Flatbush Zombies - LiveFromHell Lyrics

[Verse 1: Meech]
Live from Hell
Ho we told you we was welcome
To sell the rum and vail
Unless you want your heart to fail
Unless you want small with the real potato cutter
I, pale flesh on, hands and feet
And dump you in a tub of salt, sheesh

[Verse 2: Zombie juice]
Smoke yuh, burn up, psshh yoga flame
Zombie mahfucka, prepare for the rain
Shreddin through the world, silent feeled pain
Open up yo eyes, life is just a game

[Verse 3: Meech]
You don't like my music, well I hope you fuckin' die
Grab that pistol, kiss it, put it to your temple
Quisp'n'mwua (kiss sound) Kiss of death your gum
Mighty kun, carry on
Lucid dream of feelin' martin, pain smokein Tommy Strong
My trickit gully, jawn
She suck with a skully-aw or english, so enjoy the war
Cut, my cut and runnin' off like,
Red pill, blue pill, plug in-plug out
Gang yo mouth, if shit shay, your out.

[Verse 4: Zombie juice]
We ain't at the top, what we name is
Started from the bottom, seven grams and the blank disc
My ex girl wanna fuck, but I ain't rich
I saw myself die once, what a nice trip.

[Verse 5: Meech]
You say you want the highest, well I am him
No such thing is a loss, so I reap on his grim
The demons bleed through the pen
The canvas drips from the sin
I mind bend spit shit to make a manikin cringe

[Verse 6: Zombie juice]
I'm not just like Nazis
Smackin' paparazzi like Kanye
Pardon my cocky, can't stop me
I'm on a million, the feeling I'm feelin', look to the ceiling
Smoke cut with the building
Buildin' a billion, fuck everyone who said that we couldn't.
Dab city bitch, strollin' through your hood
Juicy long beard show the kitty like I should
Scalpel, cut yuh, ease yuh' like my dutch
Four fifth, morbid
Psychedelic, raw shit

Zombies existed across all culters in mythalogical selections
And their imminent arrival is all but for-told in all the richest texts
My advice...
"Sharpen your sword"

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Flatbush Zombies LiveFromHell Comments
  1. Ace17 0

    This song just mind fucked me I love it

  2. Brayan Hernandez

    I still hold this as their best mixtape/album followed by DRUGS

  3. Big Nook

    You a pussy if you cant appreciate the og zombies

  4. Powder 2.0

    i saw myself die once, what a nice trip

    Ryan Negrete

    Same lol

  5. Rylee Snyder

    The best trio

  6. Josiah Clark

    If you don’t like my music I hope you fuckin die🔥🔥🔥

  7. Jandsome Hack

    "Our mind bend, spit shit to make a mannequin cringe" - fucking colddddd

  8. DesertRat760

    The fake fans wont find us here


    FUCK YEAH dude so true🤘

    Ryan Negrete

    James Bond fake fan spotted

  9. Josi Stark


  10. אורי יהודה

    The beginning can be a Mastodon's song.

    Rafael Rosales

    Can you be my friend... seriously would never think I'd see their name in this comment section.
    I love Mastodon

  11. Arthur Martinez

    It's aight Flatbush is best w elliot

  12. Terrick Phillips

    always been one of my top three favorites on the album

  13. nick S

    Jesus is the Truth, The Way, and The Life
    Meechy Darko is not the highest, the Most High lives on his throne in heaven.

    Renato Babutanu

    nick S meech is jesus



    anthony poole

    Get your head out of your ass, everyone has the opportunity to be god

    Manu GOATbili

    “Meet your maker, Meech your maker”

  14. nick S

    Jesus Saves

    Leanne Nguyen

    Not ahh!

  15. Joshua Trivette

    still 🔥

  16. Isaac Aiden

    still fire

    nebulous 47

    Still fire

  17. Trent Rouse

    i think you guys can do better push harder

    Malik Shabazz

    +Trent Rouse Man, its just that beat... Flatbush only results with Erick on the beat.

    Fuck do you mean

    Trent Rouse y'all tripping. This one of my favs by them

  18. avinash boodram

    Lord Dirth Cobain !

  19. John Ligon

    Juice best Dhalsim main?

  20. Johnathon Villegas

    "And their interment arrival is told on all religious text"


    @Johnathon Villegas imminent

  21. Wooly

    my advice sharpen your sword.

  22. Picas$o

    I would love to hear Erick on the remix..

  23. TheOriginalJersey

    flatbush zombies are so underrated


    not anymore! they finally put themselves on the map

    Sauce PHam

    they still are very underrated still in my opinion , i want these niggas playin halftime at the superbowl aha they too good

    IamMe UAreU

    TheOriginalJersey extremely, man

  24. Favo EyMag

    "You don't like my music, well I hope you fuckin' die
    Grab that pistol, kiss it, put it to your temple
    Chris Benoit (kiss sound) Kiss of death your gum"
    Lmao Meech is so fucking genius

    jet boy

    "you say you want the highest, well I am him
    no such thing is a loss, so I reap on his grim
    the demons bleed through the pen
    the canvas drips from the sin
    i mind bend spit shit to make a mannequin cringe"


    Hector Hernandez

    yall rt meech is the best

    Joshua Trivette

    Fucking crucial

  25. bailey chapman

    Dab city bitccch. Lol juice.

  26. Charles Sylla

    Best FBZ song ever !

  27. prod deegs

    too underrated of a song

  28. Samuel Dorham

    This is some wicked shit !!!

  29. Yastes Rodriguez

    Dopeunderground--- Eva Flo Gang (EFG) 417

  30. River "The Sun"

    You don't like my music? Well I hope you fucking die

  31. Adam Grabowski

    juice's 3rd verse tho, sick shit

  32. James Dober

    You don't like my music well I hope you fuckin die

  33. Franke609

    *Best track on the mixtape!*

    blake p

    Idk nephilim mraz are both dope songs too


    Nah Regular & Complex is the best to me!!!

  34. mizy solo


  35. burt7837

    This beats sick lol, it's weird

  36. 1thedeadninja1

    Red pill blue pill plug in plug out.... That reference...

  37. Chad Iverson

    The only beat I dislike on the album...Of course it's not produced by Erick...

  38. 1bwobs

    your the one with her dirty name in your mouth, stfu. stupid sheep

  39. d r

    By far most respect to Flatbush Zombiez! the flow for all of their songs is just so damn dope! damn just everything they make is sick as fuck!

  40. jejejones96

    Favourite song

  41. Sharece Bausley

    i want a video for this

  42. chris Gauges


  43. Chris O

    THIS is how you put a guitar in a rap song. Harry Fraud is other-worldly

  44. Albertson Fanfan

    Zombies! You guys will gain more then a hater a day! These dumMies don't realize the hell is in front of there eyes every day that they are aloud to open them! Reporting live from myHell!

  45. Sooftah

    Yoga Flame!

  46. Evan Valentine

    meech just kills it every time

  47. Peace_Love_Glass

    that beat though!

  48. Sharece Bausley

    damn this shit dope

  49. Super Skrull

    Shut the fuck up dumbass

  50. YOUNGcass352

    its all in you

  51. YOUNGcass352

    these niggas suck, polluting the lives of many with this satanic BS literally hypnotizing the minds of ignorant people... don't applaud them, listen to what there saying dumbasses... "demons bleedin through my pen" and you know they believe in god otherwise why would they be talking about him so much, they even tell you they roll with the devil, you think this shit is a game? there full of symbolism in there vids too, they claim to be " enlightened " and got yall niggas on a rat race

    Mani Heynemand

    YOUNGcass352 shut up ignorant fuck

    anthony poole

    You have no idea what they’re about 😂 they’re all about conscious ascension and rebellion against oppression, it’s about the furthest thing from “satanic bs”

    liam Thielking

    Autsistic scum😂


    Mani Heynemand do laugh or cry

    Tapanga Soul

    lol shut up, they are one of the most positive hip hop groups right now. They represent using spiritual energy to amount to your best self and questioning things.

  52. Sean Prempeh


  53. MajinBanks

    That fucking backroung guitar

  54. MajinBanks


  55. Kyle Pressley

    miley cyrus needs to listen and take notes. then kill herself

  56. Jack O'flynn

    they really should have released these songs one by one

  57. prof.krastavac lee

    jeben album !!

  58. chantale1234567890

    insane :D

  59. magma

    fuck yes

  60. BeeEmEcks

    epic shit