Flaw - Away Lyrics

Though I've made an awful mess
I've found a way out
Keeps me sane and helps me not regress
I believe there's no other route
Cause when you're hurting and you're down you're at your worst
Misinterpreted or maybe your own self you cursed
Action works both through confidence won't align
Only fooling yourself thinking everything's just fine
You never opened up your mind anyway,
Afraid of what you might find safe to say
Be real and face all the fears that you may
It all works out someday

So sick of the same old shit, I'm in deep
and it's almost like there's no way out
But then a light of hope shines down upon me
I realize just how I gotta let it out

It's a pleasure that I'm in control
First time in my life
Doesn't matter how the ball rolls
I know I'll be alright

So sick of the same old shit, I'm in deep
and it's almost like there's no way out
But then a light of hope shines down upon me
I realize just how I gotta let it out

Music is a drug
And you know god if I could
I'd shoot it all day long

Though I've made an awful mess
I found a way out
It keeps me sane and helps me not regress
You see, I believe there is no other route

So sick of the same old shit, I'm in deep
and it's almost like there's no way out
But then a light of hope shines down upon me
I realize just how I gotta let it out

Music is a drug
And you know god if I could
I'd shoot it all day long

Though I've made an awful damn mess
I've found a way out...

Keeps me sane helps me not regress, so what's wrong [repeat]
Keeps me sane...


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    is u dislike this ill beat ur A/$/$

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    I blasted this song at full volume at 3am and my neighbors liked it so much they threw a rock at my window so they can hear it better.

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    Polacy lajkujcie!! Ciekawe ile nas jest

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    fly away *exits*

    random shop in china *bipity bobaty this is my property*

    [they actually played fly away no joke]

    Sonic Pranav

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    As a person getting his pilot license this is my song

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    God, do I wanna live in that background.

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    Veryy good

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    The dragon/s remind me of Zalama, that scene when whis is with beerus in space after they gather the planet balls. I wish I was In this castle. ☝🏻🍻

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    Do you think the fat rat is better than Alan Walker?

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    Here before 200,000,000 views. *Also, this is every Android mod/apk video ever.*

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    You make the best music what nobody has ever made

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    This song is really good like even some people use it for shadow fight2 and sometimes for montages also I love this song

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    That was a good job

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    So good

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    we're rising, we're falling, we'll make it throuuuugh~
    we're climbing, we're soaring, a billion viewwwws~

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    :O i didnt know this song was from the fatrat !! Im a fan btw ♡♡

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    nice music wow nice music

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    Que vicioooooooooo

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    yo me enamore de esa voz ;(

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    alguien por dota wrf ?

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    Its disappointing that there is only one language for this, song which is why I wanted many different versions for this one.

  50. el verdestro pro

    aunque no lo crean tengo un amigo que es youtuber como yo,
    apoyen su contenido,
    es muy fácil ya que no sube nada XD
    como sea apoyen a mi amigo su canal esta en la página de mi canal

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    Esta canción es la que inspira a ser youtuber
    -Con la frase lo lograremos miles de visitas

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    Eu mostrei essa musica pra minha tartaruga

    Ela virou uma nave espacial

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    Who is watching this in year 2019😂😂😂😂

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    Mui bien está música muito boa esa música god music

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    2020 woyyyy

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    Onestly, the best song i hear

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    listening to this in 2020....

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    2020 где русские субтитры

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    ❤❤❤❤❤Number 3 Best Music!!!

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    Great song and art

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    I love this song a lot it's so beautiful

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