Flock Of Seagulls, A - Rainfall Lyrics

Since you've been gone it's been raining hard
Like crystal teardrops to the floor
It's even raining in my heart
I'll close my eyes and let it pour
Now see how the rain falls
Now see how the rain falls
And in the darkness of the night
A trace was left by your perfume
The only thing you couldn't take
Are the golden memories of you
Now see how the rain falls
Now see how the rain falls
Across an ocean wide a voice that calls your name
A love that never dies like an eternal flame
Across the great divide for all eternity
Across all space and time the heart that beats is mine
Since you've been gone it's been raining hard
But now the sun shines high above
And I won't miss you anymore
Cos I've found another love
Now see how the rain falls
Now see how the rain falls

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Flock Of Seagulls, A Rainfall Comments
  1. Makypine

    That 1 disliker can fuck themself

  2. Makypine

    the video has nothing to do with rainfalls lmao

  3. Ember Furcsa

    I just find it in 2019, and so Cool!

    Paul Hallissey

    Ember Furcsa me too 😀

  4. Vince G

    What a treat! Thanks for sharing. A beautiful song.

  5. chadergeist82

    They stated it is just Flock Of Seagulls on the credits, when it is A Flock Of Seagulls.

  6. Helen Hicks

    This not what I would call an afos song, I call it a Mike score song, nice enough though x


    Oh its you that commented on my afos videos, nice seeing you here. This one is my favorite.

    Helen Hicks

    @Makypine hello oooo x

  7. tossedpenny

    Great song but I find my mind inserting the missing pieces of the original members, especially Paul's genuis guitar work which could be isolated in any track and stand as masterpieces on their own merit. So glad to hear they have been collaborating together as a team again.

  8. Joel Chavez

    Discovered this song when I used to work retail in the Young Men’s department on one of the VHS videos

  9. Grzegorz Maszerowski

    best vocal

  10. Marg555

    M.Score's appearance in video is like he was in some US heavy metal band.

    Kidwaryod Production

    Also looks and sound like Mike Love / Also looks like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

  11. Andrew Flood


  12. Jan Ancher Sørensen

    Love them from the start to the end.Fan.

  13. Mac888 spectral

    Shame that most people only know this band for their cheese doodle hit. They were so much better than that.

  14. justin thaler

    I worked on this video in the Art Dept. we cut the doll heads and adhered them to these huge walls --- there were tons of doll parts. Still in the Industry and have tried finding this clip before and only had a very low res copy so this is great thanks!


    JustinThaler why didn't they show more of the band never got to see Paul guitarist his face nor the bassist. It showed too much of the stupid doll stuff


    BRENDAJASON1 because This is a couple of years after the band broke up all Paul Ali and Frank were long gone by then


    @Xhrb this song was a decade later the originals broke up.

  15. Savin Danailov

    Great band & great, great song !!!

  16. Cyber Hermit

    I used to listen to this on repeat. Their best song.


    well thats what i do now