Flaw - Out Of Whack Lyrics

maybe nobody told you about this life
maybe nobody answered your questions why
simple revelations they come in time
those liars told us things would all be fine
born out of whack give him something possible
you thought it would've mattered
not likely to change things we've come too far
where innocent young kids are put behind bars
but it's an easy decision banished so far
you're not as civil as you think you are
you say we're all born out of whack
well don't act so surprised how there's been
a lot going on
since you realized that we're all just kids trying
to get along
so answer one thing
are you gonna stay inside. are you gonna stay
inside of our minds?
are we all born wrong?

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Flaw Out Of Whack Comments
  1. So Sad

    This band is fu*king awesome

  2. Carlos ARAGA

    My sung of my life

  3. Joey Hawxhurst

    Ohhhhhhh Out of whack !!!

    Scott Fennell

    Payback was the best song ever!!

  4. ManOSalt

    more like Out of Thwack

  5. Hernán Vásquez

    Tremendous song!

  6. i may look human but am i

    2019 >\m/ this song is AMAZING!!!!

  7. OutAtTime X

    Still listening in 2018 👌

  8. Dustin Foster

    Born....out of whack
    Give him something possible
    You thought it would've mattered anyway

  9. M Gates

    This is when Flaw was at their best.. Too many lineup changes, and very basic song writing to take this band serious anymore.

  10. Dustin Kindhart

    4 people are obviously deaf

  11. Chris Spawn

    Underrated as fuck band.

  12. Minnie W

    Youre not as civil as you think you are

    Makis Lalakis

    True lyrics from the heart..

  13. Seth Cox

    damn right! they come up with some great stuff.

  14. ryanexsus

    This one of my favorite songs of this era right here.

  15. El Gerardo Edwardio

    Such an underrated band. This song blows away heaps of other shit they're trying to play on rock stations presently. No flaws here.


    sevendust and flaw. Two most underrated bands of ALL TIME. Seen them both live and its truly amazing!

    Juan Torres

    El Gerardo Edwardio now a days these current gay sissy rock bands dont have heart like the real rock bands of 95-2004 !!! Rock died in 2005 it was the last great year.

  16. El Gerardo Edwardio

    Flaw's best song in my opinion, I have listened to this on repeat several times.

  17. Nilther Francis

    Nice song !!!