here just massage me and i will help:)

  52. Rayne Jordae

    this song explains alot of things right now!! <3

  53. Samantha Willner

    My life??

  54. raeleenk

    Matt Cowan 3

  55. karra hart

    <3 ...

  56. Alyssa Cropley

    i can relate to this song. i have the perfect relationship, hv no reason to feel insecure in my relationship but everyday i cry and i cant help but feel the way i do, and no matter how many times he tells me he loves me and stuff.. i still sit there in fear and worries

  57. meeka

    Dhis is exactly how i feel everyday its so hard ah was always insecure and no one ever knows how i feel

  58. Mani 2016

    This year, I've gained too much weight. I've been called fat, a big ass, and a pig. I'm trying my best. But my insecurities are just so high that just wanna hide.

  59. sabrina lewis

    I feel insecure because my friends are perfect and im starting to think people think im weird because of how i look i have these spots on my leg D ; and im scared people will stop haning out with me if i show them and i have cricked teeth and everything with me is wrong Dl i dont know what to do know ? :o

  60. Alexis Taylor

    It's like Nikki Flores is reading my mind! Her songs speak to me (: <3 Role Model

  61. Blessing Finesse

    How I feel

  62. Blessing Finesse

    How I feel

  63. SaphiraBloom15

    Nikki did you read my diary?!?!?!

  64. Queen of the Wallflowers

    im my own worst enemy.

  65. alexandraGG1

    This song desribes me all the way..

  66. sasukeuraharaa

    I really like the optimism in almost every single comment on this video :)

  67. alex johnson

    well nothing is flawless so no nobody is perfect.

  68. Nicole Cardenas

    Everyone is perfect in their own way... It doesn't matter, everyone is beautiful!!!!!

  69. ShesShardae

    She said "Do you still see me the same" Not "they still stay the same"

  70. sara NB

    1st God made u this way .. so u r perfect in ur way :)
    2nd u have a lot of advantages right? bring a paper and write all what u like in urself .. ur body ur face ur personality ... :)
    3rd be confident :)
    4th me too all of me is wrong :( [actually im tryng to be confident :( ] u wont believe if i told u that most of the day im sad becuz of this :( but im tryng :( natural ways to be better .. just hope it helps :(

  71. sara NB

    yea T_T you are right :( hope one can overcome it :(

  72. ItsBradleyy

    you guys still together?

  73. koolit6

    speachless! I just became a fun of this girl

  74. Alicia Ann

    This is EXACTLY me ...<3

  75. Elizabeth Lau

    haha i do too

  76. xangelwolfx

    Love it

  77. alyssaseymour20

    I rape the repeat button :)

  78. Alyssa Adams

    This is an amazing song! It was a beautiful voice singing this too! I listen to lyrics and i loved them!:) Graet Job!

  79. TaylorEliseLucas

    Pretty sure around 2:30 -ish is actually "Peace of mind" not "He's all mine" ... Makes more sense. ^-^

  80. hiep vo

    my love just wants to end it with me./........ :/ i know how she feels T_T

  81. darkchocolate688

    this is jus hw i feel

  82. Jaysen T. Irinco

    RaD job on the video! This has always been one of my top favorite songs so far from miss Nikki Flores. Always will be a Nikki Fan!

  83. rosemarie capagngan

    thumbs up for this song

  84. Malouu90

    Sounds like Christina Aguilera!

  85. sara NB

    @Sn0vvyR0se Unlimited Feelings :$ :$ :$ Lovee Youuuuuu :$ <3 <3

  86. sara NB

    @Sn0vvyR0se OMG :$ :$ :$ u knw it was for u <3
    You are my life :$
    adore u mooooree and i will never let you go <3 <3 <3