Flaming Lips, The - Bag Full Of Thoughts Lyrics

Come on...
Don't be afraid...
If everyone...
There'd be nothing...

Nothing left...

Put your...
If it becomes...
Throw it up...
Or give it...

Give it...
Give it...
Give it...
Give it...

So come on...
Don't be afraid...
If everyone...
There'd be nothing...

Nothing left...

Shut it off!

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Flaming Lips, The Bag Full Of Thoughts Comments
  1. Keaton Wittwer

    Sounds like “About a Girl” by Nirvana 🧐

  2. Kostka

    Damn my grandfather David Kostka was the drummer in this, it’s really crazy that this became such a huge band in Oklahoma

  3. Adam

    Song of the Day
    10-12-18: Bag Full of Thoughts | The Flaming Lips
    also on: www.onecuriousworld.com

  4. Travis R.

    i bought this at shadowplay. purple vinyl

  5. Joshua Brandy

    Quite the song for a bedroom romp

  6. Guille Bass

    Cape La Minga

  7. Andrea Wagner

    LOVE it

  8. eschborn317

    Got this track on the Lips vinyl with the skull on a platter with multicoloured spaghetti and egg yolk eyes. Always liked jamming to this track

  9. keith thomas

    only good flaming lips song...

    Ryan Griswold

    Pretty fucking close yes

  10. Floyd J

    luv it, and your skins too, thanks for posting .....very cool

  11. Melissa Scaduto


  12. notreallybandfromottawa

    MarcDeLarc this EP came out about 3 years before Nirvana formed.

    Ryan Griswold

    Nirvana was playing in 86. Just not as Nirvana's. Not true

  13. Austin Bruno

    Why isn't your username Austintatious?

  14. Joe Brumfield

    I've always thought some Alex Grey art would be appropriate for some Lips tunes.....

  15. Lindsey L

    Or you could do it on the trampoline

  16. Lindsey L

    Dancing to this in my room

  17. Niccolò Canal

    you can use AudioThief. it's a Free website.

  18. Niccolò Canal

    flaming lips! it sounds like about a girl, doesn't it? this ep war released in 1984.

  19. Blake M

    good shit.

  20. paul wright

    Ciggarette please.

  21. Malcom Cambas

    Chris Cole.

  22. magictreegnome

    finally the punk rockers are taking acid

  23. Marko Popovic

    @MarcDeLarc Flaming Lips were founded in 1983 and NIrvana 4 years later.

    Ryan Griswold

    They were skidrow in 85..Nirvana was... Fecal matter as well as a few other names. Good point tho. I love hearing Nirvana's influences. Always good in my opinion..

  24. MarcDeLarc

    sounds like Nirvana. which came first?

    Brent Freckles

    about a girl

    Greggory Hanson

    According to Wikipedia this was early eighties. So this came first.

  25. Drewism

    I love blasting music like this throughout my house. It's just perfect.

  26. fairdathm

    What a fun video... and so perfect for this great song... thank you for posting! :o)

  27. Jose Camaraza

    this song rules! very garagy for the flaming lips.

  28. Michele Minetti

    been lookin' for this song...thank you man!

  29. Ryan Westbury

    @mnash1015 here it is

  30. james mcnamara

    long live the flaming lips

  31. dimostriant

    my favvv song from 80 s

  32. Ian Ament

    love this song


    Nothing LEFT..

  34. MockyRock

    this shits tasty