Flobots - Blood In The River Lyrics

There is blood in the river

How could you wear that
Don't you even care that
Aren't you aware that
Someone may be scared that
You might belong to
Don't know if you're going to
Please tell me that you'd never want to
Even if they taunt you
Don't let the demons haunt you
I know you know that it'd be wrong to
Even after everything we've gone through
You're not alone there are so many who are drawn to
The other side you wanna place your burdens onto
I know your blood is in the river that's what bonds you
I hear your voice in everyone you sing this song to

You wanna talk
Or talk about it
I'm on top of the mountain shouting
The tears in the river are
Accounting for this downpour
The blood floods the gutter
The gutter struggle is where the blood reeks
And they couldn't find him
Where the shots and the slugs speak
Gun me in the streets in broad daylight
King, what was wrong is now right
And the right is now wrong
And the lambs no longer silent
Keep on singing this song
When the people fiend
Never knowing that they can be strong
Don't know the names of these psalms
But the make of these bonds
Is the same
Dang cable that could table aslan
I'd be lying if I said my pride
Could never be wrong
That's why we wade in the water
But it's staining the clothes
Cause the blood of the slaughter it remains
On our souls
So tides of tomorrow is where we're placing our hopes

I know you've felt the trauma
Witnessed struggle heaped upon
As raw emotions buried deep as bodies broken speak
On this earth it's I alone
Live alone die alone
Looking for a flag to provide a home
Listen for a call hear dialtone
But I swear
Despite anything I think say or do
Or try to express but don't know how to
Despite everything I sing about you
I would be incomplete without

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Flobots Blood In The River Comments
  1. MsNooneinparticular

    This & "Rattle the Cage" are my faves. Good shit, and very timely.

  2. Joel Swetz

    I am going to buy this album

  3. Natalie Baecker

    I wish songs about true shit actually got more attention than bragging about money, drugs, and objectifying women. Flobots are sooooo underrated.

  4. Matthew Lee

    The thumbnail reminds me of laputa from studio ghibili


    I think it's heavily inspired.

  5. Nehir Harris

    I dont know why but this song reminds me ...

    Period ?

  6. Gus Hersey

    The only musical album i want to buy. Everyone buy the album from the flobots site

  7. Chase Wood

    I love this album, it's sad that more people don't know about robots.

    Chase Wood



    Robots hahahahah

  8. Letooouriste

    I appreciate the work, thank you. Such an amazing album by the way