Flatbush Zombies - Thugnificense Lyrics

[Hook x2: Zombie Juice]
Got some weed, roll it up
Got some danks, roll it up
Got some drank, pour it up
LSD you know what's up
High as hell, don't give a fuck [x3]
No coming down I'm going up

[Verse 1: Zombie Juice]
In the middle of your town with a pack of that stuff
Ain't from your town but I'm chopping it up
Just one phone call finna get you niggas stuck
Her pussy so good make a nigga want to floss it
You in the same lane, bitch I'm swerving getting nauseous
Niggas trying to shoot, but they bounce right off me
Flatbush junction my hood you can't fuck with
Fresh off the boat like this bomb ass ye
My team finna blow, shout out to the game
Badman, ain't got no words
I ain't trying to flex but if you say my name again
And you saw mothafucker I be praying for my enemies
Grab a bottle henny smoke a 50 simple chemistry
Down for the cause bitch I'm riding till the end of me
Down goes the ball, head off no feeling it.

[Hook: Zombie Juice]

[Verse 2: Zombie Juice]
I'm in love with the mic, engulfed in the life
All these wack ass rappers spitting all for the ice
Money can't buy swag
Funny nigga you a dummy
Money can drop fast
If you can't count sunny aw shit with the sleekness
27 cause woke up the next day made 20 grand more
Fucking with the zombies like Tyson to a jaw
I'm a high mothafucker come and box with the law

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Flatbush Zombies Thugnificense Comments
  1. Abel Velazquez

    254 people are fucking retarded

  2. Sasuke santana

    2020 🔥🔥🔥


    2020 still slapping this 💯💯❤️❤️FBZ4L

  4. Ryan Simcox

    This song just hits different off that white on white

  5. Phaze

    classic shit

  6. Smos_47

    2019 🔥🔥

  7. tone A

    2019 wya?? 💪

  8. denn7s

    still vibin

  9. Twizz The Whiz Kid

    Still vibing to this joint in 2019.

  10. Nafis Davis

    Why isn’t this on Apple Music

  11. Jane Arias


  12. Janice Griffin

    I am a true fan loved this song when it first came out I find myself coming back to FBZ

  13. Asma AFK

    All the times i have listened to Better off Dead and DRUGS, i never knew this song had a music video ! 😅😅

  14. John Kitson

    I dont see anybody in these commebt hatin. Yall need to shit the fuck up. Yall sum fuckin faggets

  15. george boyer

    What’s the sample at beginning

  16. rupendra shahi

    Looking at the comments like I know that y’all know that jewice is a legend nowww 🧟‍♂️ gang👁

  17. Nick Morin

    2019 and i still smoke to this song

  18. HippieSmashing -

    Juice fvckin mobin out in japan 🇯🇵 🔥🇯🇵

  19. HippieSmashing -

    Alright though, shit at the end. “Trippy”

  20. Harmz1229

    lolol fuck ur ads

  21. ComapaMarcos15

    Still listening to this! After meeting him along with Meech and Eric makes this song that much more special!

  22. Harmz1229

    God its so fun when ur young lol just chilling with the homiez doing dope shit hahah nobody ever gonna see this cause they aint real ones they dont know about this one

  23. Harmz1229

    Fuck I forgot about this banger thanks guys

  24. Tristan adventureprettymuchwhatever

    am i really the only one here who made the connection of the boondocks??? thug nificent???

  25. Dragon Balla

    *2019 BITCH!*

  26. Jose Becerra

    Alot of people don't get they are independent artist so they're qaulity wasn't as good

  27. Tito Bazi

    Still fire ohmyygawwwdddd

  28. Ken Hoffman

    LMAO 2:08 Meechy pointing in the exact opposite directions during "No coming down I'm going up"

  29. Obie

    Zombie God. Took a while for people to understand it.

  30. Nick Morin

    2019 anyone?

  31. Roswin Adams

    Zombie juice

  32. Mexican Armada

    Under stand

  33. Mada Strada

    this slaps hard af at 1.25

  34. James Bond



    "High as Hell, Don't give a fucc."

  36. Double tap Playz

    Auto tune is so underrated. Just like in big shrimp this auto tune is so fucking fire

    Double tap Playz

    People need to smoke more weed

  37. Jamie-Lee Jensen

    Never gets old 🔥
    November 2018

  38. Martin Carlin

    This floowww 🔥

  39. S. Yes

    Under rated

  40. Ovas Av

    still bumps

  41. Tapanga Soul

    I feel like the auto tune is used more as an effect than pitch correction. It was more for a trippy effect, than juice just completely singing off key and it AUTO- tuning him back on pitch.

  42. Zelice Shinoda

    Lml remember when this had like 720k views for 3 stright years only to finally reach 1M. Bout time

  43. Willie Pereda

    Juice is fire

  44. Rick Sanchez

    I remember clicking on the WSHH link to this back in 2014, glad I did :) ZombieVidaPutos....

  45. Christian Messinger

    1 milly🔥🔥✅

  46. vincent

    Dis shit is big fucking fat dope I like this shit so much that shit changes understand that nigga hat is freaking awesome niggaz

  47. Brett Bogdwicz

    All I have to say is.......this shit is legendary

  48. Raphir Merien

    underrated song

  49. Perez y0

    Get this to 1 mil been my favorite song since it dropped

  50. Ace Province

    One of the best songs?

  51. Vintage Soul Music

    Dee Soul - Calmado https://soundcloud.com/vin-sou-mus/dee-soul-calmado-prod-ivann

  52. yungdank

    who’s the asian girl though

  53. Darian McVoy

    I really like this song. Juice goes hard at the end

  54. jhuan ocelotos

    Met juice last week and the dude is fucking awesome, smoking that pack in my town

  55. angelo flou

    Αhead of their time

  56. Enrique xHernandez

    Juice almost got hit by a car lol

  57. Donald Simon

    2017 will always be my shit
    Update: 2018

  58. Carver Lindstrom

    This doesn’t sound like Flatbush zombies at all lol

  59. Shen Agüeybaná II

    And who said Juice had no skills ?

  60. Peter Chow

    Fucking wth the zombies like tyson to a jaw that line hard

  61. a l e xURL

    Y'all bitches if u don't like this song

  62. Mega Red Gaming

    good song to get high

  63. Shaxb0tzam

    Why isnt this at 1 million views?

  64. kidprep

    Juice lowkey spit bars on this

  65. sAra_ mArquEs

    i like at all, this is good stuff 😁😁😁😁

    Got some weed, roll it up
    Got some danks, roll it up
    Got some drank, pour it up
    LSD you know what's up
    High as hell, don't give a fuck
    High as hell, don't give a fuck
    High as hell, don't give a fuck
    No coming down I'm going up

  66. IndiGo CooP

    Juice forever hated on

  67. Edwin Nieves

    Song bring hella memories

  68. Charles Kinney

    this song is the shit!listend to it for months now never gets old one of my fav songs of all time hands down !unique

  69. STVTYC

    Brings me Back to Sophomore yr haha. shit..

  70. Wayne Omeasoo

    its only Zombie Juice Rapping hmmm

  71. Lefty

    "I hate autotune" get yo ass outta here talkin bout some stupid shit like that. This song is dope fuck everyone hating

  72. Slipknlov

    Who's that asian dude?

    Daniel Rodriguez

    the owner of A Bathing Ape. They tight with him.

  73. D Rek

    Fuck the haters saying this shit weak! bitch ass go listen to your wack trap music! it's all about music expression. fuck your opinions!

  74. essejbooth

    I get a feeling of enter the void when i watch this video, anyone else?


    this is gonna get over a million views in ten minutes

  76. Swifty ツ

    Been Bumpin' since 2013. Is this available for a video I want to make?

  77. King_Svveat

    Juice pretty much goes super saiyan in this

    Mike Zapata

    not really at all

  78. KlaasDeKaasBaas

    Never realized the ending is just Juice and Meechy laughing haha

  79. Tony Vee

    the creativity in this music video is underrated this shit is so good

    surpassed yeezy


    Juice made it too if you didn't know

  80. Dylan Harte

    Baths - Palatial Disappointment
    Is the original beat for those who don't know.

    Vapors Music

    Dylan Harte THANK YOU

    Vapors Music

    Iniuria Palace I believe it's also called

  81. Hassan Ghoul

    high as hell don give a fuck

  82. Daniel Garcia

    look like he bouta Enter the Void

  83. YUNG KiiiNG



    Dirty $prite n L$D

  85. lupeta dens Addict

    juice is a fuckin legend

  86. AKA Trae

    is it me or does it kinda sound like hollowfied ichigo at the end lol

  87. Cory Flood

    One of my favorite songs of all time!

  88. J_SON

    "I'm high mothafucka, come and box with the lord." 🔥🔥🔥

  89. Indigo Ism Jr.

    I haven't heard this one until now. But I really like it.

    Emanuel Castro

    You don't deserve to even speak the name indigo if you didn't know this song

  90. Darren Katomski

    People obviously are not "high as hell" enough.

    Christian Schulz

    hells pretty low doe

  91. lmao

    i wanna fuck juice so bad

    FaZe 4 Lyfe M8

    +lmao I hope ur a girl


    @FaZe 4 Lyfe M8 I am lmaooooo

    Mayo Angerbauer

    @lmao I meant that it is not funny that he answered lmao because your name is lmao but now it kinda funny


    ohhh i gotcha


    im juice

  92. Aidan Sterio

    sample from "Baths – Thaumas"
    works too well

  93. lasheara odoms

    Why Zombie juice so sexy🙈💦

  94. brandon stevens

    Erick always kills the beat the instrumentals daaamn...

  95. Ayyy Smokeyyy

    The auto tune Is for a druggie lsd feeling smh....

    Abed Islam

    ur listening to fbz what u expect they make good creative druggy music


    dat drank sonn

  96. Mihai Ciucanu

    Roll it up Aaron .