Fleetwood Mac - No Place To Go Lyrics

How many more year - have you got to wreck my life
How many more year - have you got to wreck my life
Well, the way you done me, gonna wreck my life

How many more time - you gonna treat me like you do
How many more time - you gonna treat me like you do
You spend all my money, all my lovin' too

Now I'm old and grey - Got no place to go
Now I'm old and grey - Got no place to go
You got yourself a youngster, you can't stand me no more

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Fleetwood Mac No Place To Go Comments
  1. MrBluzhound

    What a great band. It’s almost unfathomable to think Mick & John would have let their name be prostrated into that chick-pop band. They must be so looking forward to Mike Campbell joining the band.

  2. d p

    an no one mentions the donkey, odd ,. would make a good l.p. cover

  3. Boza Stamatovic

    The deep blues filling

  4. bob berry

    there wasn't plagirism until lawyers got greedy nobody mined....fact

  5. ken nelson

    Tied with Before the Beginning as my favorite Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac song. Absolutely awesome sound, Pete!!   : - )

  6. Blues Sevenfold

    Howlin' Wolf's rendition of this song is the best - but Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, at least, gave proper respect to the original. Unlike with Led Zeppelin...

    bryan seals

    Can't argue with that.

    Rob Hansult

    Agree ... but sure the fuck would have liked to have heard PG's guitar & CB's vox together ... maybe in an outside venue, since it may well have caved the friggin' roof in. :)


    Little Feat do a great cover of this also, but I think it may have been inspired by this recording.

  7. bella rattan

    I asked Philip milne about his father and his guitar,and he said,dennis play,hahahhahahahahahhahahhaplay it jimmy

  8. Blues Sevenfold

    This song does, indeed, sound a lot like Led Zeppelin's How Many More Times - although I think both songs were recorded at about roughly the same time. Maybe both bands were influenced by the same blues musician(s) when recording this song. Seriously, though, I've been so addicted with this song lately. And I think this is the better era of Fleetwood Mac.

    bryan seals

    The oriinal Fleetwood Mac knocked spots off Led Zeppelin. This is a great song.


    Zeppelin's version kicks serious ass actually, if you can't admit that you are delusional lol..


    You're opinions are just that...Who cares which politician Clapton supported, just go listen to some Mayall's Bluesbreakers w/Clapton, then you should have no questions about his love for the blues..
    And to disrespect Led Zeppelin as a true music fan is pure idiocy..
    Did you ever consider that Led Zeppelin may have turned thousands of kids ONTO Howling Wolf and other blues artists that they may have never heard otherwise??

    matt sinco

    Blues Sevenfold Without a doubt their best album.

    Lee Powell

    ok. https://www.americanbluesscene.com/2013/05/blues-law-robert-johnson-vs-the-rolling-stones/

  9. RAMLIA1


  10. Timothy Jett

    Primal....I can listen to this every day.....they don't make anything like it now....he came very close to howlin' wolf and john lee hooker with this one......

  11. 1960jefbot

    Again, you seem to have the habit of trying to degrade the wildly successful, while put up the "virtues" of "artists" no one has ever heard of...I will take LZ, FM, and of course SN above any "opinion" your poor drug addled mind can come up with....DIAF!

  12. ElectricFrogWizard

    Angry and sexual, well put!
    Keep walking on gilded splinters brother!


  13. TigahSoul

    neither version is shit. and LZ's version develops much more so in some respects shouldn't be compared to this. they're both great songs and i don't really see how you can like one but not the other

  14. TigahSoul


  15. Alt Delete

    The original Fleetwood Mac was one of the few English bands that really nailed American Blues. Even BB King praised Green's tone on that Les Paul and I must say I agree with him. It's angry and sexual, and thats the only way to play electric blues.

    Brett Brandstatt Official Channel

    Why don't people like you live near me? Peter Green's Mac is the best blues band ever. Period.

  16. MrFishinBoo

    I just love going checking my email and seeing that my inbox is showing replies from a comment I made over 7 months ago on some stupid Youtube video. But thank you. Your comment and your comment alone has made me a huge Fleetwood Mac fan and Zeppelin hater. Thanks for showing me the light oh wise one. Mission accomplished. Now go away.

  17. Teo Treska

    lol zeppelin owns shit...Fleetwood Mac's version just outshines zeppelin's one.

  18. Teo Treska

    Yeah sorry MrFishinBoo...Zeppelin's version is shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. How the hell can you even think that, let alone say it? You know crap about Fleetwood Mac, or even more you know nothing about Peter Green. You don't because you're fascinated with that show-off side of Zeppelin. No one has deleted the shit out of your comment, but your comment has shit all over it!

  19. familytunes1

    hey bow down to one of if not the greatest blues bands that was formed by nothing short of fuckin genius's startin with peter green whom was touted to be the best guitarists sharing an honor with the likes of hendrix,clapton,gallagher,and of course mr townshend with so many more there isnt enough room to post thanx

  20. aldus johansen

    to be fair though.. zeppelin and clapton both spent considerable periods in downtime due to drugs and there but for the grace of massive wealth wouldn't be in the shape they are today such as it is. not to take anything away from zep but their live shows from 75 to 80 were spotty and they only made three albums in 6 years when you consider that one disc of PG is out takes. whereas, for better or worse, 7 years takes you from FM's formation to Stevie Nicks.

  21. gjc82071

    I agree, but it all comes down to personal preference.

  22. gjc82071

    Led Zeppelin's version is better. Now remove the comment.

  23. Mick Ashworth

    Peter Green's version of this is an authentic tribute to Howlin' Wolf's original. Zepp's is an overblown travesty. Check out The Blue Riders on YT for another great live version

  24. mcschraub

    lol zeppelin owns this

  25. MrFishinBoo

    Yeah, sorry but Zeppelin's version is waaaaaaaaaaaay better. You can delete the shit out of this comment all you want, you can't change facts.

  26. Alt Delete

    @Ravenite1 I guess stole wasnt the word I meant but money and success doesnt come close to quality and innovation, not that Led Zeppelin didnt make fantastic songs Im just more of a blues purist you could say.. But for the record post Peter Green FM was garbage

    Brett Brandstatt Official Channel

    Absolute trash.

  27. Alt Delete

    @Ravenite1 Actually the forefather of all hard rock is Link Wray and even Page admitted to that, and Page also stole a lot of licks and material especially from his peers (Peter Green, John Mayall, Alexis Korner, and Clapton just to name a few)

  28. fieldfullofthistles

    @GrisGrisOnUrDoorStep Agreed - you can tell Peter had listened closely to the Wolf.

  29. Alt Delete

    Peter Green > Clapton

  30. GreaterGood510

    Very bluesy

  31. Alt Delete

    Howlin Wolf kicks all their asses but peter green is the shit and the original fleetwood mac is overshadowed by the later stuff which is garbage to me

  32. Robin Puglisi

    it beats garbage rock

  33. James Walton Ingham

    Peter...as great a harp-player as he was a guitarist! He still plays great blues-harp..

  34. max power

    @IceCubeJohnson i think holwin' wolf's version is better than em both

  35. mcschraub

    lol led zeppelin is better and hurry up and delete this

    evelyn johnson

    looks like everyone is ignoring you

  36. Ben W.

    Who cares which one is 'better'. Music isn't a competition, but a form of artistic expression. Just shut up and enjoy beggars.

  37. John Dough

    howlin wolf's original version is the best!

  38. D Chris

    I love Peter Green, but given a choice, I'd rather listen to Howlin' Wolf do this song. Then Peter, then ...

  39. TheHeliumkid

    @henrytdsimmons the song was taurus and randy california used to get pissed off about it

  40. IceCubeJohnson

    @codenameevan Gravity is an opinion, This is fact!

  41. Evan Hill

    @IceCubeJohnson Matter of opinion buddy.

  42. henrytdsimmons

    @strangeones4 The intro was definitely based on that song by spirit but the solo wasn't. The thing was, spirit was Led Zeppelin's support band on one of their American tours, jimmy probably heard it backstage in some drug addled state whilst being given head by a groupie. I doubt he remembered much when he came to write it... despite this, its still copied. Someone from spirit said that they didn't mind that it was copied, as they never made anything of it themselves... :D

  43. henrytdsimmons

    @strangeones4 It doesn't stop led zeppelin being good....

  44. Marcelo Matos

    @strangeones4 Well, stairway to heaven was elected the best guitar solo ever from the Guitar World Magazine. I mean, say that someone like Page stolen omething is not fair at all. Take a look at No Quarter Dvd (Page and plant only) and let me know what u think.

  45. IceCubeJohnson

    Anyone else who says "led zeppelin's version is better" will have their comments removed... because that is simply not true, we can not let these lies spread.

    I guess Led Zeppelin is ok, but there is really NO comparison to Peter Green, Stan Webb(of Chickenshack), or Alvin Lee(Ten Years After).

    Fire Marvin Lewis, Mike Brown just die already

    IceCubeJohnson "if you don't follow my opinion then I remove your comment!" Fucking idiot lmao


    Zep’s ‘Version’ is great, IMO. It’s just an interpretation- just like this. Early Zep copied everyone’s stuff starting with Jeff Beck’s Yardbirds.

  46. jon bear

    Good song but Led Zeppelins version is much better. By a mile. I love the way people who dont like Zeppelin point out how Page stole so much from others but they never say how whatever he took he made better. This song cant even compare to Led Zeppelin's How Many More Times. BTW, Page is a better songwriter and guitarist than anyone he has every been accused of stealing from. When's the last time anyones covered a Zeppelin song and made it better than the original? Impossible task

  47. FlightoftheSpeedKing

    Page also wrote/ played on the track Becks Bolero before any Beck Group album came out, which in part clearly inspired a heavier sound which would appear on Truth. Sure he stole some *lyrics" and didn't credit, but almost every band to come out of late 60's Britain - hell, even earlier - were doing blues standards. At least Zep had more original/ exciting music. Page is also an all time great songwriter, which Peter could have been if not for his short career. Anyway, they're both great.

  48. FlightoftheSpeedKing

    While I do hold Fleetwood Mac in much higher esteem as a blues band then Zeppelin, and Green over Page, I think it's easy to forget that Page was on the scene just as long, if not longer, then most the other guys. Obviously upon the loads of studio work he did in the mid to late 60's he played with Jeff in the Yardbirds for a bit, where he formed much of his ideas for early Zeppelin and also probably got tons of blues influence.

  49. henrytdsimmons

    you have a fair point, but how many more times is a far better song than this.
    Page is very bad when is comes to Plagiarism.

  50. henrytdsimmons

    zeppelins version is better

  51. luchin15pe

    Wow ! this sounds like "How many more times" from Led Zeppelin (or is the other way round???)