Flobots - Stop The Apocalypse Lyrics

[Jonny 5]
What the fuck is that?
Barreling towards our Metropolis
From the deep water in the likeness of Lochness
Knockin' its noggin like a hockey stick hocking spit
Meltin' down the top of this planet like chocolates
Lava rocks slosh in his esophagus like lozenges
For every drop that drips down somebody
Starts talkin' shit
With the awkwardest sounds
The prophet says the opposite
We've got to stop, stop, stop the apocalypse
Elevate like geysers and rise like helium
Together Colorado show 'em how the west is really one
I'll rap 'till my finger's numb and leave your toes tinglin'
For heaven on earth slash blue planet kingdom come
I'm Jonny 5 but I act like Wall-E 'till the trash is sorted
Into more practicaler forms like stacks of quarters
I am I b bee surviving colony collapse disorder

Stop, stop, stop the apocalypse

[Brer Rabbit]
Aooooga, aooooga, booga, booga
Antichrist pulls up in a bad mini cooper
Fabulous doo and a vocab I woulda stayed in school for
Says he's overdue but was beach bummin' in Newport
So he says, what's new sport
I said, stoppin' you of course
He says, you have the better chance of slobbing the nob of a unicorn
I stuck around the cuneiform and told the spawn of Lucifer
The shoelessness of his backside we had a solution for
We rise at the end like a standing ovation
Lay it on thick for those with thin patience
Keep in touch with the good like holding
Newborn babies
All the while spittin' sicker than a mouth full of rabies
Our maybes are certain
No closing of curtains
Our maydays are milkshakes for the social still forming
From storming to norming to fighting to see a new day

[Jonny 5]
We stand for the Wii like Nintendo tennis
In the land of the free
Revolution is key quinoa lentils spinach
And we're about to change the game
Treat it like a scrimmage
Preach to the choir when the minister's finished
Speak and inspire like Dennis Kucinich
Reaching for hire like the apprentice
Leaving 'em red up and awe like dentists
Perking up antennas
It's worth a shot man tetanus
To overturn the sentence
Making records
Book worldwide
Like Guinness
Your witness

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Flobots Stop The Apocalypse Comments
  1. Now Loading

    they lost it on this album swing and a miss


    Great flow, original lyrics, creative instrumental, powerful meaning. Am I missing something?

  2. Athena Vafiadis

    "Stop stop stop the apac pac pacalypse"
      #Supernatural season 5 :)  

  3. nahid falsename

    Did you know rhymes normally rhyme?

  4. coolboyz444

    your words my be flowing,
    but there not fast enough ,
    to handle the beast of rhyme,
    I'm picking up the speed and beat you till your down at my feel,
    seeing this rhymes above are a crime,
    they can make you go bline from there lack of rhyme

  5. nahid falsename

    damnnnn nice

  6. Six retards playing the political game

    Poetry be flowin',
    But most of it's blowin,
    These losers need class,
    in fact, they're rhymes are made of glass,
    thinkin' they can slam a rhyme,
    imma' cook 'em up with a pinch of thyme,

    Owen Miya

    Mkay I know I’m late but let’s see you make quality songs hmm? Not just songs but songs as deep as many of flobots songs? Think you can do that? Do you think writing songs is easy?

  7. Michael Lucas

    No jackass this iszthea new Truth a better way then before

  8. Leon Spade

    Your Not The God Of Anything, Your Not Helping My Race [I Assume You Mean Species] And You Sure As Hell Didnt Get Us This Far, Your Not The Author Of My Language, You Probally Dont Even Know What The Prefix "Al" Means [Dont Try To Prove Me Wrong, Because You Have Google Right There, I Wouldnt Believe You] I Hate When People Just Put Down Words That Rhyme But Theyre Completely Stupid, Thats Just Making Up A Rhyming Story, Spit The Truth Or Shut Up

  9. Rippin Stitches

    .. What the hell are you talking about?

  10. aaron shelley

    im jus gonna finish both of you
    twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder how u r up above the world so high like a daimond in the sky
    woop woop

  11. therealearthmunkey

    Stop, stop, stop the Apoc-poc-pocalypse

  12. skiddlecrumms

    And the title at that lol.

  13. CarouselBlind

    i didn't realized this came from a child book

  14. Alan Merkwood

    Clever that was
    Mind if I join?
    One fish
    Two fish
    Red fish
    Blue fish
    Old Fish
    New Fish

    BAM... OWNED

  15. Mdarst25

    Mario Brothers

    We rhyme like no other.

    I go and tell you mother

    if you correct another.

    I've had it with these trolls

    My nerves are up to here.


    Well I'm about to,

    and that's that shit you fear.

  16. Rus Cordova

    Sickest drum Intro ever!

  17. mrgolamhossein

    Love it.

  18. Kunschner

    I believe you mean "plane"

  19. CherishYourShadow

    "You're" isn't the same
    You don't just remain
    Continuing to stammer
    Ongoing in this plain
    Without Grammar,
    You're Insane.

  20. fllnlvs

    hehe not really. I just thought my opinion and rhymed it. but I'm glad someone can apreciate the intended flow. the flobots have revealed that lyricists live on, and I seek to be a lyricist as well.

  21. TheGhost IsNear

    lololol Clever.

  22. fllnlvs

    had to get more comments on a flobot vid, so i tried to rhyme "Prohibition, cocaine" with "you're missions have no brain". it's working so far. keep commenting until the world can find good music.

  23. CherishYourShadow

    Your*...The irony.

  24. fllnlvs

    @ first 2 comments:

    you're missions have no brain

  25. Diana SUNSHINE Wulf


  26. katie markley