Flame - Against The World Lyrics

Turn it down a little bit (You and me against the world)
I don't wanna hinder it
It's gonna be me and him against the world (You and me against the world)

'Cause it's you and me against the world, the world, the world
They ask me, "do you love me 'nough that you would really give up the world? "

It's been too long, I
Can't live 'dis life no mo'
With' all o' yo' lies, I
Can't run from right no mo'

He took on flesh for me
All you took was my joy
He played his role perfectly
You played me like a toy

I'm so done with' you
I got my bags packed
I'm burnin' my bridges
'Case you try ta drag me back

Someone got me loose
Here, you can have your noose
You're like a brown recluse
I'm chuckin' up tha deuce, through

They told me it wouldn't last
They said it would never work
They told me this love would pass
But it's you and me against the world

They told me to leave you now
You're only with him 'cause you're hurt
But I'm gonna stand my ground
'Cause it's you and me against the world, the world, the world
They ask me, "do you love me 'nough that you would really give up the world? "

I did the stupidest things for you
All in the name of staying true
Embarrassing myself, had me actin' like a fool, and
What did I get in return, and
What did I get in exchange
Besides, teary eyes, broken hearts and lots of pain

Tried to hold on to what we had
But, it was never real, and
The one who loved me the most, man
I helped him get killed, man

Messin' around with' you, left
Millions of regrets, yet
The love that I rejected
Eventually resurrects

See, although I played {'I'm?}
{Lately?} Betrayed {'I'm?}
See that guy right there
I'm gonna save 'I'm

That's exactly what He did
After the perfect life was lived
Crucified, he would rise
Now, I'm one of His kids

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Flame Against The World Comments
  1. Ezri Scott

    I can tell your searching is the devil

  2. Dave A

    The world is missing out

  3. Patric Thomas

    Only time we apart is when I got 2 make some money 2 take Care of Mine....And bring all My Home....Manage Dat

  4. Patric Thomas

    God shape and mold me 4 your Daughter 2 always keep your Daughter happy and be all she could ever ask think of having!!!
    I'm in2 whatever she's in2!!!
    You won't see one without the Other....We 2gether always....Like a pair of Sneakers

  5. Patric Thomas

    I don't think she knows what God Bless her With!!!

  6. Patric Thomas

    She has no choice.....Just like I have No Choice...We a Match from Heaven....God has shown meFavor......And Won't No1 do 4 Her Like Me....You can bet on Dat... Take it 2 the bank....I'll die for her like Christ died for the Church....Like I'm suppose 2.....I put myWoman 1st like a Real man suppose....God bless her with the best!!! She will always be Happy....If not all she has 2 do is talk 2 me...Let me what's bothering you....And imma Handle Dat!!! Anything 4 Mine!!!

  7. Patric Thomas

    1st.....Keep it real with Yourself....I'm a Go Getter....Come Back with it.....Family 1st!!!

  8. Patric Thomas

    Here Manage dat... All of it.....I bring it All Home.....

  9. Patric Thomas

    Me & Mine 2gether 24/7....You don't see one without the other.....MyParnter.....Only one I run with......Ain't no I'll be right back unless I'm going 2 handle some business 4 Us......Going 2 Work

  10. Patric Thomas

    You Got a Rider on Your Side....I can be the Meanest or the Sweetest.....Always Sweet 2 Mine Lil MyLady

  11. Yasmim Pereira Ferreira

    Alguem.em portugues??

  12. Richard Harvey

    I met flame before

  13. Rebekah Punitia


  14. Cassandra Sanchez

    some days this song is all I need to hear to push all the problems away and create a clamp inside me thanks flame ♡♡♡

  15. z28redd


  16. Jasmine Wray

     my song all the way

  17. Brittany Thomas

    I really like this song!!

  18. virginia cantone


  19. Tha S


  20. MrsKG81

    you can't say using the worlds music because you need to first identify where did music start and how....

  21. Scottles293

    against the world yet using the worlds music to reach the world...

  22. bennyluvsdisneystars

    this world is not my home!!!

  23. Chloe R M

    I love this song!!!!!

  24. Lusilvio Silva

    Absoulutely.... Full steam ahead.

  25. Abigail Ella

    i so done with you i got my backpack 0:54 to 1:02 i luv it

  26. Abigail Ella

    The Voice - Our God (Remix) feat. Eshon Burgundy & Sammy Sayso

  27. Edward Woodring

    luv the song its great to listen to

  28. Jayla Huzzie

    85,849 views and only 4 dislikes. That's how awesome this song is. Like for real, and CLEARLY those 4 dislikes were just a slip of the button;)

  29. Marissa M

    On point.

  30. Kylie M

    It's his 6th album.

  31. tmaster901

    Realy good song

  32. Jennifer Bustamante


  33. Randis Graham

    Hey I'm not very sure but I think its for the 6th day when God created us "humankind"
    I think he says it in one of the songs but its still my conclusion.. google it lol

  34. Javon Winston

    Yes I will really give up the world I love God & what he's done for us (his children). I pray all my love one friends and foes will just see that he is the why. I've lost a few & do to this christian walk I get the notion that a lot more are going to be lost because I reconciled my relationship with God & I can't continue to act lost I can't go to all the same places I use to go.I can't be a christian and pretend im a lost child I am Royalty&My Father is the King

  35. truaus1

    Out of curiosity why is the album called the 6th?

  36. LastDayDisciples

    great song! she kinda sounds like Beyonce, not that i think shes bitin at all, same GOD made both they voice boxes and chords. i love how these two husband and wife come together to run a record company together. GOD glorified in their job and the special blessing that most married couples don't have to work together and plus in the ministry of Christ, something that so naturally unites ppl

  37. Lizz MiriBaby

    coz its me & u against the world...wow what a beautiful love song..and its for our Lord..Amen!

  38. its_KelsJ2

    He loves us that much!!!!

  39. lil t

    LOVE this song

  40. Darnica Gordon

    search Church B Desperate

  41. shesmilesdaily

    Her song with Trip Lee is titled "Beautiful Life." It's so heartfelt, my husband loves it.

  42. Daybara

    What's YEC?

  43. Blessedj01

    good song always like it when v rose and flame work together

  44. bawvie0

    What a great song...! Amazing voices



  46. Zachary Williams

    this is one of my favorite songs

  47. lil t

    love god

  48. Lamonte Nichols

    AMen songs like this speak a message of truth

  49. chandler monahan

    trip lee or Lecrae both awesome'

  50. Kioneshia Washington

    :) its me an GOD aginst the world

  51. Vee Bee

    Wow! Yeessss!

  52. Abraham isaac

    Look rose're great .. I love it .. Spain-Sevilla come and do a concert would be great :) I love you terribly

  53. Victoria S

    V.Rose FTW!

  54. Bouzy Beats

    i know this is totally off this video lol but who thinks Andy Mineo and Jin should collab??

  55. lilhawkpride2013

    I got a shout out video from them :)

  56. Scott Chiware

    no lie...this song is screaming for Andy Mineo lol

  57. Jesusinmyveins

    twisty, twisty tune i love it!

  58. Alotutusa Coleman


  59. Peter

    I got both of their autographs :)

  60. Yellomix

    man i am so appreciative of music to celebrate the life of JESUS. secular music doesnt have a solution, but I thank God for JESUS; he is Lord.

  61. Christy Love

    i actually like this song v. rose did with him.

  62. Elvis Amissi

    Wow...V.Rose and Flame are a sick duo

  63. WATNAO4

    YUP! IThnk u

  64. isaiah guajardo

    Focus on God and obeying and serving HIM.

  65. silentkool21

    Flame I love this song I also love Caught in the lights

    This is from Aaliyah and the one that says Dear V.rose & Flame, is also from me Aaliyah bye.

  66. silentkool21

    Dear V.rose & Flame,
    I love this song so much I sing it every time I hear it. I seen you once you were singing Surrender & Christian Girl I have your C.D I love your music.

  67. jassyrene

    she really did!! Sooooo beautiful!

  68. Yung Polo

    bless the song AMEN

  69. Yung Polo

    Such a nice song by flame :D

  70. GodGirlAlways

    I love this songggg! :)

  71. GodGirlAlways

    The guy singing is FLAME! :)

  72. GodGirlAlways

    Oh yeah! :D

  73. Scott Chiware

    V.Rose > Taylor Swift *shrugs*

  74. jassyrene

    Her voice is just AHHHHH. <3

  75. Katie Chessmore

    loooove this! it's so great!

  76. D Williams

    who's the guy singing??

  77. Brian N

    @denimcraze I hear Trip Lee is going to have V.Rose on his up coming CD. That should be ultra fresh!!! Amen!

  78. Brian N

    Wonderful song. I sense a Andy Mineo/ V.Rose collab in the future :D Amen!

  79. CYGUY29

    God will use you, but the world will abuse you.

  80. David Walker

    I finally made it through the whole CD (after repeating all my *new* favorite tracks), but I gotta say this song has me stuck all over again. ---V. Rose & Young Noah = great choices!!

  81. knowmehuh

    i was listening to all of the tracks on itunes and this track was ma fav. Im on it now love V.rose

  82. ThatJesusMusic

    I love this song, gonna have a video for it up soon, be on the look out!