Flame - Let Go Lyrics

I know a place where we'll cry
But He'll wipe the tears from our eyes
All our fears will be alright
Because all in Him are alive
Oh and I
I know a place when you reach the end of the road
You can't carry the weight on your own
Jesus will lift the weight from your soul
Let go

Look at His accomplishments and perfect sacrifice
To appease God's wrath to worship Him is right
There is no other way they all lied
God sent the son and His son died
Put your idols to the fire let em burn
Christ resurrected and He will return
God wrote the story put Himself in it
Now you and Him can meet it's the way that He intended
So if you looking for a place that can take away the hurting
Looking for a place before your sins erase your verses

Looking for a place where the freedom is for certain
Looking for escape cause the enemy is lurking
Should you join another church and maybe you're sick and tired of searching
Cause it seems like nothing is working
I'm here to tell you that the place is in a person

I know a place where we'll cry
But He'll wipe the tears from our eyes
All our fears will be alright
Because all in Him are alive
Oh and I

Jesus Son of God the Father confirmed at
His baptism I'm praying that you turn
You can have a brand new position in Christ forgiven
He is everything you need love joy hope peace
Come rest in Him let go Amen

I know a place where we'll cry
But He'll wipe the tears from our eyes
All our fears will be alright
Because all in Him are alive
Oh and I
I know a place when you reach the end of the road
You can't carry the weight on your own
Jesus will lift the weight from your soul
Let go

I'm letting go
Letting go
Letting go
I'm letting go

He's on the throne
On the throne
On the throne
He's on the throne

Let go

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Flame Let Go Comments
  1. Genesis M

    I love this song 🙊😭😭😭😭😭 roots 💥💥😭😭😭

  2. Revel Ation

    I swear this sounds like sky full of lighters

  3. donnell outlaw

    So yeah, moral of the story:
    Ask for Permission.
    You're not big enough to get sued.

    Flame asked for permission from Bruno's team before making this.

    "Sky Full of Lighters", is the song by Eminem featuring Bruno Mars & Royce Da 6'9.


    Love Flame but this is the Christian version of Eminem & Bruno Mars Lighters ......

  5. Rue Chikanya

    Any musicians out there who can figure out the chords to this song? I haven't had much luck finding them online. I'd greatly appreciate any help 😃

  6. Gyaldem Wez

    This song always blesses my heart 🤧😍😍😍

  7. Kekelwa Prezidente Mushaukwa

    powerful messages by flame but cant hear from him nowadays..........i`m desperately waiting for another blessing from him by the beginning of the following year.

  8. Golden

    Wow 2012?! It's 2017, how am I now hearing such a wonderful song?

  9. Jyz Yorke Manifest Kidd

    Good song and visuals are on point


    only way in the Kingdom of God house is through Jesus Christ Amen

  11. Joleen Williamson

    that's so true are carry so much we can't carry but sometimes we just don't know how to give it all to god to be free its so hard and not easy in his world

  12. Josh Best

    love it

    supershotgun Gaming

    me too bro.

  13. VeLvEn Skywalker

    my no hablar english

  14. Mc Eddy

    Stolen song from Bruno, lol...

    Chris Andre

    It wasn't stolen because if it was he would of been suede for it he probably signed a agreement on using the instrumental so ... Yeah get it right


    my Son pointed this out to me years ago .....ironic

  15. Isaac Baugh

    Love the song, but whats up with the paint? 

    Jorge Moreno

    It representing the blood of Jesus which is what redeems us. The color was changed at the end so it wouldn't seem so morbid.

  16. Patrick Neal

    great song we as believers carry to much weight on our souls that we were not meant to intend to carry. Let them go and let Jesus carry them.

  17. oxhsun

    Nice job david guetta

  18. killmebitch001

    This is much better than Lighter.

  19. Nicholas Lukaszek

    Probably the best song I've heard in 2015 so far!

  20. Daniel Forlandsaas

    Great combo, great text, great song!

  21. Meci Mukunta

    love it..good song..

  22. clay walden

    Isn't this lighters by Bruno Mars? SMH at his suite of Katy Perry..... 

    Isaiah Maloney

    Flame aske permission to use the beat to lighter katy perry didnt thats y there suing


    😱 permission 😴

  23. Alizabett /Rise Beautiful

    Showing Love, as I use this song so much...for intention and for me too!! <3

    Alizabett /Rise Beautiful

    Still using it!!! Thanks You Are Doing Gods Work!!! Prayers and Blessings

    Alizabett /Rise Beautiful

    Deserves so much more, but I know in some way God will give it to you!!! <3

  24. Abier Samuel

    love it!!!

  25. Bonabellfilms

    The paint starts black and just like our lives. But at the end when we give it all up to christ, he redesigns our lives and colours it again just like the Lord intended.

  26. zachary march

    its just like that bible verse form 1 peter 5:7 Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. we got to let go and trust in God for he does care for you

  27. Ben Jones

    We as christians we need to take back the arts of music! If anyone sees this comment please check out my cover of Lecraes song "Tell The world" (all 4 Christ) any support helps and i am working a few more covers and some originals on my youtube channel! i don't want to pay for an advertisement bc they ARE VERY EXPENSIVE and i don't have a lot of money but I'm trying rep JESUS CHRIST with the gifts that He has given me!

  28. majjr8

    great song, but i don't get the paint.

  29. Teke Wam

    This is wonderful!!! I don't know about what anyone else thinks but it touches my heart when I hear this song. Christ is presented and lifted up in this song. We can let go and look to Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. He will help us with whatever we are going through. We can look to Him and Him alone. God bless you Flame and DecembeRadio! Both of you continue to lift up the name of Jesus! Great job!

  30. akem1991emayne

    no man , this like the situational inducement, u take a bit of whats already influencing people and turn into something positive , that "much like sound " that u talking about also plays a role in attracting people who listen to secular music. its all bout psychology. It attract them to listen and when they do, they get the message

  31. Gabriel Luiz Carli

    uoooooooooou greaaaaaat song! God be praised!!

  32. Drone86

    i agree to the message so for that i say .. itunes away

  33. sh9683

    lyrics are unique are they not? and even the song is not the same as lighters

  34. officialkeny


  35. DeAndre' Burns

    Very well done out of the box song!!! The music, the artist, the chorus, the verses work so well together great song!!!

  36. Connor Fernandes

    love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Joel Klo

    wow beautiful track


    Better then Anything of that secular junk

  39. Andrea Paz

    wowww..! :) awesome

  40. Gabe Gallegos

    Jk(: it does sound like lighters

  41. Gabe Gallegos

    Stop hating kids

  42. sevenof9ChristsBride

    Was thinking that myself!

  43. Jose Munoz

    This song is so deep i love it God Bless everyone and Flame and DecembeRadio

  44. MrPaea

    listening from New Zealand ! :)

  45. Notorious Scott

    this si awesome however this seems alot like lighters by bruno mars and lil wayne, the video also

  46. Li Ma

    this is about the best song song i know.

  47. Dykstra Baptisms

    I would tell Flame to go take a shower but I don't want his flame to quench.

  48. Bob Cat

    -__- ummm

  49. Get Reel Bass Fishing

    you voice has changed so much dude!

  50. Austin Turner

    Thor can sing!

  51. Botella Gutierrez

    lighter - eminem & royce da' 59 ft bruno mars

  52. Ayan Ayan

    agree 100%

  53. Samuel Kihumba

    almost sounds like lighters i mean the beat

  54. Awar3inwar

    Love the song buy the video was ehh...

  55. justmi23

    cool decemberadio awesome.

  56. g'dog

    I thumbed down to make it 2.. Leave no one behind.. God over money.

  57. X49MRE

    1 person didn't let go.

  58. rosetec45

    SO GOOD! If you want to see more GREAT production, like the facebook page "Beyond the Lens with Dan and Andy", and you'll stay up to date on their latest work and even get to see some more FLAME footage! :)

  59. rosetec45

    This is a beautiful song!! I'm not always a huge rap fan, so the integration of a great sounding melody really transcends the genre and pulls music lovers from all different styles. The video production is really phenomenal as well!! The two guys who did the video have exclusive behind the scenes footage and an upcoming interview on their facebook page "Beyond The Lens with Dan and Andy". A MUST for all FLAME fans :)

  60. Ian Williams

    Can't stop listening to this song

  61. KaylaDNavarrete

    Totally Agree w/ You :D

  62. It's All About Perspective

    i dont know if you know this about flame, lecrae, trip lee, etc. but they're music is designed to reflect mainstream music and sound alike so that others would listen to it as well. some might call it a flaw i call it genius to attract new audiences and especially those people who wouldn't pick up their albums because they're labeled christian. as of late they have also found their own sound and its amazing!

  63. yesHEisAfrica

    Great Video!

  64. BearingFruit21

    I think that the different colors that fell on him symbolized the infinite possibilities that you can have in God when you become apart of his kingdom and that his grace is like none other. GREAT VIDEO FLAME!!

  65. Justice Benson

    GREAT Production !!!

  66. Julio Espinoza

    one thing i hate is that he sounds like Bruno Mars

  67. GodGirlAlways

    #Loving this! :)

  68. George Ashley

    DecembeRadio made this joint! #The6th

  69. the18thletteR

    dat whole paint symbolism is genius...dis track is amazing...GOD bless yall!1

  70. Isaac Lambert

    Yours makes the most sense

  71. JMGspeaks

    dopeness best flame song I heard in a min

  72. LivinForChrist90

    oh that's a great point and didn't really think bout it that way but yeah that's really cool.

  73. Natu Myers - Natu io

    I know that JR produced the beat because is has a similar sound effect to divine intervention on rehab


    Natu "Altermax" Myers a rip off of lighters by shady

  74. cjscool08

    its black paint though...
    i think represents sin.

  75. David Gonzalez

    I have to admit, this is A GREAT MUSIC VIDEO. Seriously, very professional, and it fits so well.

  76. MistyshaAnguo

    Since the paint changes from dark to bright, I think it symbolizes being covered in darkness before knowing Christ and then being covered in brightness/light by knowing Christ.

  77. Vinni Lopes

    blood i guess

  78. LivinForChrist90

    Love the song and awesome music vid but I don't understand what the paint symbolizes though?

  79. Daisy Kirkland

    Awesome calab. Bringing the church of the God together as one body. Be blessed

  80. LeDarrius White

    cool vid and song

  81. Stankyleg11six

    Every time I listen to this I get chills!

  82. Gabriel Rael

    Another banger!

  83. Michelle Murray

    "....the place is in a Person...." so deep!!

  84. Jesus Valdes

    My song!!!!

  85. Rhema B

    Love the video and Flame but thumbs up if you thought the whole paint part was unnecessary an confusing lol

  86. Dakota Ballin

    This song is AWESOME!!!!

  87. Jeremy Curtsinger

    Brah The 6th goes so hard. Keep doing whatchu doin and giving God the glory. Amen.