Flobots - Loneliness Lyrics

[Jonny 5]
A flicker of a light in an empty home
Bickering at night and you end up cold
I wanna let the right brain retain control
The rhyme inspires most when it's 5 minutes old
There's a feeling that I get when it's sad and it's grey
Reminds me of times way back in the day
They wouldn't call me back
They didn't wanna play
I ask my stepmother if it ever goes away
So I'm sending you a message with text
That doesn't really say it's an SOS
Yes so I guess that I press those numbers
To summon for a presto
Grow less number
Looking forwards I spring into summer
And wonder if you would lay around like lumber
And supports me like a funder
Paying attention to my pain and tension
We all have forces pulling us under
But somewhere beneath this world torn asunder
We smell the storm before the thunder
And bring angles down to earth like sunder
And when it bursts, the loneliness hurts like hunger

Why don't you tell 'em about the loneliness?

[Brer Rabbit]
Where did my joy go?
I'm chewin' at its vapors
Hiding from the light
With this basement as my base
The opposite of a smiling face
I pile on disgraces
Say amazing grace
To chase down whatever this taste is
I' a tweeter with a blown cone
Wonder where the bass is
Drawn to you on a path of penciled promises
Found my feet inside erasers
Praises to Rafael and St. Rita
Try to breathe and gasp
Try to seize and grasp
And breathe my last
Don't even ask if you can counsel me
I'm a lone wolf so I wear wolf wear wool
Like lycanthropy
Cut connections with irreverence
I slither in and sever us
I wanna be the boy who lived
But never have no trust to give
I must admit through busted lips
I've sunken ships and rusted bridges
Cut slow to the quick
And lost myself to split decisions
Multiply by my divisions
Round down for the placement
Who's he?
Just me
Alone in that basement

Why don't you tell 'em about the loneliness?

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