Flame - Show Out Lyrics

You see the lights cameras looking like we bought to go hammer
One thing that's for sure I am not the one to rock the show
They show up they show out [repeats]

Hey beat check bass check microphone check 2
But none of that matters let the spirit come check you
So I play the background I know when to back down
Out here going hammer like Jesus is coming back now
I don't want the glory either why you think I go hard
Tell you like I tell my barber bro I don't want no part
Homie what's in your heart pride off in your pocket
You want all the credit boy what's in your wallet?
Sorry I can't control myself I lost it I ain't bout to lose it
Oops please pardon me for all this Jesus juice that I been spewing
Ruining my good shirt stomping got my foot hurt
Crucified for all my sins ya they call that woodwork
I spit loud as I walking round if you jump but that don't work
Like Elijah call them fire from the sky fireworks
Fire words at these people pray evil would be restrained
Lord we need you so we calling on your name like the Flame

You see the lights cameras looking like we bought to go hammer
One thing that's for sure I am not the one to rock the show
They show up they show out [repeats]

Paradise was lost Adam why you wreck it?
Messing round with trees and find out that he was naked
Then sin entered in boy I got a message Jesus
That they all infected and protection's been rejected
So I'm standing on stages off and on on these jets
Flight attendant is tripping just like she bout to flex
But I am not tripping on the way to as show
Gotta tell em bout Jesus cause they need to know
Oh no it really ain't about me bro
I shouldn't ever say that though what you think He saved me for
So that I can get on stage and the crowd get amazed and they pay me dough? Never
So this smiles on my face when I step in the place and I say hello? Never
I'm gonna preach this grace I'm a teach this grace then I say let's go
I don't have a heaven and I don't have a hell
I can't put you in either but He surely will
Jesus stepped on the scene showed up on the cross
Showed out when he rose he did both for the lost

You see the lights cameras looking like we bought to go hammer
One thing that's for sure I am not the one to rock the show
They show up they show out [repeats]
I am not the one to rock the show (multiple times)
Lights cameras looking like we bought to go hammer

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Flame Show Out Comments
  1. La'Shari

    2018 who's still listening

  2. Maaliyah

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This is real hip-hop that sings worship to our God.

  3. Rumble Frog

    1080p for static picture, lmao

  4. PsychoKPB

    this song is my intro music

  5. Terry Allen

    love it

  6. Brandon Perry

    Flame is a thief he stole my song show up and show out.

    Scott Chiware

    +Brandon Perry for real?

    Brandon Perry

    Yes bro for real bro

    supershotgun Gaming

    +Brandon Perry lol

  7. Sim Dunbar

    Only rap song I except


    Check Andy Mineo

  8. Sim Dunbar

    Only rap song I excpt

  9. Julio Hernandez

    Cool song

  10. Elizaneide Santos

    Muito legal gostei muitooo

  11. Jacob L.

    Jesus has swag.

  12. Jhonte Eskridge

    Cool song

  13. Joel Kabbe

    Show outttt

  14. Elise Holmes

    Flame + Lecrae = AWESOMENESS!

  15. Zach Lindsay

    And the best of Christian is the best overall.

  16. victor negron

    I lost this album in a storm I want it back but I want it back fast I miss it

  17. Dub Soccer

    that is SWEET! i love it when flame does upbeat songs because they turn out like This!! Team Unashamed

  18. Brittany Thomas

    Amazing!! God Bless Flame to continue to be used for God!!

  19. devonta berry

    flame was getting of to yall.

  20. devonta berry

    people is not about whos the best they both glorfie God.

  21. elias s

    what ??????? lecrae is awesome !!!!!!!!!

  22. Brizzy v2

    Awwwwww yeah

  23. lex garcia

    Fire words at these ppl! !!

  24. MrSupermario15

    can't wait for Andy's debut album in '13.gonna be epic

  25. William Chism

    Show Out for the KINGDOM!

  26. Josh Lemon

    @JohnnyKnoxville4 if you meant mormon then your wrong

  27. Kris Jamison

    I'm waiting for a video to come out for this song. It goes so hard for Christ.

  28. $Money$Bags$

    This song is cold

  29. Kyle Rohrs

    They are too Christian lyrics! They talk about Adam and Eve, along with Elijah!

  30. BSM2488

    Nothing can replace the gospel of the word from the bible... NOT EVEN CHRISTIAN LYRICS. Jesus didn't start rappin at the devil in the wilderness, he quoted the word of God.

  31. DXRVY

    Flame's flow is getting better All Glory to the creator tho~

  32. 1SoloDolo2


  33. Razorblade116

    nuff said


    Ӳеф оап гао

  34. Razorblade116

    yeah bro!!!!!!!!!

  35. Evan DeParsia

    Dont sleep on KB either, his album is raw.

  36. Andreea Mangeac

    This song is so awesome!!!!!

  37. shawnfreeman777

    Check out BOOKER SNOW on youtube his video is called WINDOW. FANS OF FLAME AND LECRAE WILL LOVE THIS

  38. jocoi johnson

    i listen to this song all day long

  39. Lakergirl24CA

    loveee it :)

  40. Natu Myers - Natu io

    Just wait until Lecrae's Gravity coming this year..

  41. Nick Fedorov

    trip lee's album by far the best of christian 2012

  42. lolipop425

    I love this song! Listen to Hot 95.9

  43. detroitmel

    Yes!!!!! I like that saying!

  44. Ish A. Hernandez

    @liahaze well put that's exactly how it was meant in the song

  45. Ish A. Hernandez

    0 dislikes that's what I'm talking about

  46. Jesusinmyveins

    I gotta smile, Christ done did it!

  47. ieoffor

    Thank you all for making that clear..see how wrong interpretation creates a wrong picture

  48. NEWEMPIRE2009able

    he said CAN"T--- notice the next line says "but he surely will" --- he is saying he is not God --- only God can put you in heaven or hell ...

  49. tkdjimmyify

    I think his point there is that he can't save or condemn you, but Jesus can do both and his (Flame's) role is to tell you about Christ, not to judge.

  50. Jonnae Chantele

    He's basically saying we have no authority to condemn the lost nor do we have the power to forgive an entire world for the sins they have committed. However Christ has authority over both Heaven and Hell and is able to forgive us our sins. He is the way the truth and the light (John 14:6) and no one comes to the Father except through him! He's given all the authority.

    "I don't have a heaven, and I don't have a hell, I CAN'T put your in either. But he surely will."

  51. Static756

    I think that means he's sayin hes not God.
    He dont send you nowhere, he can help show ya. know what i mean?

  52. MrSeans2

    Show out for the Lord...Grow in the Lord...Be molded towards the gospel...Be renewed in His images #showupandshowout!!! haha yeah boy!!!! #MissionalLife

  53. RIFICA777

    Got to tell em bout Jesus.....cuz they need to know!!! -Flame

  54. Tomes05

    He actually says "I can't put you in either, but He surely will"

  55. Cherriana B

    he's saying that he does not have a heaven or a hell himself and he can not put you in either one himself but God can

  56. noregrets

    he said cant put you in either

  57. Kyaw Lay

    Ain't sick of it at all!

  58. eliseotorrez89

    out here going hammer,like jesus is coming back now...im loving it..... sorry i can't control myself....im loving this song yo.

  59. the kraken

    I think this song is funny lol but I love it!

  60. mike krilov

    Fire its Flame !

  61. Andrew Mock

    Im not gonna lie. My eyes are are teary. Nice job

  62. João Santos

    i know y'all sick of reading this, but.. Hip Hop really died for the world and started livin' for Jesus :D

  63. fastbud5k


  64. Michaela Beckman

    GREAT album!! love it :)

  65. Ericksonmennard

    I almost break my replay button...
    Secular rap got nothing on this !

  66. Greg Paine

    He back. Leggo.

  67. ThatJesusMusic

    gonna put a slideshow video on my channel, be on the lookout! Amazing song though.