Flame - Christ Alone Lyrics

One day we'll be like You
There is no one like You
One day we'll be like You

Lord You're the only one who didn't sin only one who didn't bend
With temptation pressing in first Adam gave in

After that Abraham Noah did Moses did and many men before them
Yes even Israel after You split the Red Sea

After you rescued them from Egyptian tyranny
Many kings and many prophets many priest just couldn't stop it
Man is so sin prone yet can't atone for our own problems
Yet in the wilderness the tempted tried to get You to fall
Three times satan tried but got a word to resist them all
You overthrew the devil's power the demonic put to shame
Jesus is our high priest we've got peace cause he overcame
Yes through Christ alone [x2]
Anyone who's in the Son died to when they hung Him on
Overcame when He overcame resurrected when He rose
New creation new humanity our insanity was overthrown

Our Lord was tempted and tried
See the serpent with angel eyes
He saw the Christ in the wilderness
He salivated with anxious eyes
He came to Him with the same tricks
Turn this stone into bread it's been awhile since You've eaten
Has Your Father left You for dead?
Is this the place the Spirit led You?
And all this time He hasn't fed You
You're the messiah Son of God
Yet somehow He neglects You
He'll protect you
Throw yourself from the pinnacle of the temple
It's simple remember this is biblical

I came to tell you the devil lies

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Flame Christ Alone Comments
  1. Kenson Phiri

    Fav song since childhood

  2. Miguel Hernandez

    Has anyone noticed the cover! Flame presents the 6th, Flame The 6Th and also a big 6 logo in the middle. "666" .

    Brandon is the Greatest

    Miguel Hernandez 666 was made up by Americans, it’s not biblical

  3. james aziz

    love this song

  4. S_ FOLLOW

    There is no one like him, one day we will be like... When temptation is pressing in... everybody pressed in and so did many did ... but when the devil came to you he could not!

  5. Whamae Boayue

    This is anointed. My God I just went IN!!! #WarfareRemix

  6. Dibbles Bell

    This my fav song on this album. I like his new one too though

  7. Oreo Shake Boy

    I go to church and understand it all and I'm 13

  8. Oreo Shake Boy

    I love the beat

  9. larry hill

    one day will be like him!

  10. megaswisswatch

    da love of Christ :)

  11. Claudia Jordana Trindade

    we all wuv wuv wuv wuuuv this song :)

  12. Money C.


  13. epical slaughter

    Christian dubstep!!! Wooooo!!!

  14. SierraShavon

    Sick! I especially love the dubstep part: "womp womp womp womp womp JESUS, JESUS!"

  15. Jamar Shannon

    This song nice. Like how you made it.

  16. Ryan Kaiser

    Praise God!!!!

  17. abi bisi

    MY LORD!

  18. Alex

    Flame uses The name Of God more than those other christian artist.

  19. Natu Myers - Company-Investor Matchmaker

    Apparently it's sampled from the song "Lets Go Home" from Vrose,

  20. Zeagle1995

    what is it sayin' :)

  21. Zeagle1995

    and i think the dubstep is AMAZING! ;D

  22. Zeagle1995

    whats the message ;)

  23. Taylor Thomas

    i'm wondering lol

  24. alexander castillo

    This song is pretty sick, LIKE

  25. kikibaby124

    da begin sound lik illuminati calls

  26. Eric Moss

    Yeah for sure, I totally agree.

  27. Eric Moss

    Yes and no. It's awesome that it glorifies God, yes, but you can do that without the dubstep and thus, have a better song.

    Just our opinions though

  28. Lajuan Davis

    Perfect song but he should of kept the beat the dubstep was terrible thing to add

  29. Brandon F

    Glory to God, not men!!!

  30. keshealm

    This is different but super HOT! Bought it!

  31. Philip Paul

    Just for those who are curious, the primary genre of the song is Drum and Bass with some Dubstep Crossover.

    If you like the distorted sound and the bass drop at the end, that is the dubstep.

    The drum beat and the fast pace is from the Drum and bass.

  32. Davis Singh


  33. its_KelsJ2



    this is at end of which music video?

  35. Strix_Varia

    All I know is that they're actual lyrics from her song Let's Go Home.

  36. Blessedj01

    Yeah, dubstep is a fad but when used tastefully it's actually kinda nice.

  37. Blessedj01

    There was nothing at all wrong with either the backwards effect, which sounded almost like Indian to me...and the dubstep which was beautifully placed at the end of the song. Why dislike it for no reason? Maybe it's not to your taste but I think it workd great.

  38. Doug E manuel

    every man, we pray that this will touch those who are looking for something that pushes the envelope bless those who are unafraid to step out and those who want to in Jesus name amen

  39. Devon Nutall

    ''I dont have a heaven, and I dont have a hell. I cant put u in one, but he suerly will''. Thats deep.

  40. Jesus Love

    FOR LYRICS, GO HERE : watch?v=ZsSp5N81Row


    Its sampled from V. Rose's Song "Let's go home" and (I BELIEVE) it has parts from the beginning as well as parts from near the end of the song where she says "I'm going back its to hard to explain"& "Its not impossible if you trust in his name" as well as the beginning where it says " I just cant explain (x2)"

  42. The Real Zach

    what's the message backwards please tell

  43. DRoyul

    its a sample from the song "Lets Go Home" from her, i think off her first album. I'm not sure which part was taken, but it was flipped I know that.

  44. amolavida1000

    That dubstep goes hard ! "I came to tell you the devil lies!" xD love it

  45. Seth Cusson


  46. MrJShook

    I liked the intro so much I had to listen to it backwards!
    Hmmmm.....from my perspective, I hear words/phrases such as "Don't be afraid though", "Under the rainbow", "In God we are, in fact in Him we are made", and "The same....with me....explain".
    Again, these are only my guesses :/

  47. Unlocking the Bible

    awesome song! Makes me love Jesus more!

    Part that always puts a smile on my face: "I CAME TO TELL YOU THE DEVIL LIES!!!"

  48. Amber Swain


  49. EndTimesSaltAndLight

    love that intro, esp when the beat drops at 0:54, perfect for driving with the windows down...

  50. Strix_Varia

    The Like button is too much of an understatement for this song.

  51. Anna Schorse

    the base in this <3

  52. jumpingjellybean35

    Hey guys the dubstep starts @ 3:16

  53. jumpingjellybean35

    hey check out toby mac dubstep remix of "tonight" and Lecrae dubstep version of "Jesus Music"

  54. Lizelle Tayler


  55. anintercessor

    start of the track is bananas... dubstep kills it off at the end. song is type right!

  56. Ra Maniapoto

    Shux! 3:11..thats the fire! PRAISE GOD for this one! mean

  57. BowserFX

    i wonder wut it says reversed the choruses

  58. ADCUHCL2011

    It sounds like VRose from their first track together off his last album. He just mixed up a little different. But I'm feeling the lyrics, FLAME always keeps the WORD of GOD on FIRE! Yes! Loving it.

  59. Jordan Fawley

    I like this song but when the tempo speeds up and flame raps it doesnt sound right...but still a great song

  60. 116Dallas

    @Altermax777 tell us!

  61. adoyjoda

    the beginning sounds like navi from Zelda: Ocarina of Time haha

  62. Natu Myers - Company-Investor Matchmaker

    Mysterious intro by @vrosemusic any guesses on what the msg is backwards? :)

  63. David Kuria

    I love the intro African, Through Christ Alone I am loving it

  64. BwayneMusicChannel

    FLAME doing what he does best. Too Raw. God bless ya!

  65. blackbeasley23

    [email protected]!

  66. nikewarrior24

    @TNAguy2000 lol.

  67. Justice Benson

    can anyone say ring tone

  68. Josh Arnold