Five Star - There's A Brand New World Lyrics

...Brand new world

Oh, I strike the light
Is it it or me
Every time I turn around
Your shadow's here
Reach for the phone
Your voice appears
It echoes in my mind
And I just can't see

So burn out the coal
And set me free
'Cause every time I fight it off
I just see you and me

Bet you only try to make it hard
(Brand new world)
There's a brand new world
But you don't know how to face it
Looking just to find a better start
To take it
You stand with me
But I don't stand with, I don't stand with you

You turn cool as I say goodbye
The only words that meant a thing
Was just out of fear
I watched you go as I stood right there
I wanted so to give you love
But you just weren't here

So burn out the coal
And set me free
'Cause there's a brand new world out there
For both of us to see

Bet you only try to make it hard
(Brand new world)
There's a brand new world
But you don't know how to face it
Looking just to find a better start
To take it
You stand with me
But I don't stand with, I don't stand with you

Bet you only try to make it hard
(Brand new world)
There's a brand new world
But you don't know how to face it
Looking just to find a better start
To take it
You stand with me
But I don't stand with, I don't stand with you

Oh, come on

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Five Star There's A Brand New World Comments

    Who's here in 2020? This song got stuck in my head somehow recently. Someones using it for something relevant on tv. Please help

  2. Tarkeema Lewis

    Doris Choreography kicked ass in this video

  3. Vuu`Duu

    amazyn' harmony 🗣️

  4. Vuu`Duu

    me first tyme hearyn' thiz tracc 🎹 me feelyn' it

  5. Jus Badd

    this sound must be for white defo aint for us blacks.. lol

  6. Vamsee Kanneganti

    This is more pop rock metal like vixen

  7. tunde818

    whose the male actor?

  8. TheIsambard82

    How gorgeous is Stedman.

    jeanette terry

    Yes, however I adore Delroy!

  9. Decorbydamian Decorbydamian

    They were a truly excellent group.

  10. David Allan

    I love it, but they were obviously trying to break the USA. It’s got a “I’ll Be Your Shelter” vibe..... and why not

  11. Nikki Kau

    I heard this one song on strong and steal album back in the day love u 5 star

  12. Joop van buerink

    zo good joop van buerink

  13. Andre Smith

    Y favourite song of theirs 👍❤️❤️

  14. Halloweenville

    This sounds like Hanson

  15. Gollyfats

    You can tell Denise absolutely loves her trade. They were a really great group I wished they had cracked the USA.

  16. Wenona Matthews

    Is IT janint

  17. Laura Artis

    Why did they copy dance moves from The Jacksons though?

  18. Bo Hanan

    A lot of Janet Jackson moves here.


    they were around before Janet. it's the dance style of the day? Doris the one with bangle earrings choreographs for the group

  19. Namispond Jamispond

    Should have been a massive hit. Such a great tune.

  20. Statewide Ambulette

    5 STARR Rock out!!! Love it!!!😁

  21. Statewide Ambulette

    ,,5 Starr!! Lol

  22. Statewide Ambulette

    Hey, 5 Start does it all!! Pop, Rock, Funk, Soul!! They're Awesome!!

  23. Lorena bautista

    Did Janet Jackson copy their style or vice versa???? hmmmm.....

    Eleonse White

    No Janet got her moves from Paula Abdul. Paula Abdul was janet's choreography,so she may have gotten the moves from Paula. 😆

  24. [[[ *Dragonier* ]]]

    0:11 Ahh, so this is where Ross Birchard (AKA Hudson Mohawke) got the sample from :D

  25. Dashland B

    i'll always be a fan of theirs.

  26. LyricNpink

    I was born in the 80s but I love everything about the 80s five star great group.

  27. playitnow

    this lady have sexy voice

  28. The Frozen Penguin

    Love this "heavy" side of 5 star..the shooting is all over the place, but it kicks..

  29. David Stewart

    Actually remember buying this album when it came out. Woolworths I believe. I was about 10 and this was always my favourite on the album. Deniece was hot! OK, I'm going onto eBay to look for this cd now ;-)

    Alan Fox

    Must have been in the bargain bin at that stage.


    +David Stewart I vividly remember buying it in Woolworths the day it released. I seem to recall the release date kept getting pushed back as I had to keep going in, week after week, and asking "is it out yet?" It wasn't until the internet that I finally found out what the lyrics were though... It used to drive me mad!

  30. Elenio Barelos

    isn't Five star Jermaine and LaToya Jacksons products

  31. Elenio Barelos

    love it

  32. comment on Life

    I love how they dressed. they were a very classy group. talented

    Tarkeema Lewis

    this is their 85 look. watch the "all fall down" when they were teenagers . it's called not selling out. signature looks was very important in the 80's. not videos with underwear and prom dresses!

  33. Tarkeema Lewis

    i'm glad her hair is back to black in this unlike rock my world.

  34. Jessica Watson


  35. DC Sheehan

    Who is the guy in the video? What. A. Hunk!

  36. Kwame Akinyemi

    Now I understand why they were referred to as the "British Jackson 5". I see two Janets, One LeToya and two Jermaines. Lol. I love them. Five stars for 5 Star.


    haha :D

    Lateshia Childs

    Kwame' Akinyemi i know right, the lead singer really do look like Janet....that is amazing.

    David Allan

    HA HA!!!! X

    Eleonse White

    Too funny!I said the exact thing when I first saw this group. I love them as well , very talented.

  37. rodney hargrove the sanitized barber

    i love this track

  38. lee 1972

    Get ready for a new album and tour in 2016/2017

    Michael FL

    I've been such a huge US fan and I don't think they ever did a bad song or album and her solo music is incredible. a 5* tour ? you guys are lucky. of course I'll miss it

    Manish Maisuria

    Really? Bloody hope so!

  39. Stefan L. Newkirk-Moton

    This song has been ringing in my ears it is so before it's time and the Pearson family are just beautiful. Daddy Pearson was a giant in the music business and he did a great job with his children. R I P daddy Pearson. Congrats to 5 Star for doing their type of music I love it 😁

  40. lepoetress

    This has a "St. Elmo's Fire" edge to it. Never knew about this song.

    Enoids Krap

    I was thinking the same


    now i am thinking the same as you guys

    Mark le huray

    on the same album as Another Weekend and Rock My World (the only singles released as far as i can remember )

  41. irunhknyc

    OMG ... Didn't know there was a vid for this = MAJOR Five (5) Star fan ...
    Bought all their stuff in the 80s and 90s followed them as much as I could at the time living in California USA.. I always thought they were amazing vocally visually performance wise and miss Denise vocals were so strong and before its time .. They experimented with their sound and look and I always like the end product..too bad they did not get the recognition they deserved here in America ... Still love u all and still play your music all the time guys ... CLASSIC ACT

  42. Elijah J Jones

    Really good song it should had been a hit for them because it has a lot of edge to it 😄 go Five star 😃 #FiveStar

  43. 15steelcity

    THE ALL SEEING EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cosmic Dave

    Interesting.  "Brand New World", the 'all seeing eye'. The Agenda 21 Color: Neon Green.   wow.  There's a lot of symbolism going on.  

    In The Beginning Was The Word

    15steelcity and singing about a new world (order)


    Ho-le-crap. Good "eye" on that one

  44. michaelleacy

    This is actually my favourite 5 Star song. I can see why it didn't chart though, the melody is a bit all over the place and was perhaps too rocky for what people expected of 5 Star. But I think it's great

  45. Adrienne Ray

    love the video but a lot of the moves remind me of Janet Jackson

    Lateshia Childs

    Adrienne Ray true and the lead singer look like Janet, Rebbie, and Latoya all together.

  46. TronandFlynn82

    Love LOVE this!!!! Thanks for posting!!!! :D

  47. tbone1975uk

    I don't think I've ever seen this video before today! I didn't know they had made one!