Flobots - Happy Together Lyrics

Imagine me and you, I do
I think about you day and night
It's only right
To think about the girl you love,
and hold her tight
So happy together

If I should call you up
Invest a dime
And you say you belong to me
And ease my mind
Imagine how the world could be
So very fine
So happy together

Imagine me and you
I do but I'm thinking too much and I'm studying how they toss the dice
It had to be simpler back in the day when our folks were
pretty certain they could find someone
Now none of it's assigned
We just want a date
Whether deaf or blind or dumb
I look at your number and wonder if I should call you up
And invest a dime in a message with text that doesn't belong to me
but it would ease my mind
to know if the songs I'm singin' are in a key
that you can comprehend
in tune with the thoughts you're pondering
if so we can both stop wondering if, and
be together like Donner and Blitzen
but all reindeer games aside
it's like right when you came here, I came alive
it's like everything else was a glimpse of you
Giving hints and clues of where your name resides
Now that I've found you, it's changed the vibe
Shattered through all the blame, fear, pain, and pride
Doesn't matter who calls and invests a dime
They get a message saying "we're staying inside"
Cause I imagine, you and me could make music beautifully
Could make moves never lose the beat
I can imagine the food that we choose to eat
I see it all like a view from a movie seat
and imagine you and me
never knew that we
were never more than a few degrees
and how good it would prove to be,
but the waiting is over I finally found you and

I can't see me loving nobody but you
For all my life
When you're with me
Baby the skies will be blue
For all my life

Me and you
And you and me
No matter how they toss the dice
It had to be
The only one for me is you
And you for me
So happy together

Imagine me and you
and you and me
no other way for we to be
toss these dice eventually
these snake-eyes spells a tragedy
and I release unhappily
the magic now a fantasy
there's another one for me than you,
and some other one for you than me
and that's the way it has to be,
an uncompleted masterpiece,
deleted canvas atrophy
cut by 'nother after me
a silent wound whose lips confess
Love's loss under Love's duress
A curse confessing hope
and then reverse the blessing emptiness
This hollow whole won't coalesce
Regrets emote from hole in chest
as less remote emotions pull from
cavities, growing depths
I have it easy knowing this
Together we will never fit
So I'd rather bind my mind with rhymes
than blind my eyes and sever it

I can't see me loving nobody but you
For all my life
When you're with me
Baby the skies will be blue
For all my life

Ba ba ba ba ba ba da ba ba da ba
ba da ba ba [x2]
(ba ba ba ba ba ba da ba ba)

Me and you
And you and me
No matter how they toss the dice
It had to be
The only one for me is you
And you for me
So happy together
We're happy together
How is the weather
So happy together

And I don't know and I can't think
and I'm so smote that I can't speak
and I look at the picture I have in my head and
I won't doze and I can't sleep
and it's so good that I'm knocked out
and your quotes get put in my thoughts now
and there's nobody else to distract me
cause you've got me on lock down
and it can't stop and it won't stop
and we rock on, leavin' shows stopped
so thank you for comin' tonight everyone,
We're the Flobots

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Flobots Happy Together Comments
  1. Ryan Lawrence

    How many understand he's explaining the deception of modern day love, with a piece from a historical song about true love. It's Vibes for me honestly. Be forward with your feelings if you don't want to be friendzoned, but never assume by thoughts and feelings it's a forever. Let it be slow and for me. If it's my Gods will, then so be.

  2. Nicholle Petrova

    Still disappointed I don’t have a hard copy of this anywhere. I love this song and I need YouTube to listen to it? Eek.

    Skyler Ficklin

    Nicholle Petrova SAME! ^^

  3. AsTheWorldSpinsAgain

    Oh hey, never knew Flobots covered this

  4. PGH

    I'm late to the show as always, but this is just.....well, awesome.

  5. lucas nicolas De Vita

    Who else is here because of detective pikachu's trailer???

    Grim Side the Pug King

    Haven't even seen it

  6. Nicole Lovera

    Ha de ser bonito que alguien te dedique esta canción.

    Alejandro Loredo

    La verdad si x'd

  7. LucKiXCX

    3:00 - 3:10 really got to me made me cri

  8. saleh sait

    Wow. Copy cats af.


    A cover = Copying? So Nirvana is a copycat for covering 'The man who sold the world', and any other cover song is stealing? are you retarded?


    It's called a cover, dumbass, and a cover with their own twists. Tons of bands have made covers, and they typically get some sort of permission. And they tend to be because they loved the original and wanted to make a tribute to them in their own style.

  9. Arby Fabiano

    I'll love you till the day I die, Ava.

  10. Jeejhay Ellibased

    i LIKE this song so much . i want to dedicate this to @CHRISTINE ANN GOMEZ :) .. BEST EVER song .

  11. SendMeNoodles

    999th like :/

  12. Ams_

    If anyone is interested in a group recommendation,checkout Eyedea and Abilities.

  13. Dávid Demeter

    why didn't they release it?? can't find it on spoti or anywhere else than youtube :(

    S. Stevens

    If you want to download it, just use a "youtube to mp3" service. It's pretty easy.


    do you realize how shitty this audio quality is?

  14. Oscar Castillo

    We couldve been ..happy together

  15. master skills

    Best song eva

  16. jonnie rice

    Wow I love this song makes me remind me of my days of when i was reminded up being just fucked

  17. Laurie Ann Kortsch

    that was fuckin awesome!

  18. Jake, nigga c:

    I love you

  19. Ethan & Ryan Glass

    Who are the disgusting people that disliked this?

  20. rebecca nash

    rap is the best story i have heard

  21. thelozplayer



    thelozplayer L

    BlankNametag Studios

    thelozplayer the original is the turtles. That's another version.

  22. Leon Spade

    Recommended Videos?

  23. Manuel Achoraled

    it kinda felt listening to the rap part, but it's pretty good. i still prefer the original version though.

    Cesar Duran

    Manuel Achoraled it kinda felt what?

  24. Max Bunker


    The Only Psyloke

    Max Bunker it's a song by the Turtles you dumb ass

    BlankNametag Studios

    Max Bunker the original is by the turtles dumbass. Also, this is another version and this one version is Flobots. Beatles have a strong accent and they don't rap.

  25. orango123

    Which is a cover of the original The Turtles song :P

  26. Chelcy Etienne

    I thought good Charlotte sang this

  27. Halley Ranger

    How can anyone shatter a song like this?

  28. xGingerChildx


  29. Risen Eternally


  30. Nadab Castillo

    One day the song will rule the world.

  31. Steven Moutray

    I knew this was a cover. I meant when was this recording released? Was it also a single, was it a bonus track, etc. I didn't know about Iraq, though, so thanks for that.

  32. Cookedtoastprod

    This is a cover . but they added a lot of their own Lyrics. Iraq was a single I believe I'm not really sure.

  33. Steven Moutray

    I love Flobots, so this might sound like a huge noob question, but where do these songs come from? This song and some other ones, like Iraq (I think), aren't on any of their albums.

    Zac Spell

    They released an ep way back with jetpack, Iraq, and Ontomatopoeia on it, I assume this was also on it, The Moon also

  34. Val Lem

    haha..i woke up singing this:)


    This makes you interesting to me |:

  35. Eli Stratton

    To my ex :(

  36. Eli Stratton

    If I could like this song more than once.. I would

  37. NarutoUzumaki217

    i wonder why people dislike videos. if you don't like it then don't watch it


    I've wondered that a lot. I've literally never disliked a YouTube video in my whole life.

  38. WhatThePinoy

    @Xomsabre U r so right cavities

  39. Michah Mccullough

    It better!!

  40. AllyAbsinthe

    Either you've never actually HEARD the original, or you didn't listen to this song... But either way, it's not just a cover, no.

    Sara Patrick

    Right lol, for sure not a cover!!

  41. Sir Onyx

    true but it just them covering the song

  42. Mathew McQuay

    Yes, this is the Flobots. I went to a live show and saw them perform this song. No doubt about it. Been there since the beginning.

  43. Mathew McQuay

    You are right. It is, indeed, cavities.

  44. momoProjects

    it is the flobots, with johnny 5 and all them

  45. Xomsabre

    Uhh....at 2:33 it sounds "As less remote emotions pull from cavities growing depths", I could be wrong, you could be right, but I do not hear an r there in gravities/cavities. It also makes more sense that cavities would grow deep, instead of gravities (not to mention that it's an actual word), and to avoid the foreseen 8 year old troll that will ask what this song has to do with teeth, a cavity is a hole in anything (not juts teeth) a canyon can be described as a cavity, as can a mole hill...

  46. RandomCiara1996

    LOL listen to more than the first 30 seconds next time :)

  47. Suzie Léger

    Me trying of singing it at the same time of the singer.... Never try again

  48. AllyAbsinthe

    What are you talking about?

  49. Jess Baumung

    i just got rickroled

  50. ThatTrojanMaN

    he was talking about how people only like certain people and dont even want to listen to songs with an open mind i mean everybody listens to a type of music on the radio and they go on and on in the trend and never look back at the good stuff i mean have you heard whats on the radio its all crap of course in my opinion

  51. georgelopez180

    imade one last week

  52. Josh

    @grose34 Haha! Its not like I haven't heard that one 1000 times or so! Clever! :/

  53. Actual Grizzly Bear

    thats funny the counter must be broken because its only shown the number of times ive watched it

  54. James Conkie

    @grose34 because apple is evil.

  55. LoonvanDahl

    ist ja n cooles lied:-)

  56. blanebraker

    two years old and 5 dislikes,amazing,just is like that cause THIS SONG ROCKS

  57. Jimmy J

    @grose34 Its not their original song so they cant make profit off it.

  58. Actual Grizzly Bear

    why the hell is this not on itunes!?!?!?!?!!?

  59. Joe Momma

    @bloodfag2 lol ok cuz i was hella confused

  60. Joe Momma

    @bloodfag2 your 11 and your channels name is"bloodfag2" wow

  61. akrakin

    The just beat the turtles

  62. ChristIsKing33

    @TheFireMiner Remix/Cover. Either way, its EXCELLENT!

  63. Larry Van Doren

    This song is definitely not a cover. Notice how the lyrics are completely different. Adaptation?

  64. lauren gheorghe

    The Turtles will always rock this song. No one can beat the original..

    Ricky Bobby

    LOL gtfo

  65. azguitarist67

    @xxXxMaRbEaRxXxx Its their cover of this song. its originally by The Turtles.

  66. Connor Siemer

    I think theres something wrong with this video, I keep refreshing but it only shows the amount of times I watched this video

  67. Sarah Rockwood

    why the hell is this song not in iTunes??!!!!

  68. DubulWalz

    @captaincabeman sir, that 50 cent reference was even more unnecessary, 50 doesn't even receive such hype. Never was hyped over what he deserved. But this was 8 months ago, lol. #FLOBOTS

  69. Nolan Mcconnell

    why is nicki minaj a suggestion for when i listen to this song

  70. mrmusicisthefuture

    @mrmusicisthefuture No the turtles wrote the song. The beatles might have done a cover, but the song happy together was written by the turtles, it knocked the #1 song by the beatles "Penny Lane" off the charts for three weeks.

  71. crazy4burrito

    @mrmusicisthefuture it was first done by the beatles... not the turtles

  72. johnothetree

    nice use of Papyrus lol

  73. mrmusicisthefuture

    this song was originally done by the turtles, and the turtles sang it better.

  74. Victoria Batiz

    @bloodfag2 they broke up....

  75. Stank the Kid


  76. TheAdventurousCow

    @MsSuperjj18 obviously the channel's name.

  77. MrPhish21

    @yorkviolet no this is a cover

  78. a9Bunds

    Daaamn this makes me think abt mah girllfrienddd yo

  79. Superjj18

    whats dvjaca

  80. godtheonyt

    @captaincabeman it was neccessary and good point!

  81. PsychOut

    @nodyajf You are indeed Frist, hats off to you sir or madam! :D

  82. DantenationTV

    @yorkviolet i think "the turtles did that"

  83. urban degenerate

    @captaincabeman 50 cent wtf......

  84. BandGeekXP

    this is just pure awesomeness

  85. Sebastian

    i played this song for my girlfriend, best idea ive ever had

  86. crazy4burrito

    The song will soon rule the world.

  87. captaincabeman

    FUCK that one person. Hahaha. It would've been 33 likes and 0 dislikes but one fagmaster was like, "Herrr hey dis ain't no beiber or 50 cent duuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr". (I apologize for the beiber reference. it felt necessary).

  88. Lizard

    Oh wow. I started singing this song, thinking it was a cover, and I ended up loving it better than the regular Happy Together.

  89. blessedangel1972

    Love it....!!!!

  90. Javier Mendivil

    fifth and its spelled FIRST.

  91. Daniel Perez

    they killed it

  92. Nate

    @OHno0er I'm thrid.

  93. Lilian B.

    @nodyajf Frist..?