Flatbush Zombies - Pitchfork's Selector Lyrics

Huh huh
What's the word
He go first I go second he third
What's the word What's the word
Zombie gang in this bitch you heard
He go first I go second he go third
What's the word what's the word...

Overload I'm over bump
Time to get this paper huh
Fetti mozzarelli, Modern day fonzerelli
Or DMX in belly I'm still smooth though
Rick rude ho never played the food row
Psychedelic renegade higher than the other day
Free your mind or get trapped in yesterday
Eyes low huh so tell me what you wanna do
OG puffer but nigga I will not lose
I tok a lot I smoke a lot
Where is the flacka
Word up to big poppa
You craig mack floppas
I smoke him like a rasta
New york diesel
Get proper
I'm cliche but this is my forte
We stay strapped and I'm packing like green bay
I'm a giant, Andre, rap goliath
I'm a monster no kanye required

Ready to die, I'm track 17 I'm suicidal
Ran out of dutches so we used paper out the bible
Smoking exotic piff with an exotic bitch
Eyes low chronic spliff
Pussy wet Watch it drip The high life I'm living
It ain't sinning if you winning
Everyday it's sour blunts
Scaliness women true talk
I spit the art
Hunting money is my favorite sport
I walk the walk and pussy is something I never bought
I need a bad bitch with Really good features
Cause we too high up you never ever reach us
Nose bleed sex I fuck her in the bleachers
I know you like them chink Eyes thick thighs
Shirley Temple weave hair look like curly fries
Who needs a gimmick, I got real nigga features
Who needs a diamond ring when there's crystals on the reefer

[Eric Arc Elliot:]
The little leech Bleeding all in the sheets
Mission complete hit it once in a week I'm so deep
Creep on it nigga
Sleep on it, I unleash carnage
Told the weed to varnish
My lungs at 21, still a buster
Caramel or custard
Creme brulee complexion
Your the best I have ever seen you where everything
My jealously was embarrassing
That was 23
24 is another war I am sore from
Awesome Store fronts Sacks always law sarong
Pardon all my boredom
Come and lace my Jordan's
Sure hun
We can take you enjoyed sun
Never seen it coming but
She is blowing on my johnson
Larks come
Hash and weed inside the mixing jar
Hit my repenter
Sour diesel Out your bra
Hit me with the text for the sex
When I leave alone and I replie back
All good just a week ago

Meechy, Juciey we Trippe fuck a piss test
What u know about that
Hash or [?]
Mix it up
Got my brain on stuck
I'm tripping up
If you don't know
Want more LSD on the drums
Speak in tongues
Got a freak in um
What you know about this
Can flipping be the shit
500 Degrees in here
Say burning the weed in here
Fuck Mc's
We high timing
You little league smoking bush weed
No comparing Noting the same
Compare to the shit in my veins
Or the shit I obtain
Smoking that thing
Look at the time
Until we get the vine

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Flatbush Zombies Pitchfork's Selector Comments
  1. Thomas Martin

    LOL INTRO 10000000000000

  2. Preston Peck

    I swear arc's verse is in another song, can someone help me out?

  3. al-la frankie

    That was sick do

  4. Jean Pierre Polnareff

    The Freestyle at the beginning reminded me of the GZA and Ol' Dirty Bastard Freestyle

  5. Rap god

    god damn thats how you end it

  6. Rap god

    got the boogie
    eatin her cookie
    dont hang with rookies

  7. Angel Bahena

    Juice was talking about Project Almanac

  8. Amadeusisme

    probaby the best FBZ interview ive seen

  9. Amadeusisme

    That freestyle was sick as fuck, I like the old school 80s early 90s rap style

  10. yungdirtybvstard

    Fuck selector 4 cutting juice off

  11. Adam Danielson

    am I the only one who thinks this beat fits 36 chamber flows better

  12. whoisnikky

    the freestyle @ the end is classic . shook


    Juice so cute he look like a lil boy, MEECH FINE ASF i need him! Ugh of course Erick like cool asf doing his thang. A boss

  14. Israel Garcia

    Does anyone have links to these beats

  15. M Owen

    Juice went the fuck off at the end 🌋🌋

  16. Jairo Melendez

    damn that 36 and blah

  17. pito butter47

    anyone know the beat to their free style?

  18. Mad Villain

    Ready to die
    Track 17 feeling suicidal
    Ran out of dutchies
    So we gotta use papers from the bible

  19. TheJalen143

    Im mad asf erick used an old song instead of freestyling

  20. Ramom Ayala

    meechy and juice have the same lines in 36 chambers

  21. Evan Clark

    "nose bleed sex"


    They need to bring this back

  23. Soul Searching

    does anybody notice that arm behind meech 5:40

  24. IImagine

    am i the only one whos tryna figure out where i can find the beat in the intro?


    I wanna know what the name of those films were

  26. ComfortMsfit

    Killer verses!

  27. Solitude

    meech's verse in that freestyle tho damn son

    Double D

    Connor Jurgenson not a freestyle it's in - 36th chamber flow


    @Danny Davalos didnt know that thanks for the info

  28. Kendama204

    meech with that fucking popcorn tho 😂😂😂

  29. Dynamics

    36 chamber flow and blah

  30. BOOM! idc Tv

    lmaooooooo meech is a clown

  31. lil-sake


  32. Mitch Passingham

    I can't stop listening to the free at the end! Does anyone know if they spit on anymore beats like this? Shout out chuck strangers, pro era and all of baaaastcoast!

  33. Sombra

    Intro was fire!

  34. caleb mccormick

    My first kiss was in a cinema just like that. Just me and my sister who is now my girlfriend of 15 years.

    justin Bailey

    you're fucked up dude


    caleb mccormick wtf bro 😭😭😂😂

    Britt X

    Wait what😟😕

  35. E. Moore

    " fridayyyyy"... lol aww

  36. JaySTEEZ

    Bor this is a classic

  37. sarah

    i really wanted to see what Juice was showing us

  38. Knee-Cola Yo-kitc

    Meechy with that Kurtis Blow type freestyle 😭😭

  39. E. Moore

    that freestyle made my day... I love them

    Double D

    Piggy DS from 36 chamber flow not a freestyles

    E. Moore

    Danny Davalos umm ok... 👍

  40. Zacharia Yonis

    2:53 when they all saying 'oooh' - but juice killed me


    nigga sound like dude from good burger lmfao

    Zacharia Yonis

    @Origin ctfuu


    Origin 😂😂😂😂

  41. Mathias Harlow

    whats the intro instrumental?

    Throwback Season

    It's the transition in the Gazzilion Ear instrumental by MF DOOM ( and J Dilla )


    1) Dat Intro, off of the D.R.U.G.S.

  42. beatriz gramajo

    what's the name of that song after the free style it sounds very familiar

    beatriz gramajo

    never mind I found it c:

  43. LMNT 115

    Juice reminds me of Franky with da Grippaz

  44. MyNameIsGhost

    he was def influenced by ODB =P RIP

  45. Austin Parker

    Tf is juice doing during the interview?😂

    Michael Roizes

    he's showing his favourite movies

  46. Waleed Badran

    Dat nigga erick was so hungry, he couldnt stop munchin on the popcorn


    He was hungry in the freestyle too

  47. Dat Cat

    "It's a hoody, I get the boogie. Huh I get the huh huh huh huheh hey heyheyhey"

    Armando D

    ɷɷɷ I Haveee Watched This Movieeee Leakedd Versionn Hereee : - https://t.co/EQMyZQlo5e


    +Armando D what

    Dat Cat

    somebody clearly didn't watch the fuckin video


    Dat Swan I was referring to what the spam bot Armando said, not you.

    Joel Villarreal

    Dat Cat best part

  48. Yamborghini

    That intro kinda reminded me of that video of GZA freestylin with ODB beatboxin lol... If you havent seen that then you need to!

    Throwback Season

    Lol GZA killed that

    Jean Pierre Polnareff

    Yo I just commented that lmao

  49. Jose Autumn

    some of these verses were from 36 Chamber Flow, I think

    Ramiro Castrejon

    They are

  50. Zyrael

    was arc's verse the only freestyle?

    Mathias Harlow

    its not a freestyle its from his demos mixtape

  51. MalioActs

    does no one else pick up that the intro to D.R.U.G.S also samples the prophecy??


    what's the prophecy??

  52. Blvck Nvpoleon

    love this

  53. FlySociety216

    daaamn this shit go back, me and my nigga used to crack tf up off that intro b

  54. Tyler Pinnock

    anyone know what that jumper is that juice is wearing under that coat? Fucking sick artists loved it

  55. Andrew Gonzalez

    Who else noticed this was 36 chamber flow

  56. AshInTheValley


  57. Justin Brown

    Erik arcs flow was helllA sick.

  58. prodbyskrillah

    Mech has changed soooooo much not gonna lie

    alyssa escobedo

    +alyssa escobedo they're not here to impress nobody

    Malik Bell

    Cause he not broke nomore

    Tristan Skalski

    Imagine him now in 2019


    You should see him now

  59. Stuey Kubrick

    0:44 song or beat????

    M One

    +Stuey Kubrick dymethyl triptimene by jay electronica

    Daan Dmc

    +Stuey Kubrick MF DOOM boys...

    You Tube

    Gazillion Ear by MF DOOM, great song.


    Dilla beat originally


    What is this fucking instrumental i know I've heard this shit before

  60. Sam Leigh

    juice soundd good when he sang piss test

  61. Brandon Henry-Gouge'

    Arc laughs at meech when he does the me myself personally thing

  62. ethan

    lmao meech has no chill during the arc verse

  63. DK

    Ericks verse from blah, loving it

  64. DK

    That freestly is mad funny xD

  65. Tevin Rodriguez

    Juice make them look sorry

    DamnFam 47

    Shut up bitch juice is with the shit

  66. Lavon

    Meech is fucking priceless

  67. Cj Trimarche

    Intro freestyle had me geekin

  68. Connor Maynard

    Not even a freestyle this is 36 chamber flow

    jesus cee

    @Connor Maynard they made this before but since they liked the verse they used it on 36 chamber flow

  69. PradaboiFetti

    what was the beat in the beggining

    Ray Droste

    @Retros and Runners Archs mouth?

  70. BulletAgainst

    Seat 1407

  71. PGR 47

    American history X is my shit too man erick is the shit :P

  72. Kampf

    I want Juices shirt

  73. chillcheng47

    is juice using that last verse on a track?

    PGR 47

    A-Track fuck a piss test flatb ush zombies remix well atleast a part of it

    s w i m m i n g

    d00d "36 chamber flow"

  74. Nick n

    that strangers beat tho...

  75. Theo Dutra

    I feel like Arc is a genius 


    He really is


    @Theo Dutra straight up, he looks like so much is going through his head all the time

    Zachary le blanc

    @Theo Dutra i feel he more like a architect


    +emots Yeah, he always seems to be thinking

  76. IcyBoys

    What movie are these dudes watching

  77. Paris Trowers

    1:05 The way Arc and Juice, checked the packaging but Meechy Just opened it and started eating looooool

    James Patino

    lmfaoo WORD i said that while watching this

  78. niknak maxam

    Anyone know the movie playing in the background?

  79. Evan Gilmore

    meech sounded like curtis blow in the intro haha

  80. Eric Savala

    ol dirty bastard type feelf or the intro i like that

  81. TheCausation

    would be cool to chill with Juice, no homos

  82. Ssnn Nnss

    Meechy,you realy pig!

  83. Young PaperTowel

    The beginning got me dead 

  84. Sunbear

    He's chillin real good in his black ass shirt.

  85. Stifler puffpuff

    0:42 song please *_*

    Mariusz Korona


  86. Ian Pavlich

    The fucking freestyle in the beginning kills me to the core xD holy shit!

  87. Kel U

    What's the name of the movie?

  88. Favo EyMag

    5:47 who's arm is that?

  89. Gavin Garcia

    that airhorn... lol

  90. beezzy skeezy

    Can someone please give me the link to the first beat that intros all of these videosxD

  91. Jeremiah Lofton

    Whats the name of the selector intro beat ? And why can't I find that Chuck Strangers beat ?

    trent andrew

    Phantom of the synths

    Matthew Papaleo

    Intro beat is Gazzillion Ear by MF DOOM.

  92. Jio Bodega

    That was Devil & us in the freestyle

  93. Jason Hope


  94. Elijah T

    8:18 - 8:23 and Meech somehow found more pop corn to throw at the camera

    Elijah T

    Oh wait no even after that haha

  95. Elijah T

    4:39 Dumbo

  96. Luca Lotruglio

    does anyone have any idea what meech & juice are writing on those note cards?

  97. Ricky B

    meech knows whats up i dont fuck with popcorn either