Flame - All I Need Lyrics

[Chorus – Chris Lee:]
You’re all that I need
The simple things you do for me you keep comin’ through
I must say that I’m impressed
I know you love the whole world, seems I’m the only one you know
‘Cause you’re so personal
You got me sayin’ like oooohh, because you’re fillin’ my cup
Oooohhh, I just can’t get enough
So let it be known, wouldn’t trade your love for nothin’
You see, you’re all that I need

[Verse 1 – Flame:]
Lord you're so holy, in a league of your own
You didn’t owe me but remember you took Francis Jones
You gave me everything when my grandmother died
The greatest gift of all, you when you opened my eyes
Lord my heart was broke seein’ her in there dead
In the hospital doctor pronouncing her dead
You took my best friend, at the time I was blind
Hard to look ahead, hard to put the past behind
But like Isaiah 6 when King Uzziah died
I saw you Lord, seated on the throne lifted high
I saw you Lord, in a way I never seen before
I saw that you were love, yes and I wanted you more

[Chorus – Chris Lee]

[Verse 2 – Flame:]
Lord you know its true, I love my momma and daddy
September 16th was the day they had me
And before I met you I gave them a hard time
Runnin’ away from home, comin’ to the crib high
But yet they kept lovin’ me, lovin’ me, now I see
That through my parents love you were pursuing me
Through all the drama and all the pain
They demonstrated grace until the ceiling caved
Then you saved me Lord, never forget the day
Thanks for carin’ for me through Caroline and Sammy Gray
Now I wanna honor him like Psalm 127
Can’t wait to worship with Him for eternity in heaven

[Chorus – Chris Lee]

[Verse 3 – Flame:]
Praise God for April 5th, 2008
Married my best friend, Crystal Gray, that day was great
Used to be it was so afraid of gettin’ married
I can’t lie ya’ll, your boy was pretty scary
But God used my baby to come push out my fear
Thought I pushed her away, but she was still here
And then a real tear fell from my eyes
Because through Crystal’s love, I started to see my God
Because through Crystals love, I started to see His grace,
I was overwhelmed, literally fell on my face
Now I would die for her, give her my everything
Not just the wedding ring, thank you Lord now let us sing

[Chorus – Chris Lee]

[Vamp – Chris Lee:]
I don’t ever want to be without you again
Lover of my soul, King of the world but you call me friend
And all the people you put in my life
You used death to open up my eyes
Now I see the grace you show me through my wife
Paved the way for me to say

[Chorus – Chris Lee]

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Flame All I Need Comments
  1. Brian Banks

    Honestly im afraid of marriage.

  2. Ten ten Salgado ASMR

    Flame gang no bandanna nor bribes at my right hand.


    Lord you know it’s true I love my mama and daddy September16 was the day that they had me this really means a lot because I was born on September 16 LOVE THIS SONG

  4. Musonda Kapambwe

    God used dad's death to draw me closer to him. Today marks 6years since he died. M. H. S. R. I. P

  5. Panchito Yomomma

    Not Christian or into church really but this song goes.

  6. kana'Yahu

    praise Yahushua.
    Joh 3:15 so that whoever is believing in Him should not perish but possess everlasting life.

  7. mutungi edmund

    Thanks Lord for my Life

  8. Melissa Omolo

    God is all that I need!

  9. Nabbit Speed demon

    it is a very great song for the spirit not just for yourself but the whole world and the music imbraces us to get through the day and night

  10. Saints Talk


  11. Louis Boni

    Love you mother R.I.P. thank you flame for such a beautiful song!

  12. Libertarian Prince

    Welcome Home an Introduction to Righteousness Paperback – June 21, 2015
    by Nathanyel Ben Israel (Author)

  13. Jess LéAnne

    This song relates to my life. I love it.

  14. Irish King

    Great song spoke to my heart Thank you Jesus for these  artists !

  15. Professor Barth

    This song is absolutely incredible. Could the lyrics be more perfect? One of the greatest in CHH

  16. larry hill

    I saw you Lord seated on the Throne and was lifted High.

  17. Christopher Barnes

    Lebron James and Steph curry When steph guards him he shit he's 👖

    Banana Gun

    Christopher Barnes gu

  18. Christopher Barnes

    Lebron james😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🍿

  19. Christopher Barnes

    Dab if you like this. Song

  20. Edgar N Christina Bell

    I like the beat of the song

  21. Nygel Jamison

    i love this

  22. Trill shay

    Thank you god ❤️ he all I need

  23. young savage

    this song is flame

  24. Shiloh Stacks

    loved the song

  25. Santrise Scott

    Love This Song! Continue to allow GOD to use you!! Amen

  26. Trinity Apologetics

    I love You Lord

  27. thierry irakoze

    like Flame's music really ...I'm lifted up this morning ,,,,,,, and blessed .....your word is true lord

  28. Dwight West

    Tight work !!!

  29. Gairreus Williams


    Gairreus Williams

    Haha wow I didn't post that I actually love that song

    Gairreus Williams

    I don't know where that came from it love that song

    Gairreus Williams

    @Amos Wanyonyi
    I don't know how that post got on this I really like this song

    Banana Gun

    gairreus Williams I LOVE THIS SONG

  30. Holly Smith

    there will always be haters, desperate to find fault with Christ friends.

    Michael Graham

    Holly Smith its hard to focus on thangs cause haters wont stop but ill keep prayin for peace

  31. Andrea Z

    i love the chorus.💝

  32. Russel Westbrook0

    Love this song

  33. Jason Hoggans

    I am so happy to hear music that glorifies Jesus...The way Truth, and The Light! I like Bizzle, D-Maub, and Sevin too.

  34. Curtis Harris

    Yall check out Sweet Victory by Trip Lee its great too

  35. Sera S

    ooooooowww, love it!......Is there an instrumental for this song? This inspires me to start putting my songs together too!

  36. Vincenzo Procopio

    gueti Musik

  37. Ascencion Bustos

    One God One love One way.
    Its all about that Grace my brothers and sisters.

    Tyrese Kind

    Ascencion Bustos agree bro He's all that we need

    Jose Ledesma

    Ascencion Bustos --yes grace, but with deeds to show a must.

  38. Steve Huber

    I feel very blessed!

  39. Phazza Johnson

    That's My Nigga      Mn. Flame is that Shit, and I always said so
    Phazzaracci the Producer formerly Arize Ent.   Now   Subsoniq Music Las Vegas

  40. David Cortez

    Does anyone know other songs like this ?

    Best Choice DJs

    Flame has a lot of great songs. Check them out.

    Kay Kay

    David Cortez check out sevin tedashii lacrae bizzle

    Kay Kay

    David Cortez get the sevin Pandora station it has fly songs about the lord they r vey goood at promoting the lord and nothing else i love God and love hearing such motivational rap music instead of listening to anything else

    Kay Kay

    David Cortez benjah toooo

  41. Pepi BG

    Yuhuuuuuu :-) just cooool :-) haha let us worship Jesus!

  42. melissa Polite

    This song is the truth

  43. rwilks2nd

    Love the song. I can relate to what he is saying.

  44. Joey Verhelle

    Thing song makes me tear up. LORD JESUS NEVER STOP PURSUING ME!!! 

    Andrew Richey

    Joey Verhelle never stop pursuing the LORD

  45. Angel Escalera

    10 ppl on the wrong path

    Willy The Thrilly

    @Kyle Holman gotta pray for em fam.

  46. Jerry Looney

    I love this song THE WORD ARE THE TRUTH.

  47. barry wilson

    Can I use this for my theme song I like it

  48. Ari Ramirez

    I love this song

  49. Zay

    That hook though...wow

  50. DJ Robinson

    i must say I'm impressed!

  51. DJ Robinson

    geez!!! everytime this song comes on my Pandora station I gotta come here & listen to it another 20 times!! the 3rd verse is so hott!!

  52. Anthony B

    This song is hot flame album gonna be hot cant wait for it god bless

  53. Amber Ledezma

    This song brings tears to my husbands eyes. Explains our situation perfectly! Touches our hearts ♥ Thank you. Now THIS is music!

  54. larry hill

    Awsome Lord thank you!

  55. heidi mason

    this song is soo amazing! love the beat, lyrics and the chorus is awesome, makes me want to dance and praise God!

  56. VyвeX

    Finally found it :)

  57. elias s

    only one dislike must be good first time ever have i seen a song with only one dislike

  58. GodGirlAlways

    I love this song<3 :)

  59. Destini Harrison

    This is a good song :) I love the beat m how it's mixed with Christianity :)

  60. Joshua Shuck

    love tis track......