Fleetwood Mac - When You Say Lyrics

When you say
That you know
Of all the good times to come

When you say
That there'll alway be
You and me

When I say
That I know
Of all the good time to come

When you say
That there'll always be
You and me

La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la

La la la la la la
La la la la la la

When you say
That you know
Of all the good times to come

When you say
That there'll alway be
You and me

When I say
That I know
Of all the good time to come

When you say
That there'll always be
You and me

La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la

La La La, La La La...

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Fleetwood Mac When You Say Comments
  1. jett woodward

    No.Then Play On was NOT the first Fleetwood Mac album to feature Danny.English Rose was the first and then FM In Chicago and the compilations Mr.Wonderful and Pious Bird Of Good Omen.They all came out BEFORE Then Play On.

  2. Matt The Cat

    I hate that they leave all of these old members out when they induct these bands into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  Dany Kirwan, Bob Welch and Peter Green should have been included.

  3. Susan Doran

    I would honestly like to know how 21 people could have thumbs-downed this song? My guess they only know Stevie Nicks era Fleetwood Mac and think this sounds like hippie music.

  4. Torbjørn Lund

    Terribly boring.

  5. Gang of Eagles

    One of the best albums ever made IMO. Every song is a miracle, from alpha to omega.

  6. ervbefel nareik

    This album has some other worldly quality about it.. I can imagine a world where this man is riding his horse in his own world with this album on a continuous loop playing for eternity! haha Om shanti

    ervbefel nareik

    Danny you were a beautiful soul and your voice is precious RIP

  7. Ojos Locos

    i want this to play at my wedding

  8. Gerard de Bie


  9. Denis Evans

    Rest In Peace Danny

  10. Alfie Henshall

    Nice song, the guitar is very hank marvinish and thats not a bad thing, hank had a nice tone as does danny. R.I.P

  11. TR Ship

    RIP Danny. Beautiful legacy.

  12. Benjamin Z.

    R.I.P. Danny Kirwan

  13. J Dubbiyou

    On hearing of his passing, I raise a toast to you tonight, Danny; RIP

    Anthony West

    @jett woodward little later in his career still a good one. Used to have one of his taste albums too

    jett woodward

    @Anthony West Yeah.I've listened to some of Taste. They surprised everyone at a festival by how good they were and got to be filmed.

    Anthony West

    @jett woodward on the boards album. Great

    jett woodward

    @Anthony West Okay. Rory should at least be considered for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and even though nobody outside of England or the 70s Preservation Society remembers him,does CLIFF RICHARD'S 62 YEARS as a singer and former status as England's Elvis mean nothing? And the Shadows too. They were pioneers like Elvis,Chuck,Jerry Lee and Little Richard. Okay.They didn't make it in America in 1962 because while they were unique in England,there were too many acts like them in America. The Shadows were one of many bands that played instrumental rock in America back then and their version of "Apache" then got unfairly knocked off the charts by that Jorgen guy and the Ventures and Dick Dale had the rest of that market cornered in America and Cliff didn't stand out in America because he didn't quite have Frankie Avalon's wit or Ricky Nelson's starry-eyed guilelessness. He wasn't unique in America and so he never made it here until he ironically raised the eyebrows of his fellow Christians and did "Devil Woman" in 1976, but he changed a line from"I know just what I became here for." to "I don't know what I came here for." Cliff has always been jealous of the Beatles for making it in America since their sound was more unique,but Cliff was a pioneer and he deserves to be in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. And Bob Welch should be there with the rest of Fleetwood Mac.

    jett woodward

    @Anthony West I guess he didn't do "Lawdy Miss Clawdy." I can't find any singles before 1958.

  14. Tele Rooo

    This is one of Danny's songs.      BUT listen to Albatross - with all three guitarist: Peter, Danny, and Spencer contributing.            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmuRc1Ypw9w    Truly BEAUTIFUL...……..R.I.P.  Danny......

    J Dubbiyou

    Jeremy didn't play on Albatross (only faked one of Peter's bits in a video shoot to promote the song)

    Tele Rooo

    sure looks like Spencer playing slide, which he played a lot, in the video. but maybe it was all a lip sync video.

    Tele Rooo

    If you watch the youtube video I put the link to, it looks like, to me, that Spencer is playing slide parts with them Live. But who knows maybe it's just a lip sync video. I don't know who the woman was who introduces them or what show that was from.

  15. Rob W

    Thanks for all the great music, Danny. RIP.

  16. navynugget7

    RIP Danny!

  17. Bart Collart

    An interesting version of this song on Christine McVie's 1970 solo effort, "The Legendary Christine Perfect Album" (produced by Kirwin).

  18. JimmyJoeization

    Very nice. Was this put on notation? Did Danny and the band read music?

  19. Andrew Stoner

    La, la, la, la, la...see ya>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  20. Aurelio Gago

    great song of Danny Kirwan for Christine Perfect.

  21. Walter Shebib

    great follow up to Kiln House

    Steve Horan

    Then Play On preceded Kiln House.

  22. Walter Shebib

    these are the golden years of Fleetwood mac English blues

  23. Sean Augustine March

    Nobody writes songs like Danny's. I feel they all just came from his subconscious. Just like how nobody writes like Roy Orbison did. I love most iterations of Mac, but danny's years were such sad under appreciated genius years. Without him, i cant imagine them lasting long enough to find lindsay and stevie.

    Milton Mac

    Sean March Danny doesn't get the credit he deserves

    james lujack

    Roy Buchanon

  24. Jon Snider

    A very amazing songwriter. Wish I had his lyrical and melodic chops!

  25. Gino Privitera

    leggendaria ballata con quel la la la la la che non si dimentica.....g

  26. Rob Hansult

    Nice! Love the Danny tunes. Hearing this for the 1st time(!?!) . . . this song, & My Dream weren't included on my US version of the album (Oh Well Parts I & II were subbed).

  27. Louise O'Shea

    I could do Danny all day. I feel he had something magic even Peter Green didn`t have.

    Rob Hansult

    Different. They both had their own magic. I like them equally. Peter certainly was a better straight Blues writer/guitarist. Danny had a unique voice in his writing, & playing. Honestly I probably listen to the Danny stuff a little more. Kiln House, Future Games, & Bare Trees are 3 of my all-time favorite albums, regardless of genre.


    Danny had a distinct Englishness about him!

    jett woodward

    @Rob Hansult Yeah Peter and Danny especially went in different directions in their solo careers.

  28. Gerard Hermann

    "Then play on" and "Kiln House" are the two best albums by the original Fleetwood Mac before Nicks and Buckingham joined the band.

    Milton Mac

    Gerard Hermann Every FM album with Danny Kirwan was the best Fleetwood Mac album.

    Frank Vivian

    Except Green wasn’t with the band for Kiln House. Then Play On was his last album with them

  29. stwads

    One of Danny's most beautiful songs!

  30. gHSTS & gUITARS

    Really rocking the tones of these soundscapes!

  31. phoatoh joe

    Danny's music inspires me to be a better person

    Jose Gomez

    Good to hear.

    jett woodward

    Very nice.

  32. James Prichard

    @gilbert Ramos I remember peter's comments about the way danny recorded his songs alone , and so did Peter. Peter gave danny credit for albatross and underway and oh we'll part 1, and danny asked peter to add a lead to world in harmony. Fleetwood Mac has great guitarists and singers( and rhythm superstars) and backing vocals by Jeremy and Christine and danny fit very well, whereas Peter and danny singing together is rare. Peter sang so beautifully, and so did danny . I pray all the time for a miracle for danny


    +James Prichard Thanks James, for your unflagging support of a forgotten superstar.

    Susanne Roepke

    He is the miracle.

    J Dubbiyou

    Recording alone was more true of Danny than Peter. Kirwan is featured on most but not all of Green's later day Mac tunes. Albatross, Oh Well pt 1, Man Of the World, Green Manalishi. I don't recall them singing together except Like Crying


    Green knew what he was doing by adding Kirwan

  33. James Prichard

    Danny produced Christine's version of his song , directed strings , and plays on it. He worked with Tramp and Otis Spann , as well as completing his initiation of writing half of the next Fleetwood Mac release-- ' then play on'

    Gilbert Ramos

    @James Prichard  Are Danny & Peter doing harmony here or did Danny overdub his harmony part? You're appreciation of Danny is heartfelt. I salute you.

  34. ritter89

    My friend recently tuned me into their earlier work. I'd only been familiar with the late 70s stuff. Decent album, good song

    Milton Mac

    ritter89 Your friend rocks

  35. harvey1954

    This song was on some versions of the Then Played On album. Depends on whether Oh Well was on it.

  36. harvey1954

    Danny did not write this tune, Christine McVie did and did it her on solo album before she joined Fleetwood Mac. Great tune.

    Dan Michaels

    It is credited to Danny Kirwan on the album. You are the first person I've heard mention this.


    You are right. She does do it on her solo album with Danny playing on her version, but he is the author.

  37. James Prichard

     danny is  the  world's  best  singer songwriter and guitarist 

    Jose Gomez

    James Prichard
    And now, he's in heaven.

    Jose Gomez

    James Prichard
    Danny will be missed.

    Charles Lindley


    Thomas Jensen

    Almost as good as Peter Green!!

  38. Aaron Wyatt

    Beautiful little piece.

  39. GeoKrpan

    Love that song.  Thannk you.

  40. george mb

    Beautiful song :)

  41. Robin Borïk

    Good news: this album has been re-released on cd last week, with the ORIGINAL U.K. track order, a very good remaster AND the bonus tracks Oh Well 1 + 2 and The Green Manalishi. I bought it and it's absolutely great.

  42. James Prichard

    @Dunn onu danny's tears silently expressed his love . your tears are a reflection of his. danny has quietly generated the most wonderful love and affection for us . we are very lucky.

  43. KostNalu

    Yes it is!

  44. Dunn onu

    I can't explain it, but there's something in this song that makes me feel like I'm about to burst out crying... It's so very simple, yet so touching... It's beautiful.

    jett woodward

    Well I don't know if I'd go quite that far but it's good.Check out Christine McVie's version of this song on her first solo album in 1970.The Christine Perfect Album.

  45. bobmango54

    Damn Danny, you're raking alot of views with this

  46. Iago B

    I just checked Wikipedia - it seems your version of the album is one of the US editions that got a couple songs deleted! :/

  47. serengiv

    After fighting for Madge, I have Like crying and Before the beginning at the end , but not When you say in between .

  48. serengiv

    No, it is not on the original album.But they have certainly added songs from a CD reedition .And that 's the one that you have

    I have the original LP, so I think I know what I say


    The first albums issued in September 1969 had it on. But when the single "Oh Well" was released in November 1969 and became a huge hit, the US album was reissued with "Oh Well" and this song was dropped to make room for it.

  49. Iago B

    yes it is!

  50. serengiv

    This song is not on the THEN PLAY ON album

  51. James Prichard

    he is an angel

  52. Crissy Soucy

    This was the 2nd album that featured Danny - He wrote and performed songs on the LP English Rose (American release)

  53. bobmango54

    Two dislikes? my ass


    bobmango54 prob stevie nicks fans

  54. TheBitterSweetgr


  55. Igor Aherne

    The world is just...

  56. vegystick

    The world is just