Flame - Devil's Bread Lyrics

I can't ignore it man
I can't ignore it man
I don't wanna put away
I don't wanna put away
But I don't want to ruin my life

I'm trying to live my own theology but I'm still confronted by my own hypocrisy
I've lost count of all the ways I contradict the things I say in things I pray
And when I recite from my own Bible against my own Christ
Man I love Him to the core but it's still a struggle trying to love Him even more
Yes I wanna finish well never bring shame
And never sprinkle dirt on the son of God's name
I wanna stand firm I wanna end strong
But I be so afraid that I'm gonna end wrong
And provide for my self again and supply for my selfish sin
In spite of the knowledge You are a perfect friend
Lord hold me up I know You hear me praying saying

I don't wanna put away
I don't wanna put away
But I don't want to ruin my life

How is it that if something being loved with the taste scrape crumbs off the plate
Let none go to waste keep eating in it eating in it take a drink eating in it
Bout a week later put none to your face exact same ingredients numb to the taste
Is my tongue in the way am I dark am I fake
Or am I just exhausted appetite lost it is my heart cold or is it just frosted
How long is my crave is is my hunger my thirst is
Having a relapse for idol God worship
I know this is dangerous wrong and deceit but it's looking so sweet like bon-a-petit
I know God is my Father and I am His son
He provides for me I should not jump the gun
Said I know this is dangerous wrong and deceit but it's looking so sweet like bon-a-petit
Then I have to tell myself He was tempted to provide for Himself too
Dry desert no food forty days forty nights think His appetite
Wasn't like Eve's or the Israelites or like yours or like mine
Then the serpent came right time right lies
But He chose to be father not fed make the same choice resist the devil's bread

I don't wanna put away
Don't wanna put away
I don't want to ruin my life
Here we go

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Flame Devil's Bread Comments
  1. Ronny Kazadi

    2018 still listening

    Coach Reynolds

    Ronny Kazadi me too!

  2. Laguna beach California

    Brother flame bless your heart man!!!!! The song that hit home for me was battle of minds !!! Due to I have the bipolar disorder 1 ..... but I know our God is in control and will use my brokenness to reach others please pray for me brothers and sisters!!!! God bless you all

    TinkerdaCHRISTlover TinkerdaCHRISTlover


  3. megaswisswatch

    Christ is King dis song is cool

  4. Coleten McGuire

    I don't know why but I really enjoy the intro to this song more.

  5. Noel Marcial

    This song is soooooooo dope thank god for flame

  6. Elvis Amissi

    this song is just too amazing......like Bonne apetit

  7. Jose Bailly

    One of the best songs on this album..

  8. James 4:8

    soo dope

  9. Kbrunking

    "I'm trying to live my own theology, but I'm still confronted by my own hypocracy " can I get a like if you feel that line!

    Laguna beach California

    Kbrunking amen

  10. noah mefford

    love the last verse

  11. Elroy Maynard

    A Video for this song will be the best thing:)

  12. JesusLovesYouJn316

    what i always say, my Father is an artist! :)

  13. raayer2

    I really like how he just lays the battle we wage inside us out in the open. We are attracted to sinful things because we are sinful beings, but in the same instance, we know its wrong. It's reality. We need to rely on the salvation and strength of God and fight through it just like Jesus did! What a role model that guy is :)

  14. adonis221000

    this song is awesome. I feel the same way he talks about in this song.

  15. GodGirlAlways

    I love all His Songs even my non-Christian friends are changing the type of music they listen to jus to listen to CHRISTEN RAP<3 God is amazing even Music can change a Life BIG TIME! God created voices in humans For a reason and for HIM only...God you're a God of Creativity :)

    Agape1 Cordova

    Amen... 😁

  16. Jack Ginger

    Number 1 on iTunes!