Flores, Nikki - Could You Ever Love Me That Way Lyrics

Ooh, yeah
Took awhile to think about your boy the other day
Countin' down the hours until I can see your face
I wish you would realize these words I'm tryin' to say
I'm sittin here, I wanna be, but do you even notice me?
I can't see me with no one else
Why's it too hard for you to tell?

Cause I think about you every single day
And it kills me everytime I hear your name
I love you but I feel so far away
I'm asking you, just let me know, boy think about it
Could you ever love me that way?

Tryin' hard to ignore these voices screamin' in my mind
Tellin' me I'm nothing, that I shouldn't waste my time
Something about you made me wanna spend my life
With you alone, nobody else, I'm prayin' for that day to come
Although you'll never know I'm here, no
I always try to make it clear

Cause I think about you every single day
And it kills me everytime I hear your name
I love you but I feel so far away
I'm asking you, just let me know, boy think about it

Cause I think about you every single day
And it kills me everytime I hear your name
I love you but I feel so far away
I'm asking you, just let me know, boy think about it
Could you ever love me that way?

Oooh I cannot make it clear
I've been standing here
But boy you'll never see
How much you mean to me
I wanna let you know
You never hear me though
No matter what I say
You'll always be the same
Why can't you look at me?
Boy I just wanna be
I can't live my life without you near me

Cause I think about you every single day
And it kills me everytime I hear your name
I love you but I feel so far away
I'm asking you, just let me know, boy think about it

Cause I think about you every single day
And it kills me everytime I hear your name
I love you but I feel so far away
I'm asking you, just let me know, boy think about it
Could you ever love me that way?

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Flores, Nikki Could You Ever Love Me That Way Comments
  1. Sara Banner

    I'm so sick of having my Hart borken 💔💔💔💔

  2. Crystal P

    So true

  3. Steff V

    2019 and I’m still listening to the most underrated artist in the world

  4. renece mille

    This song makes my think of me ex I love him but he have a gf and I kills me I act like everything is OK but everything is not ok

  5. Kersten VanDusen

    #2019 been listening to this song since I was in high school

  6. Sienna Senīh

    1stLovee❤️ ... those feelings seem so long ago already but so fresh when I listen to this😶

  7. Dakota Creé

    2018 !!!!!! Yessss

  8. Ashton Abbott

    My and my boyfriend zack song

  9. Chelcee Cooper

    Can you buy it anywhere?

  10. Suana Baručić

    I ja tebeeeee (volimtepuno)

  11. Anna Yuen

    Where are you?

  12. Anna Yuen

    It will be Heaven!

  13. Jade Green

    Who’s still listening in 2017? 🤗

  14. Christopher Sebastian

    Nikki Flores has a style very similar to Nelly Furtado, but with better vocal talent!

  15. NC Liberal

    Shawn you likely won't see this but just so you know I'd leave Drew for you , i've been falling for you ever since we spent the weekend with your parents .. and i feel so guilty .. i listened to your voicemail and i wish i had of showed up that night i'm such a fool because i feel the same way ... and i can't even say it

  16. Richie Gierran

    😍😘👏👏💓💓 your amazing voice just now I know about u?💋💋💋

  17. Lara Dilan

    Omg my soulmate is this song, it´s explaining my feelings and emotions for my crush like 100%.

  18. Tatiana Mariee Lopez.


  19. Alyssa Miller

    Ian, I have liked you since the first time I saw you. And every day after that I wanted you to notice me. My heart pounded so hard it almost left my chest when you said you liked me back. Now I am being sent mixed signals. Help me understand exactly what you want. Because I want more than just a friendship. Please, talk to me more often. Tell me how you really feel. Even if you think it will hurt me. I've been hurt before so a second time can't be that much more painful.

  20. demetrice taylor

    "Telling Me I'm Nothing That I Shouldn't Waste My Time "

  21. skskskksksksks lol

    Why is this the story of my life right now...?

  22. Artemis

    This is literally me.. :(

  23. Savannah Blackbird

    Blane.. I love you. We've been best friends for 8 years. I hope you'll be mine soon. I've loved you for 7 years. You make me fall deeper in love with you everyday.

  24. Casey Chan

    "No Matter What I Say You'll Always Be The Same. . . ." love this song~!

  25. Rebekah Gonzalez

    So many memories 😥😥😥 it's just ugh

  26. Maris Temblique

    When that day you realize the guy you like has always notice you 😏

  27. Ava Willams

    "I can't live my life my life with out you near me."

    It'll all be fine when you find out that you actually can.

  28. Amelia Curtis

    I hate it.. Why? Why he won't recognize me? Why won't you love me that way?

    L.A. _Weirdme

    "Cause I think about u every single day. And it kills me everytime I hear your name.i love you, but a place so far away"😴😴

  29. Shawtydevil Pananso

    you miss anh ho get your ass out of here then..I'm tired of your excuses and lies and accusing me for no reason know that your mine is not right and fucken think right.

  30. Shawtydevil Pananso

    fucken stop this comment

  31. Queen.Sinn

    Dear Chris,I wanna be with you
    I think about u every day and I hate hearing your name why did it had to end that way....

  32. Cheyenne Huffman

    I miss my ex Cody so dam much why didn't u care Bout me why u just not love me anymore I feel so stupid for giving u everything

  33. Isabel Palomo

    Hey, Jeremy. Yeah, hopefully you dont see this but I like you. Kyle, fuck off.

  34. Mya huynh

    how I feel about my ex xc he has a new gf now but I miss him it's been 4 years Nikki sings how I actually feel xc

  35. angle fireme

    This just how I feel , but have to ignore my feelings it's irrelevant .I love her so much ,Nicky Flores should had make it further. She a million bucks

  36. Issa Girl

    this how I feel about my crush omg he just .. 😌💦❤

  37. Cierra Mendes

    I love u but I feel so far away

  38. Nkauia Moua

    Ive been listening for years of Nikki . She is boss . <3

  39. Abbey Powell

    I love love love m

  40. underground king

    I love her voice even your so far away ..aka Washington David

  41. esperanza guzman

    I love you but i feel so far away

  42. Eric Outlaw

    this song i think about boy love forever could him
    ever love me that way

  43. destiny stanford

    OMG I love it already from the first 8 sentences

  44. Lisa nd Joe

    Oh shit

  45. Michael Crow Shoe

    I love this song

  46. Virginia Ruiz

    this is my song for me now 

  47. stephany salas

    I sang this song at a talent show at my skool and roght then my crush asked me out

    Tania Alonzo Hernández

    @stephany salas oh🙊?✊👌

    stephany salas

    @Tania gonzalez yeah.

    stephany salas

    @***** Yea. 

    kiyara D

    Yessssssss goals

    kassandra Marbel Ibarra

    Oooh, lucky you

  48. Tabitha Duprey

    I always loved this song and it will always be my song

  49. Alyssa Anderson

    Love this song

  50. kell saepine

    Anny way you want me anny way you like it fix my heart and the promiss is girl to my death if you hart to the pain and all the rain I am the star and the sun if you cold keep you worm if you hot ill cool you down so far but you realy want ill clam or swim to the deap or to the peek just hold you but only if your heart is true deam is hafeway dead but it grow as I wach you trun old..................well you sing as.you feel I anser back as you like....

  51. Emily Kirkpatrick

    after dating this guy iv learned the hard

  52. francheska silva

    I love my best guy friend , and my friends tell me to tell him . But I'm to scared

  53. Quraishah Zamri

    maybe you should talk to him abt this .. it may help ur r/s with him.. BTW just a friendly advice =)

  54. Quraishah Zamri

    I still love my ex and I regret breaking up w/ him.. I love him but idk abt him.. my friends he still does love me but he's now w/ my friend.. I can seriously relate to this.. =(

  55. Miss Sunny

    i wish sm1 wld help me i love sm1 who lvd me in the first year but i didnt thnk it ws real bcz i jst met him i luv him lyk maaaaad bt now he is going out with othr gyrlz im sooo jels and nw he hs left i dnt no wt to do bt i cn see in our eyes we styl luv each othr

  56. Wickydgaf

    Love it

  57. Ashley Dawes

    my life in a song

  58. Romeo IV

    I love this girl, but something always kept us from taking the next step towards a relationship. I wish I could could go back in time, but since I can't, I will have to settle with the future with her. Now if I could just find her....

  59. klassy lilrebel

    I thought so much before I told BFF I had feel for him because I was worried of the bad things that could happen but I thought I would feel better if he new n I did an he took it fine n were Still bff's continuing a friendship of 6 - 7 yrs its still gunnu be more yrs to come n I'm just waiting 2 see if one day the person will feel as I do

  60. Michael Rood

    love this

  61. Nicola Moore

    He could love me that way, but I know he won't...

  62. Jenny Hernandez

    Be Patient Sweetie. Love takes Time.. & Soon You'll Find My Right :)
    I Promise

  63. Suziee Austin

    omg love this song

  64. Lissy Lyrics

    I love this song almost as much as I love sleeping <3 Maybe one day I won't have to wake up.. Even though it's worth staying up..

  65. ava

    I love a guy named Indervir.. but I doubt he'll ever like me back.. why can't I act like my normal self infront of anyone at my school?! I'm gentle.. But.. I dont show it.. ): I give up getting anymore crushes for the rest of my life..

  66. wendy byrd


  67. Leahh Vonnie

    Lol listening to this song

  68. Kay lee

    well i hope you're over him now

  69. Kay lee

    how old are

  70. Julie Contreras

    OMG This song reminded me of my crush i call him "RED" cuz he wears lots of RED SHOES!!!!

  71. Allison Mae Sipe

    Have You Ever Thought Of What People Think Of You When They See You.? Do You Wonder If Your Crush Likes You As Much As You Do Them.? Talk Them, And See Were You Are Don't Change For Anyone, All Of Y'all Are Beautiful.<3

  72. Lover99roses

    Every time I hear this song it makes me think of my crush my love the one I wanna be with. The one that I don't think even notices me

  73. mermaidonut


  74. kayla ashley

    Razorr /3 I could b your everything

  75. haley freeman


  76. Myriamprettysecrets

    tell him...what do you have to lose you're already in pain...

  77. Salimah Ahmed

    3 years, i love him with everything, but feels like his love for me is fading

  78. Celos

    I was obsessed with this guy from 5th to 8th grade. He didn't know me until I confessed that I liked him though. Of course I was rejected, but my bff and him started an on and off love the next day. I had after school with them so I had to watch them make-out all the time, but life goes on and when you forget you'll regret so I'll remember each and every moment with him til' the day I die....even if he hated me before he knew my name.

  79. Celos

    been thier, but no need to do that.
    No matter what you hear you will never forget them until someone else has your heart. But, wouldn't it be fine to just hold those memories as your secret treasure? No one can steal them, and you don't have to force yourself to give in first. Love him, no matter what anyone else thinks. It honestly won't kill him to love him behind the scenes. Even if it seems sad it isn't.

  80. Delia Becerra

    It's such a great song.

  81. Fiery Sliers

    i listened to this song all the time and now i have the guy of my dreams we're going on a date this weekend and he's meeting my family wednesday and i'm really happy that i got him i sang this song to him and he finally got it and he told me he felt the same way and we have been dating since Wednesday the 23rd of this month and He held my hand today and he is gonna kiss me on V-day

  82. Curtis Cephus

    I Feel That Same Way With A Guy Named David I've Liked Him For 6 Going On 7 Months And ILook At Him Like No Other Person I've Looked At Before He Just Doesn't Get It And This Song Makes Me Cry And Relieve So I'm So Thankful She Made A Song That Maches My Story!<3

  83. sangredemusica

    Wow I feel this way about a guy friend... this really hits a chord with me... thanks

  84. isabelle couckuyt

    So true what sche says, Life isn't fucking easy, and it's just harder when the person that means the world to you, don't wanne listen to you, but you still forgive him/her cause you love them ...

  85. Tay

    Don't my darling. Self harm is not the answer. If you love him tell him. if he doesnt like you or understand your feelings then maybe hes not the one. you will find your love someday but self harm doesnt help at all, be strong hun (:

  86. vvzsereia

    I bet everyone listening to this song are like freshmen in High School

  87. Bhp. Rebecca

    that how i feel too... i like a guy so much but he dont know how much i love him... i cry for him...and am so mad when i see him play with girls ao many.. :( not that i am jealous.. just that i am mad.... we feel the same ways... :(((

  88. dreamibaby11

    To all you people, that are in love but helpless..Please stop listening to sad song it might explain how you exactly feel but trust me you're just making it worse..Do something totally opposite than what reminds you of him/her!
    #I just came here to say that peace xx

  89. Alina Arce

    i want to sing this song to my crush so badly but he'll probley thing i'm just a freak or stalker or something he'll be SERIOUSLY creep out with that face like this o_O... so yeah i cry all the time at school i'm just some weirdo just some freak that no one knows about im really shy so thats mainly why i CANNOT sing this to my crush so yeah i dont have friends at school so yeah this is my story im invisible so yeah.... :/

  90. Mona Hersi

    Wow..... This was how I felt before my heart turned icecold

  91. brenda amezcua

    i love thiz song it tellzs exsactly how i feel:)

  92. viviana nino

    i sent this song to the guy i like were together now (:

  93. Queen Kadima

    Love it

  94. Roumi Dutta

    i think it says"im askin you, just say the no, but think about it"... maybe.

  95. Ryah S

    I dedicated this song to my love and not sure what to do anymore, i sure hope he listened to this!

  96. Andrea Jara

    So there's this guy and I really like him...and we had a history..like last year and this year I was going out with him..and now I regret it....this song explains my feelings .-.

  97. dianna rojo

    THIS guys name was marcus