Five Star - Treat Me Like A Lady Lyrics

Yeah, if you treat me right
I'll be yours tonight
Ah yeah...
Hey listen

Feelings of mine don't matter
As long as you are around, I feel good (I feel good)
Don't let on about this love thing
We can make it right
I can make you feel

Secrets I tell you, keep them
Don't tell another
I feel I can trust you
Don't let me down
You know it
Ain't too polite
To cheat on a lady

If your word ain't no good (if your word ain't no good)
Then I'll find another (then I'll find another)
To treat me
The way you should, all right (yeah)
For me there's no other (for me there's no other)
I'll guarantee you that (I'll guarantee you that)
A good love is hard to find

So treat me like a lady (lady)
Like you know you should
Try to (understand) understand
How I feel for you
Just treat me like a lady (lady)
I show my love for you
Can't you (understand) understand
That my love is true

Believe me

Loving you comes so easy
As long as I have you near
I can watch you (I can watch you)
Don't play around
With my heart
Don't get me wrong
But I see your move

Dealing me wrong, don't ever
You know the outcome
I'll just up and leave you
If you let me down (if you let me down)
You'll know it
I won't be around
To pick up the pieces

If your word ain't no good (if your word ain't no good)
Then I'll find another (then I'll find another)
To treat me
The way you should, all right (all right)
For me there's no other (for me there's no other)
I'll guarantee you that (I'll guarantee you that)
A good love is hard to find

So treat me like a lady (lady)
Like you know you should
Try to (understand) understand
How I feel for you
Just treat me like a lady (lady)
I show my love for you
Can't you (understand) understand
That my love is true

Come on...

Treat me like a lady like you know you should
Got to understand how I feel for you
Just treat me like a lady, show me what you got
I'll be your lady right until I
See your move, deal me wrong, don't you ever
I can watch you, baby
I can make you feel (ah yeah)
So treat me like a lady, I'll show you the deal

So treat me like a lady (lady)
Like you know you should
Try to (understand) understand
How I feel for you
Just treat me like a lady (lady)
I show my love for you
Can't you (understand) understand
That my love is true

So treat me like a lady (lady)
Like you know you should
Try to (understand) understand
How I feel for you
Just treat me like a lady (lady)
I show my love for you
Can't you (understand) understand
That my love is true

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Five Star Treat Me Like A Lady Comments
  1. Markell Samuels

    I remember seeing them a few years ago now at some R&B festival down south they were good but 2 orignal members and 3 complete strangers which they never even bothered to introduce. How they remember all those dance steps i will never know.

  2. Plerp Plerp

    Delroy. Ooh ja.

  3. algie thomas

    #MusicLegends #DorisKilledIt

  4. Paul S

    This group might not have been as big as the Jacksons, but the songs and dancing are so much better.

  5. Paul S

    Go Doris, my favourite girl, not as strong as Denise's singing, but still a great voice, great dancing here and another class song as usual be five star.

  6. jeanette terry

    Five Stars! I love them all! So many favorite songs, videos, choreography, stylish outfits I can't choose! This group and New Eddition are my favorite group s! Just lovely!

  7. Stuart Luca-Wakefield

    I think this is such a slick video and just goes to show how the group matured in so many aspects of their style. And what a cohesive look! That black, white and red scheme pulls everything together without them having to fall back on those matching jumpsuits. Love it!!!

  8. Bob Cummings

    what are they doing now in 2019??

  9. NeNe M Wright

    Five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🇬🇧 and Jackson ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🇺🇸

  10. Derek Villorente

    There was another version of this song and music video and I could never find it. Anyway Five Star is awesome.

  11. boowonder888

    I hardly noticed the small girl in bllue. She hardly gets any screen time. WTF?!

    Neil Storton

    Probably because Denise was not lead for once. Probably sulking. Ha

  12. julia mackey

    Awesome Group!

  13. artisan06

    Doris showed out on the lead vocals for tis track! FINALLY, they're doing some different dance steps!

  14. Moddie Seven

    This Sounds like a Latoya Jackson early song, so does Doris vocals. This group really loved the Jackson's. I loved them, the moment I heard "All Fall Down", I was hooked . So talented.

  15. EricVon bush

    Great video choreography talented family great production Beautiful Sisters

  16. Angela

    Not, Treat Me Like A Lady, but, as a lady!

  17. Shaunda Gilbert

    They were always on point with their choreography in every video.

  18. Yvonne Mason

    Man they could dance! This is their best dance routine, and one of their all time best songs in my opinion!

  19. OIdiesCentral

    A song,second to none.Thanx a bunch.

  20. Jae White

    Doris Sound like Janet 👍🏽
    Denise Sound like Michael 👍🏽

  21. JamesBaldwinLover

    They went hard on this one and danced their natural asses off.

  22. David Allan

    Doris was always my favourite Steadman but Deniece is the best and only lead vocalist. Nuff

  23. Simon5005 TF did I ever miss this video until now???!!!!!!!!

  24. Sarbjit Kaur

    Who said their sound like the jacksons Karen white their got their own voice

  25. Felecia Bigard

    Oooooooo Get Get 5 🌟!!! They are Jamming.

  26. Shannon Mona'e

    Who the hell needs a gym when you can dance like five star in this video! They are killing it with these dance moves! Yasssss!

  27. Sebastian Montagu

    I thought Deniece's name was spelled incorrectly here. Always thought it was Deniece in those days not Denise.


    No, she reverted back to Denise with this album - which was the spelling pre-Five Star

  28. Diz Co

    Musically this is not my favourite version of that song but the video is sooooo good!!! Great choreography and great editing. They also seem to enjoy what they're doing there. Should have gotten much more airplay ❤️

  29. Col75

    29 years!!! #Treatmelikealady29


    Still their greatest video and one of their finest moments! An underrated moment from the greatness of 5 star! Still need to hear this one live!

  30. Gollyfats

    ....the right stuff.........

  31. Charisse Agnew

    & bro Dave : Doris threw down . . This video is STILL hott . .

  32. Statewide Ambulette

    I challenge anybody out there to try this dance routine and see if you ain't tired within seconds!! 5 Star ain't NO JOKE MAN!!!

  33. dotunn

    Gosh, this sounds so 80s like those music videos i would watch on saturday afternoons in the 80s, i can hear janet jackson, madonna, lisa lisa and cult jam all in one!

  34. Jade Kentron

    Baby boy grew up!!!!

  35. Ticita Watson

    OMG the makeup is awful.

  36. Homie Fresh

    The Funk is Alive !!!1

  37. David Laidlaw

    why did this only get low media exposure.a different sound that they could have expanded and would probably still be arounf toay


    Couldn't agree more! THIS was their moment #Treatmelikealady

  38. J MJ

    Great moves...its to bad America didnt show them much love in later years.

    David Allan

    Thought the US would have been won over more?? ..... shame

  39. bootsamou

    Now watch "Shine" ' awesome.


    And listen to some kind of magic! #Somekindofmagic

  40. TronandFlynn82


  41. Beautiful Woman

    are they better than the Jackson? hummm🤔


    Beautiful Woman very much so

    Beautiful Woman

    +jamesdavidkmoss lol!!!!

  42. Paul Abdul

    This video is often overlooked. It's amazing. Doris did a great job. It was a welcome change of direction after the commercial heights of 'Silk and Steel', they became everyone's joke for a while, which was a shame. I loved the groove of the early stuff and the late stuff. ❤️

  43. Dashland B

    Now that's some FANTASTIC dancing and impressive vocals!

  44. James Stewart

    A cross between Janet's Miss You Much video and an opening sequence of a new season of the Cosby Show!!! The Best!

  45. dee jay

    Shr looks like ciara and Micheal Jackson

  46. Neil Storton

    The best five star song n video. Doris rules

    Neil Storton

    Yessss love This era

  47. Paradise Eternal

    The beat though...

  48. Paradise Eternal


  49. rat goon

    The only song i like of this group is I CAN'T WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE and that's all. The lead singer her voice is annoying to me for some reason.
    The singing group called LOOSE ENDS was a hundred times more better than this group. It just seems like they want to be Michael Jackson, Vanity and Prince.

    Ms. Smith

    rat goon STFU we literally didn't ask ur opinion at sll

  50. peter middleton

    First time I've heard this one

  51. Yolanda Franklin

    Very talented family. Still listen to their music today. No one can touch them.

    Harvey E Cowins

    Wow! Awesome choreography.. Doris "the secret weapon" killer moves.. nice to see her on lead vocals. I have an all new respect for 5 Star. They are the "Real Deal"!

  52. kapitan kedua

    Loving this song so amazing.

  53. alain segarini

    The Pearsons are geniuses of pop, proof in this video...

  54. Alan Fox

    Nice to see Doris sing on the single for a change the sisters sang on some of the album tracks and Delray sang on one album track never seen or heard Stedman sing can't be a good singer I assume.


    Stedman sang "Feelings" on their 1990 self titled album.

    Darron Smith

    jimmyvibes and by the way, did you notice that the words of the chorus of "Feelings" are the same as the first words of "Treat Me Like a Lady?"

  55. Geoffrey White

    I've been on the 'net for awhile now, looking at dance videos. I can safely say that this has got to be the GREATEST dance vid ever made!!!!!!

  56. The Frozen Penguin

    Wow! Have never seen or hear this one before..what a find. They really should have let Doris fronted more often . :D

    Neil Storton

    Yes. Much agreement

  57. ____ Knifing ___ Forking ___ Spooning ____

    Put my arse to sleep by the first *jump_twirl*

  58. Joop van buerink

    five star back for good joop van buerink

  59. Lisa Jackson

    I've been an American fan of 5 star since the beginning, but the imagery and dancing are too heavily influenced by Michael and Janet Jackson. In order to continue to make hits they needed to find their own style and image. I would LOVE to see them make a come back, PLEASE tour the states!

  60. DarkQue &lovely

    I was always mesmerized by Doris.

  61. Johnny English

    This video is very entertaining ..Best 5 star dance with amazing flow

  62. chazza234

    Five star 🌟woohooo... still sounds so cool even after all these years...

  63. Craig Hanson

    Doris did ALL of the routines..Paula Smaula!

  64. Carlos Luider

    Doris rocks, vocal and dancing.
    Doris the choreographer!

  65. Geoffrey White

    The choreography is the same as The Jacksons' is because they both had the same choreographer!


    Geoffrey White lol what Doris

    Geoffrey White

    Ha ha! Seriously, Paula Abdul was choreographing several big named artists & groups.


    Geoffrey White lol this is not Paula Abdul,it's Doris herself doing it

    Craig Hanson

    Doris did all their stuff herself!

    Neil Storton

    @Craig Hanson except for surely where she collaborated

  66. Geoffrey White

    1st time seeing the vid. Amazing choreography.

  67. comment on Life

    when I was younger I always said they remind me of the Jacksons. now adult they definitely do. ijs

  68. Tarkeema Lewis

    i love denise hair short. she do reminds me of Toni Braxton in this one!

  69. Aganazee

    love it. It kinda reminds me of Speed Demon.

  70. Dashland B

    this video is awesome. It's my first time seeing it.

  71. Troy Hall

    I wouldn't be surprised if Doris did any choreography for any famous artists.

  72. JusLiveMylyfe

    It reminds me of Pepsi jingle for some reason

  73. cantforgetyou

    Very good song, melody, production. But the video is even better. Great moves.

  74. ggbee Love

    She killed that! I Love 5 Star, I don't remember this one, but I love it. Talented family!


    ggbee Love This is fantastic - & their best dance video. Delroy turned out really cool & a brilliant dancer eh? It was a later track - 1990ish - but it was 2 years too late to make an impact - we'd all moved onto House & Dance by then. Shame. Love it.

    Charisse Agnew

    That is how I feel about five star and this video 👍


    theres my girl KICK IT!!!!!!!

  76. moonlightrai

    Love the new lead. One of the best. Reminds me of Ciara.

    Meggo Rori

    +moonlightrai OMG Ciara! Exactly!!!!!! That's EXACTLY what I came down here to post! Doris' voice is golden for that new jack era. That was huge/EVERYTHING in America. If this song was released in the states it would've blown up........

  77. Allen Walters

    I've been a fan since my teenage years and just found songs like this on youtube a couple of weeks ago and I am honestly stunned. What a great later Life find. To go from "Love Take 0ver" to this is stunning. The funk Is so Vibrant.

  78. 80s_vibes

    FYI this was one of the remixes, not the original single version.

    David Allan


  79. vinilla

    they got some great moves there

  80. Deleria Ange

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  81. 15steelcity



    IKR?!  I love the moves in this video!


    me too. so much potential in all of em.


    definitely not a good idea.

  82. Rich Matthews

    anyone know where you can the US remixes of this? there were two different remixes that they used to play in San Diego that I haven't been able to find anywhere, even on the US and UK versions of the 12" single...?


    The Deluxe edition should have them on...

  83. SJR45124512

    Great song and funky music video! 😄

  84. foxxsox

    My favourite of favourite Five Star single .. shame there wasn't a bigger push. Would an earlier release have been better? No promotion and certainly no support for what would, could and should have been a new period in the Five Star saga. Shame on you Epic!

  85. Maxi Bodyalive

    One of the best Five Star song ( and video)

  86. Nicollette Mancino

    I ment to say Doris, not Loraine. Denise has done all of the lead vocals on there other albums and they were very successful, just wondered if there was a story behind why Doris on this project?

  87. BlytheWorld1972

    fan eh was doris on this track doll

  88. Alex Hurst

    They were sooooo beautiful in this video