Flores, Nikki - Have What I Had Lyrics

Listen up
You don't deserve to hear what I'm about to say to you
Listen up
You probably ain't gonna believe this at all but it's true

You know I got a new man in my life but
Being with him is making me realize oh
Maybe I'm not as ok as I thought I was

Every time I look in his eyes I want them to be yours
Keep on telling my friends like I swear I don't miss him anymore
Don't get me wrong you know I'm happy with what I got
It ain't fair to him I want someone that hes just not

Cause all I do is spend my time tryin to find what you gave to me
But he can't compete
Cause he ain't you
That's when I realize
Boy I can't even lie
Cause now I understand
I'm never gonna have what I had

Have what I had [x8]

I coulda sworn id had enough of the pain, the pain
And I
Never thought id be going through this again, ooh again
You put me through so much more than I could take but
You're the reality that I can't escape oh
I'm only lying to myself if I say I'm ok

Every time I look in his eyes I want them to be yours
Keep on telling my friends like I swear I don't miss him anymore
Don't get me wrong you know I'm happy with what I got
It ain't fair to him I want someone that hes just not

Cause all I do is spend my time tryin to find what you gave to me
But he can't compete
Cause he ain't you
That's when I realize
Boy I can't even lie
Cause now I understand
I'm never gonna have what I had

Have what I had [x8]

I never felt the way I felt when I was with you boy
And I don't think I'll ever find someone to fill that void
Even though we've both moved on I know this much is true
I can't look you in the eye
And tell you that I'm not in love with you

Cause all I do is spend my time tryin to find what you gave to me
But he can't compete
Cause he ain't you
That's when I realize
Boy I can't even lie
Cause now I understand
I'm never gonna have what I had

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Flores, Nikki Have What I Had Comments
  1. Draco Wayne

    nikki flores is one of the most underrated artists out there. her songs are must have collections. we're lucky coz we're one of the few hundreds who acually listen and knows this gem.♥️

  2. Yesika Vargas

    I'm so lost and confused

  3. Mayleigh

    i love Nikki Flores! and my fav song that she sings is Hard To Breathe =)

  4. Yesika Vargas

    is she with prima j in those 2 pics?

  5. Juliana Gosset

    I love this song

  6. stella laskoudi

    someone tell me why she isn't famous?????She is an amazing singer. All her songs are so beautiful and touching.

  7. Bianca Nash

    my first love ill never what I had him as he thinks I do for all I can care he can go screw himself. im just so tired of fighting for him ;(

  8. Lexi Provance c:

    I was with a girl for almost 2 years. She made my life <3 . She was amazing. I was so happy with her.. We broke up because of my family and the age difference. Im now with a guy and I was happy at firs but I woke up yesterday morning and seen a picture of my ex and I, and now.. I just want to be with her. I gave her my world, took chances for her. There was a 6 year difference in age, but we were the perfect two, we were inseparable. I love her, and I hope god finds a way to put us together.

  9. Yundensuren Dashbaljirsuren

    Love it!

  10. Bella Trujillo

    I love all of songs each one i can relate to them so much! I have liked the one guy for about 4 years & I thinking about singing him one of your songs because the explain perfectly how I feel about him! I think you are a great singer & I think you need to be famous! <3

  11. GirlyBelieber

    I can so relate to this song. I had a really sweet boyfriend. He was my everything and I was missing my ex at the same time. It was wrong I know. Now that I got back with my ex, I realized I didn't need my ex. I wanted the guy I was dating.

    Lizzy Renforth

    I needed to see that. thank you . 💟 (in the same situation, I'm back with my ex but we now have a kid together which makes it harder..)

    Jomar Colon

    Lizzy Renforth A

  12. Alyaa motasim

    very n!ce

  13. charleslyn spence

    love this song

  14. KimberleyFreakingOut

    omg i feel the same right now xo

  15. Alina Arce

    omg i got chills like 100000 times

  16. Alexis Taylor

    Im so sorry for your lost. And someday you''ll find that spark again, it takes time you just gotta move on...

  17. john papadelias

    yeah shes very good . better then these man made stars today. i had that do or die love passion just didnt know it then n i was in a bad car crash n she stuck by my side everyday knowing i was a fuck up n she still sat there bring me back to life. n when karma came into play she had to do what was best n ive been dead ever since. think bout her every day when u have it u gotta hold on as long as u can ..

  18. Kimberly Juarez

    @FrenchiTheFrenchFry i know exactly how you feel. But know he goes out with her and whenever i saw him with her my heart hurts :((

  19. Ritz Baby

    i know her aunt

  20. Karoliina


  21. Jaren Colston-Green


  22. pianoman74

    Wooow! A song from past 2007 with NO AUTOTUNE AT ALL fucking up the voice! That's rare these days, isn't it? ;)

  23. Adrianna Johnson Carter

    OMG she's so pretty !

  24. darknoll44

    Yea...ladies. Always takings things for granted, dont see what you got till a new boy comes.....well better make things up before its too late ladies...

  25. shawtyy2211

    dang thissong keeps it real! ann soo true! love sux! because all this aint a lie! .... dang.. still tryna get ova buhh cant done tryed to move on an could not... he came back hopein fo good...;/

  26. soleda cruz

    I just found out that the boy i like likes someone else . so im just sitting here like damn

  27. xu xe

    every time I hear her songs I think that she has been through a lot of heartbreaking pain....would love to kill the bad boy. But if it wouldn't be for him (maybe) we wouldn't have these amazing songs ;)

  28. Death3047

    This song is amazing and the singer is amazing

  29. badestnmbarbie

    she is a really good singer i never heard her music befor

  30. nikki garrick

    this song is sooo good amazing voice x :)

  31. Veronica Ivilisse

    @jadey847 im just so glad to have him back and imma ignore any past guys cause i think im in lovee

  32. Jenny Jade Boskovic

    srry to hear tht it happened to me toooo :(

  33. Jenny Jade Boskovic

    its cause she hasnt made any really good music but i love all her music :)))

  34. Laura Dells

    I've known about her for about 6 years, when she had just released songs like 'This girl' and 'I got you' shes amazing!

  35. Veronica Ivilisse

    i had a guy and i always would think my ex was better and now this guy broke up w/ me
    thinking i wouldn't care but i guess i did cause i cryed all night and woke up to no sorry or goodmornings and im not in love but what do i do if all i cared about was my ex and now he is nothing to me cause me caring about him ruin this perfect relationship i had

  36. Shailyn Farmer

    now i want to no who this adamanda16 character is lol it caught my attention lol but i love her and i love this song!

  37. Samantha Dancel

    I know I have an amazing boyfriend.. but I know I can never Have What I Had when I was with my last guy.

  38. Alicia Martinez

    <33 thiss song

  39. Allegra Whitfield

    why isn't she ever on the radio

  40. Samantha Dancel

    GOD.. this is HOW I exactly feel. Im talking to a new guy, but the last guy is who I really fell deeply for.

  41. Paige Stone

    Ive been with my current boyfriend for 2 years and i've always loved my ex. We had that passion, that spark that i don't have with my current. My ex passed away the 14th of this month and now i'm just realizing i had all these chances to be with the man i truly love and i will never have that again. So this song hits me hard. So to all those who love somebody, who loves u back regardless of wether you've been hurt or had hard times. Losin that person feels like ur dying yourself. Dont miss it...

  42. MsJuve305

    @Singforme12 oh shutttuppp

  43. MsJuve305

    @xxnikki494xx ok you desperate bitchhh. guess what ? hes not thinking about you right now! hes with sumbody better then you so get over it. gosh i hate gurls!!

  44. MsJuve305

    @ilovesnooki12 oh shutup damn it!!

  45. MsJuve305

    @edwardcullensS2 ok desperate.. can we just enjoy the song in peace

  46. Natasa K


  47. Ana Asola

    she deserves to be famous ... she is not famous but actually her voice is much much better than other famous singers ... i'm really waiting for her new album ...

  48. Beth 467

    all i can say is
    she can sinq :) <3

  49. SingingInTheRain92

    where do you guys get the tracks for these, since i cant find them on itunes?

  50. Hana Coffey

    she loooks moore liike andriena VVVV like ALOT! , but nikkki's realllly goood, & i appppsouuttllly loooove thiiiis sooong!

  51. Hana Coffey

    i apppsoutly looove this sonng <33

  52. crystal39157

    it doesnt look like her at 1:34

  53. Romilla Cardoso

    OMG myy friend shOwed meh her sOngs tOday && im already in lOve wit her but her sOngs make meh cry cus i juss had my heart brOken && ii can relate tO this sOng :'(

  54. verrrr1

    How come people like her is not more popular, i never heard of her, untill i was checking out the aquamarine soundtrack.Aand run over her when i listened her song from the soundtrack ,and like her voice and decided to check her other song.

  55. Amber Bailey

    this sonq touches me sooo muchh ):
    i do have a new man with me BUT
    this sonq makes me realize i misss my ex ):
    drakee.....i misss himm <│3
    but hes over me ....
    why should i care ???? ))):

  56. niunianiunia1234

    i love her!
    I wish she would have an albun!!! I would run to a music shop and buy it :)))

  57. Alexander Vang

    A caspa468 she has one album thats out called This Girl

  58. laoazngurl94

    i don't think she has an album, but she has A LOT of songs out [:

  59. Olivia Chew

    damn wtf why is it i fall in love wid all hur shitt >__>

  60. samantha evans

    damn i want what i had with my bby christina!

  61. lovemepauie

    love this song!
    check me out on my channel...id love for some comments...:))

  62. Destanie Alexander

    I did stop that a long time ago...
    Plus..even If I didn't..I can If I want to..
    people know what I'm talking about.
    Atleast I'm not talking "slang" like most people. I mean, What wrong with it anyway. But, I stopped anyway, sooo yeahh.

  63. Destanie Alexander


    yeahh thank you !

    i know what you mean .

  64. Destanie Alexander

    @oxoxjennyxoxo he dnt act like that anymoree it was all a big missunderstanding and that was rude ! when your in love for the first time its so hard to move on, im trying. but yeahh TRUTH IS ... it was all a misunderstanding and every relationship has fights. we will soon be dating again probably, if not, then GREAT FRIENDS ! :)

  65. Destanie Alexander

    yeahh it really aint .
    but even tho i keep tellinq myself im over him
    && that hes not worth it .
    i keep qoinq bak && fallin in love with him aqain
    i cant help it . its too hard .
    i jus wish thinqs were different .
    like maybe if i lived closer then
    we would be the prettiest couple w/
    no problems . idk

  66. jscheerleader15

    omg ! thats what happened with my ex boyfriend ; i just ended offically with him because its not worth getting hurt or crying over a boy !

  67. Destanie Alexander

    ohh thank you ! you really made sence to meh.

  68. Destanie Alexander

    thanks for your advice ! :)
    but ive tryed and tryed to talk to him and everytime i do he qets mad or says im trippin' or says i always repeatinq myself or he just chanqes the subject. he tells me he loves me and he still wants to be wit me but dnt show it and i told him he needs to prove it bt he still hasnt proved it. im waitinq on him but while im waitinq im hurtinq bt i love him so much so im confused. dont know wut i should do.

  69. Destanie Alexander

    she's very pretty ;*

  70. Destanie Alexander

    im afraid that miqht happen to me because riqht now i cant qet over my ex and i cant even see myself with anyone else but him. i know im never qoinq to qet over him deep inside. he was my first love and he hurt me. he still is hurtinq me. i really want him back but dont know what to do.

  71. bByd0llz

    seriously dude..

  72. Minnieminnymouse

    In some pics she looks like Jessica Alba, lol. Awesome job on the video though. Really.

  73. laoazngurl94

    LMAO , i know , right ?
    every comment i get , it's like 'she likes this whoever' x)

  74. bByd0llz

    sh js looks lyk every1 lol..kim kardashian..miley cyrus..and aundrea 4rm danity kane.

  75. Linn Mariano

    this chick looks aundrea from danity kane at 2:06, and miley cyrus at 2:07 and megan fox at 2:46

  76. starsmaybleed

    love this song <3

  77. heeyrichelle

    at 1:58 secs she looks like kim kardashian lol

  78. bByd0llz

    in sum pics she realli does resemble miley cyrus..lyk serious..

  79. alexsoaddicted

    life move on...

  80. Mandy Cheng

    I miss you _ _ _ _
    i swear to god baby ,
    come back to me ..
    i loved you ever since i met you ,
    you hurt me so bad, i gave you whatever i could give you , i guess that wasnt enough ..
    i know im just hurting myself by missing you, but i really need you in my life ..

  81. The Nostalgic Soul

    Love this song should be on itunes...love nikki flores (no homo)

  82. Sosow78

    OMG! Nobody can remplace this amazing singer!!!!!

  83. Flowerrose121

    This woman is amazing...its ridiculous.

    Every single word of this song applies to me right now. Ive got an amazing man now. Yet theres something HUGE missing...his looks personality, brains..everything is there!! Yet im still badly in love with my ex...who i was with for 3 years. But i know my ex wont take me back...because it was him that ended it with me. It hurts so bad...knowing i'll never have what my heart really wants...so i have to settle for less and lie to myself about being happy

  84. Dawidek8200

    O man i love her :P:PP:P

  85. Sosow78

    Nikki Flores The Best (Y)

  86. DumpLilGirl

    I Love This Song <3 <3 <3 <3

  87. jaxx Mena

    this girl nikki has a wonderful voice i love her and her art through music

  88. Martin Somers

    Love this song sooo much. Great lyrics ;) xxxxx

  89. FMAiscool

    i'm sorry, but who's the person in the video? i've been searching random music on youtube. no offence, but i thought the girl had passed away and this was a funeral video :(

  90. kazella1992

    she looks in her face like lucie silvas

  91. Yhen Dee

    Yup... ur right..

  92. caryna2203

    sweet <3 she looks a bit like this girl from the movie " She´s the man" ;)

  93. Linn Mariano

    i think at 2:08 exactly like miley!!

  94. Lxslei

    i like her songs when they have beats behind them like this, it just sounds soo much better with her voice

  95. Shakia J

    I just hate how this song is everything I'm going through.
    There's no way to explain how much that hurts either.
    Being with someone and caring for them;
    But none of it matters because it's not what you want.

  96. DumpLilGirl

    Beautiful song!!! x3333 Loved it

    so sad thou.

  97. Oddianna

    I love this song<3

  98. lonleygypsy

    ill never have what i had