Flobots - Sides Lyrics

This is more than an idea (sing it), oooh
Show me all of who you are (sing it), oooh

[Verse 1]
A voice from the wilderness
Detroit and Port-au-Prince
Building the movement from the basic ingredients
Immediate response, the reaction to the chemicals
Screaming compassion from the tracks of the tennis shoes
When academics trapped in academies
Won't renew movement or produce strategies
Opening the data stream
That we teach me how to fill
Built a resistance to opiates and imbeciles

I hate to take a side
I've got to take a side
When it's time to take a side
Stand up for what is right
Or should I say left?
Cause that's usually where I find myself
Aligned for the future that we're trying for
Slogan on my sign board
Look across a line
You're tired, you're scared, you're working overtime
War fatigues, Christ Lord
Another giant's born
Midwifed by the phantoms that we're crying for

For (sing it), oooh

[Verse 2]
How the West is, how the West is
Show 'em how the west is
One for my dreams
Two for my doubts
Three for the people that've been left out
Four for the love that can save us
Five for the names on the grave, Troy Davis
Six for the pain
Seven for the patience
Eight for the strains of the tough conversations
Nine for the kids on the front lawn racing
To ten, the joy that can never be taken

For all the life we've forsaken
Times I've mistaken
The side that I've taken
And the life that I'm makin'
But in this demonstration's
The time I lack patience
[?] violence play favorites
[?] and still didn't show up
When justice hit the streets the definition didn't hold up
Why we are divided, the reason that we're fighting
What a human life, the meaning of hasad is

I can't tell you where to go (sing it), oooh
You are never on your own (sing it), oooh

We'll live on when we are gone
We'll be everywhere at once

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Flobots Sides Comments
  1. Secreus

    Arguably the best song in the whole Flobots discography

  2. Austin Love

    Love this band with a pasion.

  3. Leon Spade

    Awesome vocals

  4. Neil Krob

    GUNS ARE FUN and SO ARE GAY FAMILIES but as Americans you cant be cool with both. DO your DOOTIE and pic a side. (or don't (yeah dont (please don't (or do (just don't act so victimized about it (unless you are gay, or are suffering or dead from a gun shot wound.))))))

  5. vampireprince5006

    Smoke a j and listen to this album your mind will be opened to new extremes

  6. sikkazzfool89

    FLOBOTS. that is all...

  7. Peanut Butter Caramel Sin

    1 person flipped to the other side

  8. Khaanman

    Holy crap

  9. bradley wood

    too underrated

  10. Joe Opaleski

    Thanks for putting these on so soon!