Flame - Recaptured Lyrics

Man my heart is heavy, I feel a lot of pain
It's been awhile now, since y'all done heard from Flame
But God has been rocking your boy
But at the same time, I see Satan's plot to destroy
And I know I ain't the only one
For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son
And Satan tried to knock Him too
But when they knocked the nails in His hands Colossians 2
And 15; but yet I still see a common theme
That's plaguing adults, and it's plaguing the teens
When Jesus died, He did more than just give us some help
So help me understand why we still living for self
We live for our families, for our money and cars
We live for our happiness, cause our pleasure is lord
But ain't we seen yet, that that just doesn't work
Living for self can only lead to dozens of hurts
Please hear my heart, like a stethoscope
We're taking steps towards death, but looking for hope
Because we were captured by sin
We were seized, now we need to be captured again
(Uh) That's why we need to pick them Scriptures up
Start praying and fasting, and ask the Father to forgive us of
Forgive us for laziness, forgive us Lord for our pride
Forgive us for worldliness, forgive us cleanse us inside
Cleanse us Lord from telling lies, cleanse us from our selfishness
Cleanse us from our fear of man; we need more than help from this
We confess our lack of love, We confess selfish ambition
We confess to You our lust, oh Lord bring us to repentance...

See we were captured by sin
We were seized, now we need to be captured again
And captured again. And captured again.
And captured again. And captured again

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Flame Recaptured Comments
  1. Bl5H0P

    Who else is still rocking this and Flame in 2019? I got this album on repeat!

  2. Alex Talyor

    People need to stop turning there back away from god. And be with him when JESUS died in the cross he died for our sins, mistakes and he forgave them!!!

  3. Deus lux mea est

    Oh Lord i repent of my evilness today on i shall live for you the Almighty the most high

  4. boostedK5

    Best Christian rap album ever.

  5. desmond ban

    Prophetic song inspired by the SPIRIT OF GOD HIMSELF.... LET US HUMBLY REPENT

  6. Mafi Glendale

    Cleanse us!

  7. The Bosh25

    Spit dem bars

  8. JaCkIe GuILlOrY

    🙌 jesus🙌

  9. Joey Tover

    the trumpets are sounding off how many of us will listen

  10. Tamara Scott

    I love the
    WHOLE album!! my favorite gospel rap artist

  11. yao alodjinou

    This song is hard bruhh!!!!

  12. Abi Sri

    the whole truth is in this song

    thanks jesus

  13. Josue C.

    Is a new album by Flame coming up?

  14. A V

    Flame lost it!! Beyond good! Love u God

  15. Ingrid Sena

    flame é show man!




    Explaining Romans 10:9

  17. Gelomidor

    Thumbs up if u r listening 2 this in 2012

  18. John Williams

    Lol 2012 is what it's all about bro!

  19. Tony

    Forgive us for our selfishness....... its time we y'all repent

  20. free2rhyme445

    i would prefer if there wasnt a sleazy beer ad before my CHRISTIAN rap. Stupid people

  21. Andrew Harris

    Love your music guys. Have a good week.

  22. willie lavender

    Cody and I were bumping this while riding on our mission 2 bible work....weeks ago......I heard the new Flame.....both are tight,

  23. David Chute

    I'm an atheist but I still love this man's soul.

    Alex Talyor


  24. Dakeem Isaac

    Flame keep it up

  25. Mikhail Burke

    Flame went hard this album, i was in shock at the quality of the songs

  26. ferriswheel220

    great build up, leggit song

  27. monica taylor

    I am so feeling this...i know being a Christian isn't about feelings but this song touches my heart each and every time i hear it.

  28. Marc Cazley

    New Christian Rapper from the Bronx !!

    Check Out ... MC " Spinabifida " on Youtube ! ( Freestyle )

  29. milhouse1411

    sick song

  30. alex mata

    But when they Knocked the nail in his hand colossians2:15
    This song put me to tears...there is truth behind the beat

  31. Mark Simmons

    @lilgene143cip dude I agree. I wanted to look up this album to see if I wanted to go buy it tomorrow.....I can't even get to the rest of the songs. This first one is just crazy. God is deff working in my life via music. Especially people like Flame and Lecrae. You can hear the passion in their voice. So to all the people who think God isn't there.....listen to this music! You'll hear him through Flame's voice.

  32. Melvin Cotton III

    This song is talking to me REAL TALK.... I cant get beyond this song to listen to the rest of the album because I keep replaying it... Its talking to me GOD is talking to me!!!!!!!

  33. IS Music

    one of the best rappers in my oponion if you aint got jesus there aint no point of livin.

  34. str8sushi

    i thought this album was fire!
    Hey so Flame got 4 albums right? Rewind, World Fallen, World Redeemed, and Recaptured right? am i missing any?

  35. Yamato145

    @Sooners54 Yep, look at tha album cover it says Clear Sight Music presents... that's how I found out this album came out I was readin about how he started his own label, I think he might have signed This'L too, which would be pretty awesome

  36. jholliday3

    @Yamato145 I was wondering if he was still on Cross Movement

  37. hdyu hooui

    man another great song by flame

  38. Yamato145

    @Sooners54 Definetly a great album, I just don't think it was on tha level of Our World Fallen or Rewind. Oh and this ain't on CMR bro, Flame left and started his own label, Clear Sight Music

  39. Tez Jackson

    dis song touch me... the words are straght from the heart and is real and the truth!!

  40. Yamato145

    @Sooners54 This and tracc 9 for me, this album didn't have as many songs that just really "got you" like some of tha other albums, but is still a good consistent work from start to finish

  41. Matt Lowe

    this song is like an appetizer to good meal
    im glad these artists are starting to get the respect they deserve!

  42. SweetP Adventures

    When i was in middle school
    Flame and Da truth were the first christian rap artists i ever heard .Now in college i am truely thankful for both of them .Flame continue to be use by God