Flobots - The Rose And The Thistle Lyrics

[Hook: Mackenzie Gault]
The rose and the thistle, well they both have thorns
They both have thorns, they both have thorns
The rose and the thistle, well they both have thorns
And they grow in the garden where your love was born
The rose and the thistle, well they both have thorns
They both have thorns, they both have thorns
The rose and the thistle, well they both have thorns
And they grow in the garden where your love was born

[Verse 1: Brer Rabbit]
I'm between a rock and a hard place
Your thought and your heart's space
Meant no for nothing, like a pick in an empty guitar case
Follow you like a car chase
To the part where we stargaze the plot in your garden
I see your world view like Marvin the Martian
Your part of the solution's, my part of the problem
If you stop to smell the roses I know we can solve them
As the world keeps revolving, let's keep on evolving
A natural selection like Wallace and Darwin
Grow grey like Steve Martin, in old age be radiocarbon
Getting to half our lives together, when the great part gets started
To keep it short I'm glad you were born, let's keep flowing together through thistle and thorn


[Verse 2: Johnny 5]
The Rose and the thistle, they both have thorns
Took note of this when I woke this morn'
Sun rise came in as one bright ray and the place on the wall where it shone was warm
And the shadow cast was like a battleaxe so I grabbed it fast and I smashed the glass
And I crawled through the shards and I found myself in a beautiful garden
With petals, bulbs, nettles, mulch, hibiscus, delphinidins, ferns, christmas bells, geraniums
Jack in the pulpit, baby's breath, lily of the Nile, a star of Bethlehem
A brilliant child being poked at and scorned, the rose and the thistle they both have thorns

[Brer Rabbit]
Hey Mary, begging your pardon, what pretty flowers grow in your garden?
Let's lie back, in the lilacs, meander in the lavender
Get silly in the lilies, dancing under oleanders
Holy molly holding hands, snap dragon tantrums
And open up the irises, humming summer anthems
He loves me not will forget me not, looking for the answers
He loves me not will forget me not, looking for the answers


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Flobots The Rose And The Thistle Comments
  1. Wendi Chen

    I adore this entire album and wish it got more love. *sigh* Such a deep song!

  2. Uwe Ludwig

    Were oly Idiots when whe take drugs

  3. MrCouette

    Is that the voice of Charlie Winston? so close... Awesome!!

  4. SturFriedBrains

    I've given people... MANY chances. I played Rise Against & Flobots for all of my dude-bro friends & even explained the lyrics for them & they didn't like Rise Against because "those emo idiots are screaming because their little bitches" & they liked the Flobots because "they had great flow & they sounded like they had swag"... (I'm not hating on them, their my friends too, I just don't feel that their intelligent enough to comprehend)

    nassim ghribi

    3 years late but.. *intelligence

    Luke Rohloff

    nassim ghribi no- intelligent is right

    Bob Koshy


  5. Cenfre

    This is the kind of narrow minded stupidity that flobots dislike.

    The irony.

    Give people a fucking chance. If they don't like it/ don't get it, too bad. People are different.

  6. SturFriedBrains

    & are you honestly going to try & say that the dude-bro crowd who don't even know about their own usual artists' backgrounds would understand even the basics of the songs the Flobots write? I bet 99% of the people who listen to Bieber & Drake don't even know what a thistle fucking is.

  7. SturFriedBrains

    Hipsters? Hipsters are usually too stupid to understand the Flobots or Rise Against or groups like them. Also, all great artists don't "cater" they do what they do no matter if it get them on the top 100 billboard or not.

    John McSayer

    Right, then your prejudice is identical to your friends' prejudices.
    Hipsters are usually too stupid = Rise Against are emo idiots screaming because they're little bitches.

  8. Cenfre

    So basically, you want flobots to stay underground so they can continue to cater to musical hipsters?

  9. Leon Spade

    "The lips of wisdom are closed except to the ears of understanding" -The Kybalion

  10. Dylan Lesniak

    I'm relatively sure not all of these songs are on the album. If they are this is a huge album. Try white flag warriors or circle in the square or gonna be free.

  11. Dylan Lesniak

    Right it just sucks because there literally the most intelligent band out there.

  12. UndeadChildren

    "We are only as strong as our signal."

    Better to have the message broadcast to everyone, and those who will hear their message can hear it. The rest can just enjoy the music, but keeping it to only a small part of the population makes no sense for anyone.

  13. Peanut Butter Caramel Sin

    67 people didnt get stabbed

  14. CarouselBlind

    every time i go in this video i always tend to read ps2andxbox comment lol

  15. Cloudsheep93

    lol 0/10

  16. cheezitzrcool

    So I kind of don't like this album .

  17. Cloudsheep93

    Accept he did and then fixed it...

  18. Mya Sullivan

    no he didnt

  19. BlackDiamond0562

    That's a fantastic point of view that I had never considered. I didn't think of the actual fan base and what they would over all take away from it. Thank you.

  20. CarouselBlind

    that is so deep "but I'd rather have their message broadcasted to a people who will hear it."

  21. Mary

    A favourite song from this album, thats what I meant mate.

  22. Mary

    From this new album I think this is my favourite, Im just curious to see if anyone else has a favourite?

  23. Roxxanne Rittenhouse

    saw them at NM and they were amazing. I got the set list and they signed it. What I love about them is I didn't have a any special pass that aloud me to meet them they just hang out and talk to everybody. They are so amazing!

  24. Mary

    "twas"? who do you think you are?

    Soul of Æ

    A person who speaks? Who are you to question a mode of speech? Her Royal Ma'am?! I think the fuck not..

  25. fllnlvs

    Its a sad truth. They are to Music what shakespeare was to writing. Drake is it music what Stephenie Meyer is to writing. that is, a poor excuse. however, I have removed my comment dude to the antihomosexual nature of it, and realization of how offensive it may come off if people really believed I meant any offense to the gay community. please do me the favor of writing a new top comment.

  26. 6553216767

    saw them on the 16th twas my first time getting to see them and it was incredible.

  27. Rjj Rob

    1600 card*

  28. Rjj Rob

    If this song get 1000 likes (like it deserves) I will post a link for any hack for any game on computer or Xbox or I will give my own Microsoft points cards (I have twenty and will give the first 10 to the people who email me after the 1000th like 1600 plz like if you will support the best band on earth!!!!!!!!!!

  29. tnyswonger

    Going to be there on the 19th as well at SLO Brew in San Luis Obispo. Second time seeing them there, they put on a great show. :)

  30. aaron valdez

    So, Who is going to see them live in concert? I know I will be there one the 19th, second Flobots concert ever, and I have to say the first one was probably the best concert I ever went to.

  31. XxacedragonxX

    Thanks, can't believe I actually missed a detail like that

  32. Cloudsheep93

    You missed the other t in Thistle. ^_^