Flack, Roberta - Where I'll Find You Lyrics

Like a light on the sheen
On a storm you came to me
You're my course
It's my own
I'm afraid it leads to you
To you and you alone
And I can't change it

I would lie if I said
That I was undrawn to you
Thou I have all I need
Something deep within me
Stares and tell me I must go
To where I'll find you

Life is bringing you to me
We don't understand
Than looking for answers
This is it
This is who I am

I don't know who you are
How am I to choose you?
Still you call from afar
And I know I can't refuse
I know I have to go to where I'll find you

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Flack, Roberta Where I'll Find You Comments
  1. Vernita Otu

    this song is one of the most mystical song that pierces the soul

  2. Glavlaser

    This leads me over the limit of the visible fallen world I'm feel my self just before God's eyes, exactly where I will find my eternal entity