Flobots - Philia (Prelude) Lyrics

Let me fail and falter
Let my heartbeat alter
Let me fall and fumble
Let my soul be humble

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Flobots Philia (Prelude) Comments
  1. The_Protector Of_Smols

    Most of thier old stuff is blocked that pisses me off

  2. I'm A Bendy-Toe

    These guys are inspiring and amazing!! I wish that they got way more attention than they do.

  3. J K

    Why are like, half of the songs on Fight with Tools blocked in the US?

    Joao Freire

    Why indeed....

    Josh Hiles



    I think you know why...😢


    I mean... I think that should answer itself. Cause over half the songs are "freedom fighter" type of songs.

    Hyena The Weirdo

    And this is bringing you to todays sponsor nordvpn... xd

  4. Ricky Kilmer

    Right on.

  5. SligitySlone

    My favorite band of all time

  6. stephan patrick

    Much needed man I've been waiting for these guys to return

  7. 7 Second Survivalists

    They are back! I never thought they'd be back!

    Alexander Loves All

    7 Second Survivalists I saw them live in June, gotta love my town


    ikr wtffff?! good they're back, we need them more than ever