Flatbush Zombies - 222 Lyrics

[Hook: Erick Arc Elliot]
Smoking good, looking good
Girlfriend what's the issue, huh?
Got them hooked, take a look
Nigga never ever gonna miss you, girl
Get it understood, you looking good
Mind and your body gotta equal, girl
How your soul hangs low like the bottom of your red shoes
And I think it's Louis Vuitton, too

[Verse 1:]
Reality is wisdom, perspective
I like Horus, I don't like whores
Hindsight oh my I adore, for the time being yes I am yours
Drunk my card it's the ace of spades
And I hate to go away without getting this money made
But niggas be telling to believe in the reason to actor
Nigga lose his job, blame it all on bad luck
Known to coast and my eyes not open
The cold comes every season, trick
In the summer we smoke hunnids, my fall comes often evil shit
Just spews from my mind, I get confused all the time
My wall of space is confined, so you better elevate or lose time
Just lose time


[Verse 2:]
Shady, I don't play that
I be acting as if I'm a better man
And my mother to my brother from another
Boy oh yes you can
From my sisters I keep the shit right
And my mothers that kiss you good night
40 slugs in my liquor cup
Sick of shot and I pick you up
Bang bang from the same gang
Kick rocks if you can't hang
Lil nigga what you saying, mayne?
Roll up while the blames hang
Growing up was a plane, mayne
In the hood it's all good, made our own Hollywood
Took a picture the system my mental track me like a alien
I combine thoughts with divine course
And exhale exhaust from my skeleton
Tell her I won't appear again
Fuck that, if I'm going who will even care again?
Hate to be American, get away from experiments
Cause the truth in the pyramids
And we all fucking immigrants
And you're lying through your filaments
Lay back if you drink a bit
And indulge in this nigga shit
And that real nigga rhetoric
Dissolve all that simple shit, play a different game
It's too easy to be ignorant
Just lay back and think a bit


One time
Fuck all that other shit

One time, one time for my niggas of the Indigo
Two times, two times for my ladies that are not a ho
One time, one time for my niggas of the Indigo

Angel but she want me for my peso
Telling other niggas she ain't never gonna wait
So by smashing the Range Rove'
Beat beat then I add her to the payroll
Smoke another doob with a cousin and a bro
But I won't say it slow
Misrepresenting the people who won't grow
So I carrying through the weapons that beat you through postal
Where we gon' go? Where we ever gon' go?
To the highest of the Horace eye
Fuck thoughts I am going 'til there's no reply

Flatbush Zombies
They try tah
South by southwest, all the way from Brooklyn

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Flatbush Zombies 222 Comments
  1. samuel alvarado

    who's here in 1971

  2. kerstin1337

    still here 2020

  3. andie kong

    This song is not on Apple Music 😒

  4. The_HalloweenMan

    Who still blasting in 2020

  5. Samuel Clare

    Whose still bumping in 2020..

  6. Beto Leyva

    2020?? ☠️

  7. WeMobbin 13

    Bumpin in 2020 don’t play me

  8. Jeremy Jacquez

    2020 this year ?

  9. Master C

    Glad someone's on this vibe

  10. Eduarda Barbosa

    2020 anyone?


    Yeee! FBZ

  11. Nipnob Slopcob


  12. Nipnob Slopcob


  13. Roberto Jimenez

    Had to bump in 2020 🔥🔥👽
    Fresno cali 559

  14. Ross Millette

    who's speakers doing the doodle bop in 2020?

  15. Janely Rod

    Here in 2020

  16. Pinche Beto 714

    Damn; what a throwback. This mixtape came out my senior year of high school and I was the only person bumping this I know for a fact! Especially this song right here everyone would always say “that shit haaaard as fuuuuck!” We bumpin this in 2020

  17. Ankit Parikh

    First play of 2020

  18. Spencer Kooyman

    2020 🤨

  19. codtopus

    2020 here?

  20. Jordan Vonadorian

    2020 ☯️☮🌃222

  21. Darnell Seichter

    Still Bumpin

  22. Kidinthegrey

    Hate to be amerikkan

  23. Preston Danger

    Fuk anyone who says "whose listening in..." or "whose here...." fuck you.... Why the hell do you think anyone else gives a shit? seriously.... what the fuck...?

  24. Jairo Flores

    Been here since 2014 💯

  25. axL

    listening this at 02:22

  26. Terence Tapfuma

    It's too easy to be ignorant....lay back, think a bit! 222

  27. fuck off

    happened to be listening at 2:22

  28. DeAndre Gordon

    Who’s here after “Monica” 🙏🏽 str8 🔥

    Mac Dre

    All y’all late. Makes me sad Monica

    DeAndre Gordon

    Mac Dre been here homie, Monica just made me remember this gem 🙏🏽


    Who here since Thug Waffle days 💪

    Jarred Brandt

    been here way before Monica


    been here since Almost Remembered

  29. Carlos Henrique

    man there isnt anything better than this toma no mei do cu mesmo os cara lansa a BRABA

  30. Sno Trip

    This song is dope as fuck peace to all my Indigos out their much love. ✌🏻👁

  31. Josh Threeton


  32. Boi Boi

    Bumping this while we under lockdown bc of gang war that had 2 people stabbed and they had guns 😎

    Boi Boi

    America 12/5/19


    Weird flex but ok

  33. Kristin Pierce

    # on my birth cert 222

  34. Deeley Weebly

    [email protected]

  35. AverageJoe Yo

    This Song Godly

  36. Brandon Gartin

    222 Keep doing you.

  37. sapling wiz

    smoking good kush and vibing to my flatbush homies

  38. Fonsus

    why this isnt on spotify, i want to use it on instagram stories 😅


    Because Day of the Dead, BETTER OFF DEAD, and D.R.U.G.S are mixtapes. its really sad but you can work around that by adding them to spotify yourself but I dont think that will help you with the instagram thing.


    Fonsus for real tho i just tried it but wasn’t on there


    KocoBean how can you do that without copyright issues?


    @codtopus thats the problem, you cant because some of the samples are CR'ed under people that arnt FBZ/EKR

  39. 506

    Awe shit, can't believe I forgot about this beauty. Glad I found it again though.

  40. Jeremy Jacquez

    Dayum a decade ago..Time passes,High school

  41. Gavin Johnson

    “Play a different game it’s too easy to be ignorant” I was bumpin this shit when I was un enlightened and that lyric flew right over my head 🙏🏻 I love you zombies thank you for all the good memories I’ve had bumpin yo shit fr ❤️

  42. crying because hollow knight died

    Eye like Horus 👌🏻
    I don’t like Whores

  43. Roy Woud

    Memories to this one

  44. Jonathan Thomas

    2019 vibes! Shoutout to all my people still bumping this classic!

    Bj Caesar


    Kayla Lee

    Check out mrwm

  45. PossessedGoat Gaming

    Flatbush Zombies will never get old been bumping since I was like 12 I'm 23 now

    slikk mag

    They started in 2012? How tf you start listening at 12 and end up 23 lol your either 19 or a lying ass bitch😂

    PossessedGoat Gaming

    @slikk mag if I recall I said like 12 so you can't read

    PossessedGoat Gaming

    @slikk magand if you actually look the very first song that was released was in 2012 which was thug waffle and they have albums that wasn't released which was before that when the group was formed in 2010 so if your gonna talk shit atleast know your shit so I would of been 14



  47. Trinston Yang

    Fuck all that other shit

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  49. Dirk Digger

    Meechie is better than any main stream rapper, change my mind.

  50. Max Millz

    Never skipping this song when I see it.

  51. James Scales


  52. Asap Rulers

    Their concerts are dope as fuck 6 years later

  53. Kyle Ambroult

    yo my brothers are so amazing still making fire

  54. Kyle Ambroult

    just spews from my mind get confused all the time

  55. daniel Sauer

    never gonna miss you girl

  56. Nafis Davis

    Apple Music plz

  57. Observing Stuff

    How is this song so nostalgic.... this was played around a lot of memorable times in my life... Damn I miss those times.

  58. D 222

    Happy 6th birthday

  59. Matheus Oliveira

    spotify please

  60. bob smesh

    Anybody having flash backs of 2013?


    My phone # has 222 in it💯 ⏳#INDIGOCHILD (737)222-1652 #ZOMBIEGANG #BEASTCOAST 🖤4L 🧟‍♂️

  62. Adin Skeen

    Who still fucks with this in 2019 like this comment

  63. Jess Torres

    2019, smoking to this shit still!

  64. Ricardo Paixão

    i'm hearing this for the first time ever and the clock popped 22:22

  65. steelokey

    real fans still here and always gone be here lol . im happy they finally REALLY catching traction as an overall BEASTCOAST movement with the new beastcoast album its so dope, y'all legendary forreal <3

  66. Matthew Rosa

    Orgasmic beat

  67. Sol6rG6mes ForYou

    222 gang like this up. Let me know I'm not alone with my angels

    31415926777888999 22224445555555


  68. gholmesproductions

    been bumping Flatbush so much lately love the boys

  69. Can’t Think of a Name

    Edibles kicking in 😌

  70. Zumo

    Bro 5 years!!!? I feel old

  71. paulette Houston

    My fav angel number

  72. Rikki Thurman

    This song always makes me want a flat blunt and some mushies. Just enough to chilllll.

  73. Alijah Puebla

    Kick rocks if you can’t hang

  74. abkmaks

    Beastcoast tour 2k19 is lit AF

  75. Smitty McSmitt

    222 was just shouting at me 👀 had to come here asap

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    flatbush x pouya goddamnnnnnn 👌

  77. Christopher Kock

    Architect for president

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    YouTube is gay

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    Indigo child here. I feel this track

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    Truth in the pyramids

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    Fuckry i say rastaman bidding through the gate way fire still burn you🔥 foolish pride

  84. LS Nation

    "The truth is in the pyramids" 💯

    Been Cxzy

    LS Nation facts, the hieroglyphics people need to read smh

  85. pink flamingo's

    I forreal want to hear them perform this in Phoenix 💖
    See y'all in August 😌

    Braindead_LSD_Victim 1996

    Word?!?! Looks like I'm cruising up there then from Tucson lol. No idea they were coming

    pink flamingo's

    @Braindead_LSD_Victim 1996 Yeah man, August 1st. It's the Beast Coast: Escape From New York tour. The Underachievers, Flatbush Zombies, Nyck Caution, CJ Fly, Kirk Knight and Joey Bada$$ are all going to be there.

    Braindead_LSD_Victim 1996

    @pink flamingo's Dope dope I'll see ya there ayyyeee

    pink flamingo's

    @Braindead_LSD_Victim 1996 Hell yeah man


    Bump this song every Time I notice its 2:22🔥🔥

  87. ThrillVidsHD

    Still as underrated as ever