Flatbush Zombies - Big Shrimp Lyrics

[Meechy Darko:]
On my side and I'm walkin' with a limp, limp
Lotta red wine and some big shrimp
Uh, with a limp, limp
Yeah, uh, yeah

Pistol on my side and I'm walkin' with a limp, limp
I just had a lotta red wine and some big shrimp
Let me use my credit card on your baby (ching ching)
Used to sip, sip 'til my homie died of that shit
I'm really lit, lit, so I Cuban link my Cuban bitch
Blue note bitch, shit, no bitches on my wrist
Crazy talkin' dirty, pussy pussypussypurrin' when I hit, hit
I kept on my jewelry 'cause I still don't trust this bitch, bitch
Soul my soul for 40, man, for cheaper, that's a fifth, fifth
Ole English, Hennessey, watch me mix, mix (drink up bitch)
Roll Gelato in Pronto then dickmatize a bitch, bitch
Her legs don't work no more, had to crawl up out the crib, crib
Acid in the fridge, shit, baby, I maybe wildin'
My diamonds hit like... stay fly-y-y-y-y-y
That triple 6-6-6, figures, big chips
I'm always like Martin, and keep talkin' darling, you the shit, shit

[Zombie Juice:]
All this gas I'm goin', all this loud I'm blowin'
All these bitches showin', all these niggas bluffin'
This shit here fire, this shit a riot
I need that bitch with thighs, her pussy sweet as pie
You callin' my dawg a liar, I'm back to back like Aubrey
Your girl, she like to party, this 'cid, this ain't no molly
Noooo, this 'cid, this ain't no molly
Nooo-whoa, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Erick Arc Elliot:]
Said I do it better, them Margielas, cost a grip, grip
Pants is Valentino, Waikikin' with my mistress
I'm the type of nigga smoke a spliff inside a moshpit
Purple drink and lean ain't the same, they say that shit is toxic
Kirkie made the beat, now you see, that's a plot twist
Hoppin' plane to plane, forgot to set my watch to tick, tick
I don't have them diamonds but I'm shinin' in this bitch, bitch
When you run your list, that's how you get, get your shit, shit
I don't take the risk, I count my money on my roof and shit
Sweet and sours, scream and holler, make you lose your tooth and shit
I know it's been a long time comin', we got hits, hits
Addiction by subtraction, 'bout that action, not the risk, risk, bitch

[Zombie Juice:]
Call me Chun-Li, we 'bout our kicks, kicks
This sherm and gelato smell like the best bitch
Really ahead of my time, thank God I ain't reach my prime
Open your mind, only a day, one day at a time
Run it up, double up, flippin' what? Don't stop now
Count it up, slap a what? Get the bucks, don't stop now
This we smoke, no coffin, got a leather vest with Steve Austin
I move the base like a forklift, it's a Zombie thing, we some bosses

All this gas I'm goin', all this loud I'm blowin'
All these bitches showin', all these niggas bluffin'
This shit here fire, this shit a riot
I need that bitch with thighs, her pussy sweet as pie
You callin' my dawg a liar, I'm back to back like Aubrey
Your girl, she like to party, this 'cid, this ain't no molly
Noooo, this 'cid, this ain't no molly
Nooo-whoa, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, woah, woah, ohh
Yeah, yeah
Um, yeah
Yeah, yeah, woah, yeah, yeah, oh
Woah, woah

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Flatbush Zombies Big Shrimp Comments
  1. G Man

    I'm one semester away from graduating with a B.S. in Ecology and I've
    managed to keep the same wonderful girlfriend who has put up with my
    shit for nearly 4 years. We've had so many deep experiences on LSD, DMT,
    and mushrooms together. I lost my best friend but he's the one who
    inspired me to go to college, and get the exact same degree he had. Now I
    have many opportunities to become a research scientist and study the
    physical, chemical, and biological mechanisms of nature. These guys have
    helped me bust through so much struggle and pain. Hats off to you FBZ.
    Thank you.

  2. Karlik M

    The autotune gave me Ye vibes

  3. Candy -Topic

    Legends forever

  4. Lil Babe

    Everything you guys make is on point! Been listening since 2014

  5. acacia Little

    Sometimes I skip to meechs part cuz I hate waiting . But at same time it wouldnt be the same without juice and arc they're the best trio on god 👌🏻

  6. HippieSmashing -

    The best hook juice has ever made💯🔥

  7. David William

    Watch out for bathsalts.. Stay way from ufds they'll lace you


    Look out at the TITLE

  9. fire bomb

    This song trash what happen to that classic Flatbush ig there age of music has disappeared

  10. Summit Zerox Yeet

    I felt a bit of tech n9ne in juices verse. Cant jus be me.

  11. Lil SK8WOODS

    Migos don’t got shit on Flatbush zombies

  12. playboi_ LOW


  13. Christian Lee

    This shit still slaps 🤘👽💫

  14. Young Wiz

    You guys can easily take over the game 👌 single handedly . No dout

  15. Brian Hernandez

    Sold my soul and bought it back for cheaper. That’s a flip,flip

  16. Alex Garcia

    Bro this song slapsss

  17. adfabi x

    migos 2.0

  18. MFJon777

    Why does Erick sound like Urkel and Juice sounds like Micky Mouse in this vid?

  19. line sed

    I love this track

  20. Aiden Pierce

    the story behind the song is hilarious lol

  21. Noah Hahn

    Jeht fit

  22. Tyler Brown

    327 people are probably listening to some weak ass lil pussie or some bullshit mumble rap

  23. Staqkz Jay

    My boy juice sound like kanye

  24. Dalen Brown

    Kirky made the beat now that's a plot twist

  25. elda je l

    Is nice 😀 y best

  26. jacob Hofmeyer


  27. John Mak

    Sold my soul and bought it back for cheaper thats flip .flip..😂😂

  28. Jason Myers

    How do you sell your soul and buy it back?....

  29. Just Luke

    como me la bajas zombe juice la concha de tu hermana

  30. -Stxrmz-

    Who Here Form Tommy Craze😂😂

  31. Joelina !

    Still LIIT !! Luv u guys ❤️💯🔥

  32. focus in

    whos been here since 2013 ?

  33. Jeffrey Cross

    2019? 🔥 🔥

  34. Dylan Syra

    Been waiting for him to say he sold his soul I knew he did

  35. Ευθυμης Μπανταβανης

    this needs way more views... trash songs get more that aint fair..


    Who's Migos?

  37. King Ross

    Mama getting old, and now she is getting sick. No money for the medicine, time to hit a quick lick. Called up the plug, and he brought me that brick quick. Hit the corner selling ounces, call that the zip flip. Police rolling up, lights on, time to dip dip. Now I'm on the run, bounty on me worth a good grip. Seen my name on crime stoppers, 5000 for that hot tip. Tryna turn me in now, that's how you get snitch rich.

  38. Spitfire-Banana

    I Cooked up fine meals for the familia to this song when it came out. Bitch I said this ain't no molly

  39. lysergic acid

    I remember I got sucked up to this song 😚😙😚😙

  40. Douglas Dorn


  41. Kevin Mittnacht

    Best song of 2018

  42. George Muniz

    I’m back ta back like Aubrey

  43. sushiTECK

    if you fucked with the Gelato.. lemme get a like. thats that heat. Picasso weed . ZOMBIEGVNG

  44. stoner heartbirthmark

    Surfing on a big shrimp

  45. kealankiid

    1 mill 🔥

  46. Ich ficke Alphabet

    kroff krofff

  47. Chris Foster

    Why aren't there any comments younger than 7 months from now? This album is freakin' perfect. Especially this track (and Crown).

    Hating myself for missing their show in Dallas.

  48. Shawnzilla P

    It’s a zombie thing, we done bosses 🍷 🍤

  49. The07vinny

    1:03 Why do I love this part so much!!

    King Ross

    3*6* mafia baby.

  50. kevo Themedicated

    This is the dopest dope ever shot

  51. Kylander Son of Der

    That took too long to be removed^__^ P.P.P.PURRIN WHEN I
    HIT IT!!! 😙😘😙

  52. Lilith Rose

    whoever dislikes this must have serious issues😩😭

  53. Trenton Wilson

    So slept on...

  54. Gabriel Alvarez

    FBZ real rap shiiii

  55. SnowboardinMA

    Kirk produced this shit nicely

  56. Kylander Son of Der

    P.p.pussy purrin when i hit it!! ^_^

  57. Kaden Arend

    I count my money on my roof and shit👽👾👀🔥

  58. Alan C

    Zombies got like 230 personal enemies lol haters

  59. josh zalewski

    When I first heard of flatbush, I listened for meech but I searched for the architect

  60. Jagga Muffin

    I love the hook to much

  61. Damion Watson


  62. Brittfield Beats

    Her pussy sweet as pie ;)

  63. Flo De Melo

    Just beautiful

  64. Almighty Sosa300

    The dislikes on this song are from Russ fans

  65. Justin Taillefer

    They should throw A Boogie on this with all the 'Yeah yeah' and melodies haha

  66. BudReeferson

    All this gas ⛽ I'm blowin, All this loud 📢 I'm blowin.
    Juice on the hook killin it everytime. ZOMBIEGANG💀

  67. Alex Taylor

    Some fire right here

  68. Nick Morin

    Why is there 209 dislike

  69. yamasakiii Capri

    got yo bitch pregnant to this


    Flatbush zombies foda pra caralho salve brasil


    os melhores slk

  71. Abel Apaez

    picture already portated

  72. Abel Apaez

    spider man keno mane design abelton

  73. Abel Apaez

    speak up

  74. Abel Apaez

    baby gap

  75. Abel Apaez

    this is wear the big shit are

  76. phazix

    This is just a lil freestyle i thought of to this beat....

    Sometimes at night
    i feel an aweful fright
    as my eyes open
    i see my reality
    my dog walks in
    lick my nuts
    my other dog walks in
    lick my nuts
    my last dog walks in
    chews it up like a taco
    bitchs name is taco
    mexican breed
    in the mexican heat
    im just tryna beat my meat
    but these bitches stop me
    but these bitches cant stop me
    my nuts all over the place
    all over dey face
    its happening and no one can stop it
    not even my ma when she bust in
    she says "James you cant doooo that"
    I said mom cows go moooo gat
    i shoot my gat and my gat spat
    then the gat hit my cat and the cat hat

    Thank you for reading email me your thoughts i'm just trying to get my word out :)


    phazix absolute fire bro

  77. lucas tarsis

    Quem veio graças ao Cauê Moura?

  78. Tekashi 6ix9ine

    Quem veio pelo Cauê Moura ?

    Gaby Jordania

    Bronziocre euu

    Gustavo Rodrigues

    Tekashi 6ix9ine Tentando decorar pra gravar um history daquele heueheueh

    Gaby Jordania

    Gustavo Rodrigues AAAA khjhjhjkb tipo isso

  79. dradave7731

    I'm lucky I went to their concert in Houston best concert of my life heard this song high af there although we couldnt smoke we still got lit 👌🔥🔥

  80. REY

    cmon man, put zinstrumental version out ;(

  81. Sebastian Meyer

    i like how in several of their songs they allude at the use of crystal meth XD i love this group to death but "this aint no molly" hahahaha as well as talk abt pilos on thug waffle has me weak

  82. Zac M

    Damn this is just 🔥 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮


    this 'cid this aint no molly nooooooo ;)

  84. Kalish420 Nakov47

    What a banger..Uhuhuh..banger...uhuhuh


    Liimp Liimp that whole album is lit 🔥🔥🔥

  86. Baby gazelle3190

    We out here big shrimpin pimpin cheese 😁

  87. Pranvat Gulati

    cuban lit my cuban bietchh

  88. Trafalgar D. Law

    RIP YAMS 🙏🙏🙏

  89. Storm Arries

    her pussy sweet as pie haha says it like it is

  90. Lukas Tauber

    Still trying to increase volume, but it's fking maxed... Erics beats are blowing my eardrumms out all the way through my arss.. can't get enough this dope


    Dat Beat is sick

  92. Vadim Rogozinsky

    Sold my soul and bought it back for cheaper, that's a flip flip

  93. ɐpɹıɐu

    this shit live was fucking wild

  94. Shay Fitzgerald

    This whole album bangers

  95. George Cyxob

    These guys are so much underrated 😣😣😣😣

  96. Erik Zalite

    5.5 and 155 cant get away 555zombielution555